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Brotherhood of the Snake [Secret Societies]

The Brotherhood of the Snake is one of the oldest secret societies and cults in existence. They worship the snake and you can find it in their coat of arms…

Far before the founding of the Freemasons or other secret societies, there was only one and that was the Brotherhood of the Snake. They worshipped the snake and a god named Lucifer. The formation of this brotherhood is said to have taken place before Adam and Eve. Even the ancient Sumerian clay tablets tell of the Brotherhood of the Snake. Since that time the time of the dark power began.

In its work it created the Freemasons, the Aton cult, the Cabal, the Church, the Vatican, the Illuminati and many other secret societies.


For many, for example, the election of a new Pope always seems like a coincidence or possibly determined by God’s hand, but in fact every election and its outcome is precisely planned. This refers not only to politics, but also to the Church and the Vatican.

The Pope, as he is known from the media, is not the representative of God, but rather a representative of the Brotherhood of the Snake with its many faces and offshoots.

The Symbol of the Snake

Then and now: However, the Brotherhood of the Snake does not go beyond the application of symbolic references, i.e. it is very much inclined to include the symbol of a snake in its “emblems” (see today corporate logos).

Time and again, the leadership of the Brotherhood of the Snake has been passed on to their descendants, but many voices also claim that these leaders have lived for thousands of years and are not involved in the rapid mortality of humans.

It is important to the Brotherhood of the Snake to limit people’s age, i.e. to ensure rapid mortality so that, if possible, no one lives beyond 100 years of age. To accomplish this, ways and means must be found to make this possible. Exclusively the initiates received a snake in their symbol, likewise the use of a tree in connection with a snake is used very gladly.

The symbol of the snake does not necessarily refer to the legend about Adam and Eve at the tree of knowledge, but rather it stood for a feudal society, the spiritual dominion over the common people.

Manipulation of the Human DNA

Already in the times of Atlantis and Lemuria, the Brotherhood of the Snake existed and successively manipulated the DNA of humans. A 12-strand DNA was made into a 2-strand DNA so that humans could not reach the powers and possibilities of their rulers and could be better manipulated. The Brotherhood of the Snake was filled to the brim with black sorcerers who wanted to manipulate and control the world and still do today.

Nothing is too bad for them and they will consider any means, no matter how cruel and unjust, to maintain their dominance. Their favorite approach represents DNA manipulation, the pollution of air, water and food and, above all, the enforcement of the shortest possible lifespan of their subjects, which are humans.

Influence of the Brotherhood of the Snake

Thus, they infiltrate offices of all kinds, politically important positions, judges, billionaires, police chiefs, media institutions and politicians. They are fully capable of indicting any person who acts against them and of rewarding and promoting collaborators. Key decision-making positions in government are filled with their followers, whether they know about it or not, to enforce the very laws that maintain the rule of the Brotherhood of the Snake. They appoint government leaders and government officials who are responsible for legislation and “justice.” Moreover, they camouflage themselves by sending ahead exclusively their villains to enforce the legal and health laws for them.

The awarding of Nobel Peace Prizes, awards, medals, praise and promotions is controlled by the Brotherhood of the Snake. If they plan to destroy land, they set up a “nature protection agency” for this purpose, and if they want to impose various diseases on people, they create a “Health Organization” so that this appears highly official and legitimate. In addition, this is promoted by the massive influence of the media accordingly and receives thus admittingness.

The more laws and punishments are enacted, the stronger the influence of the Brotherhood of the Snake becomes. Their law books are so extensive that they have so much weight that a child could hardly carry them. More and more paragraphs and democracy to allow increasingly large-scale corruption and manipulation.

Spiritual Propaganda and Disinformation

The Brotherhood of the Snake – and so the Vatikan – is also the mastermind behind the spread of spiritual propaganda. This includes the mental programming of people with concepts like “Karma”, “Ascension” and “New Age”. The Vatican and the church are here the executing organ. The church owns the task to take care of the spiritual orientation among the people. For this reason they spread mental concepts which represent their own only in a new disguise. Thus, Heaven and Hell, damnation and purgatory, become the law of Karma, a kind of karmic judgment that condemns people who had led their lives selfishly to endless reincarnation. Peter, who stands at the gate of heaven and decides who may enter heaven, becomes the karma court in the afterlife, which decides whether one must reincarnate again to live the next life immaculately and completely selflessly – until one is ready for the so-called “ascension,” which will be decided by the Karma Court. “Ascension” is thus a new disguise for admission to heaven.

Such variants of spiritual propaganda abound and as soon as one doubts them, one can expect a lot of opposition. The belief in karma has been as deeply implanted in the consciousness of spiritual people as many other esoteric concepts. Most spiritual people are not even aware that there could be such a thing as spiritual propaganda. Propaganda is therefore for most only a political term. But propaganda runs through all topics, which the thinking can grasp at all.

One has to do it therefore not only with political and spiritual propaganda, which one could call nowadays also disinformation or Fakenews, but also with regard to medicine, astrophysics, psychology, physics, biology, history, chemistry and other natural sciences.

Concealment of the Brotherhood of the Snake

After more and more started to report about the Brotherhood of the Serpent, suddenly novels, heavy metal bands and games appeared with the same name to make the research more difficult or to give the impression that this cult is just an invention.

Various searches on the Internet reveal contradictory information about the Brotherhood of the Snake. On the one hand, it is assumed that it existed since Atlantis and was formed there. Through the dark age that took its course after the fall of Atlantis, the Freemasons, the Templars, the Illuminati and the Roman Senate were formed from the Brotherhood of the Snake – all of them secret societies that hardly knew anything about. In modern times, the Brotherhood of the Snake created the global elite, with the intention of introducing a new world order. Even more, the Brotherhood of the Snake infiltrated and absorbed virtually all secret societies. In summary, the entire branch and offshoots of the Brotherhood of the Snake can be called the “Cabal.”

The Cabal

Most people who know this secret knowledge assume that the cabal consists exclusively of humans, but there are hints that secret extraterrestrial powers are also involved. For example, a Reptiloid species that live in underground bases and from there exert great influence on politics and the Church with their advanced technology.

It is pointed out that for example every hundred years a p(l)andemic and a war must take place. However, this 100-year rule requires a greater overview of history and its manipulation, i.e. a normal human age is not sufficient to plan and carry out this over such periods. Reptiloids, on the other hand, are said to have a long life expectancy, i.e. they can live for many hundreds of years.

From this perspective the connections get a sense: Fall of Atlantis – the story of Adam and Eve – The seduction by the serpent who sowed discord – The brotherhood of the serpent – the Reptiloids – Cooperation of the Reptiloids with the elite, church and government leaders – Worship of Lucifer etc.

The Audience Room in Rome

vatican snakeAn interesting reference is, for example, the Audience Room in Rome (see photo). Its construction, commissioned by the Vatican, shows striking parallels to a snake. Likewise, other strange photos exist that depict the Vatican and the church more like this, for example, the Sistine Chapel, whose stairs were designed to represent the twisted body of a snake.

Furthermore, there are also other hints, for example, the Vatican owns the strongest telescope on earth so far and baptized it “Lucifer”. In addition, the occasional furnishing of the aforementioned audience room is also striking, showing a strange metal installation in the background that gives the impression of a mysterious figure rising from a spider-like web or web that generates associations with hell rather than heaven.

This sculpture was created by sculptor Pericle Fazzini and is titled “Resurrection.” The artist claims it is the resurrection of Christ from an atomic explosion. However, many consider this work of art to be very critical and rather believe that it is not Christ, but Lucifer rising from the apocalypse and resurrecting after the atomic bomb explosion.

Interestingly, the Pope always stands in the “mouth” of the serpent and behind him one recognizes the eye of a snake.

So far, more than 160 church representatives have been denounced for child abuse, that also can be read in many blogs and even in different newspapers of the mainstream media.

The Brotherhood of the Snake in Germany

Now one may ask, does the Brotherhood of the Snake also exist in Germany? This is a legitimate question. As it seems, the Brotherhood often makes use of snake symbols, but also of symbols from black magic. These are not only the well-known 666, where a 6 also resembles a snake, but also completely different symbols, e.g. like the all-seeing eye on a pyramid, markings of fraternal agencies, clubs and cults and much more. In this regard, it is certainly interesting to research such keywords as Adrenochrome and Pizzagate to see connections there.

In the following a small illustration of the structure of the german Bundestag (l.) and their House of Representatives (r.) – (These pictures sent me a reader of my blog to complete this article. Many thanks at this point!). Is this simply coincidence or were these buildings built this way on purpose? You be the judge…

If you look at these pictures, especially the one on the left, you can actually see a representation of a snake. The mentioned reader marked on the photo the corresponding parts of eyes, pupils, upper jaw, forked tongue, maw and teeth. Somehow it resembles a cobra or viper. Once you understand this photo, you can see it quite clearly.

The right photo of the German House of Representatives looks like a slithering snake from the air. It is quite amazing if you have an open mind and connect the dots.

The Brotherhood of the Snake and Covid-19

Very interesting are also the latest indications of independent researchers and doctors who have found out that all vaccines have a very special additive or use a very specific substance as a basis for their mixtures, namely snake venom!

The company “Venomtech” has a large library of snake venom peptides, which they offer under the term “Nanocarrier” for the Pharma. These stabilize the snake venom in water. However, in order to poison drinking water with them, one would still need vast quantities of snake venom, so they decided to add them to vaccinations at first.

This was revealed by Dr. Bryan Ardis, who impressively points out that snake venom is often used as a starting point for pharmaceutical research. Moreover, Ardis proves that snake venom is most likely also used for SARS-CoV2 and for the vaccines and is now standard for life science. In the process, the pharmaceutical industry can access over 20,000 different snake venoms from Venomtech. It is now becoming increasingly clear why the WHO has a snake in its logo.

If you can’t quite believe this, you might want to take a look at the following article from the World Economic Forum (WEF), published as part of the WEF’s annual meeting at the Global Future Council in 2018. And how appropriate, because the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has already approved six of these snake venoms to be used in any drug of any kind. Thus, it is clear that the Brotherhood of the Serpent wants humanity to ingest reptilian venoms.

A 2021 study also linked the Chinese krait and king cobra to the Covid-19 spike protein, clearly showing “…the discovery of a superantigen-like motif in the S1 spike protein, as well as two other neurotoxin-like motifs that share peptide similarities to neurotoxins of the genera Ophiophagus (cobra) and Bungarus.”

In addition, this independent study revealed that toxin-like peptides were detected in plasma, urine, and fecal samples from COVID-19 patients. “The presence of toxin-like peptides could potentially be associated with SARS-CoV-2 infection. Their presence suggests a possible link between COVID-19 disease and the release of (oligo-) peptides in the body that are nearly identical to toxic components of animal venoms.”

So the snake is not only motto and symbol, but here the complete pharmaceutical industry is involved and declared the executive organ of the Brotherhood of the Snake.

But how did the Brotherhood of the Snake infiltrated the Church?

That the church has always pursued its own agenda, which doesn’t have much to do with loving your neighbor and loving your neighbor as yourself, may have been noticed by several. Here one thinks of the extermination of the pagans in the name of the church, the crusades or the witch burnings in the Middle Ages and many more. But there seemed to have been a certain point when the Church was officially taken over by the dark side of power.

Already the Jesuit priest Father Malachi Martin (1921-1999) was a servant of Rome and a close advisor to the Pope of that time. He worked for the Church for a very long time and wrote many books about it, especially interesting are his reports in the book “The Last Pope“. He sometimes quoted Pope Paul VI, who had declared, “Now the smoke of Satan has entered the temples of God” and “Yes, it is true! It all happened just like that and the only way for me to get it published was to write a novel about it!”, referring to the secret takeover of the throne and the Church in the Vatican. He explained that since that time a satanic-pedophile cult had taken over the Church, performing rituals about fallen angels, Lucifer and other satanic practices.

“For this there was an official ritual on 6/29/1963, handed over to Lucifer for the sole purpose of handing over the ecclesiastical throne,” Malachi Martin explained, “and a week later John Paul II was crowned Pope.”

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