Gamma frequencies are now letting you dream lucid!

According to the most recent scientific tests, it turned out that not only lucid dreaming, which is the art of becoming aware of the fact that you are dreaming and have a direct influence in the dream, and experience a sudden, incredible clarity of your perception within a dream, now also electrodes attached to the head with a certain frequency automatically trigger precisely such experiences..

In this case, the frontal temporal lobe is stimulated in the REM phase with a gamma frequency in the lower region with 25-40 Hz, which induces self-critical thinking in dreams. In this way, the volunteer (test person) is able to become aware of his condition and beeing within a dream. On the graph above, you can see the EEG measurements of the brain of a test person before and after a 40 Hz gamma stimulation. The area highlighted in yellow clearly indicates the moment when the  person became aware of it’s condition and realized that he or she was dreaming.

The research team explained that a human can not naturally dream lucid, because the mind itself is not interfered in his function as a supervisory authority within a dream. That is why we accept even the most strange actions within a dream, without even questioning them. This tendency for not using or having criticism in a dream is leading to a cloudiness, that is, a normal dull dream, which can only be recognized as such when we wake up in the next morning. The magazine “Nature Neuroscience” is offering an article on its website, against payment, which is also explainig athis subject a little deeper and describes the exact measured values, applied values ??as well as placements of the electrodes. They explain that the anterior brain areas are very active in lucid dreams. Because of this reason, they were speculating that a stimulation in the gamma frequency band could achieve quite similar effects. For this purpose, the research team has tested 27 people and examined them for four nights at the Sleep laboratory in Göttingen. None of them had ever experienced a lucid dream.

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These circumstance are making it difficult for the volunteers to achieve a lucid dream because they can not imagine this state of beeing and practically have to rely solely on theoretical knowledge. After the volunteers slipped into the REM sleep at night, the gamma frequencies were transmitted by transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS). Only the frequencies transmitted in the gamma area have triggered lucid dream experiences. The use of binaural sounds in the gamma area, which were transmitted via MP3 or CD using simple headphones, have already been able to record occasional positive results and triggering lucid dream experiences or extraneous experiences. Anyone who is interested in such a music file can look it up here: Link: MP3-Gamma.

The state of lucid dreaming is not sought by the scientific side to promote the development of the personality or increase the enlargement of the consciousness, but to use them therapeutically. People with recurring nightmares could learn to control their dreams and quickly put an end to the haunts they experience. Athletes could learn to break the world record in their dreams and to experience a skin-like simulation. Examining situations could be trained and any other simulations performed to reduce anxiety or doubts. A lucid dream is really similar to the experince of everyday life and represents an excellent simulation which a technical simulation device could not manage or surpass.


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