“Dreamnight” is a series in which I consciously concentrate on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience or in which I talk about an interesting or extraordinary dream…

People who deal with the lucid dreaming are called Oneironauts. This comes from the Greek and means dream traveler. I know from other lucid dreamers that if they manage to become lucid within a dream, they will jump and fly right through the nearest window. Or they design the dream according to their needs. In my case it looks slightly different. For me, the lucid dreaming is only secondary a fun factor, but primarily a question of the tactical energy accumulation. The longer you manage to drag the lucid dream to length, the clearer it becomes, the more psychic energy you accumulate. And the more psychic energy you take into your everyday life, the more magic you will get there..

With this energy, many more things are possible which would otherwise not have been possible. You can use the energy for everything that is important to you. An athletic could exceed his maximum performance, even if he has been trying unsuccessfully for years. An artist could achieve an incredible creativity and implement it. A carer can be much more successful with this energy in the profession. A shareholder will have the right ideas at the right time, a weak man without self-confidence will suddenly become self-confident and strong and an eternal single will suddenly find his dream partner. The possibilities are endless. How all of this is possible and why it can work at all is very complicated to explain. It has to do with the interactions between the consciousness, the subconscious and the unconscious.

My soul collects the dream energy which, after waking up, is transformed into psychic power, primarily for reaching more remote realities. The more energy I gather, the more my range will expand. The dreamland is infinitely large, built like an onion. Each layer is a reality of its own and the further you travel, the deeper you penetrate the other layers. The result is that you accumulate more and more energy. Whoever now follows the development of the four lucid dreams of this night will notice what I mean by this. While the first three lucid dreams resembled very familiar everyday situations, I discovered in the fourth dream a reference to another, distant reality called Ozhei. And the more distant a reality is, the greater the energetic harvest. Tonight it was that time again. Exclusive dream sleep with sleep interruptions, suggestions and so on. The result was four lucid dreams. One of them even in the high-level range, which means, the clarity was so strong that you were no longer be able to say which reality is more real, the everyday reality or the dream reality.

In the first half of the dreamnight I landed again in the “other reality” and had an experience with Daria and Esther. I will report about that in the next days. When I got up at 4.30 in the morning, I stayed awake for half an hour, and I’ve read a lot about lucid dreams in the internet to get atmospheric. Afterwards I wrote down a few dreams in a short version and then it was already time to lie down again. It should have been about 5.10 o’ clock. While I was laying in bed, I felt that I was to awake to sleep. I could have stayed up. Neither did I manage to jump directly into a dream (WILD) neither to simply fall asleep, to find myself in a dream lucid. So I was laying uneasily in my bed and this certainly lasted until 6.30 o’clock. Suddenly I jumped out of my body and found myself in a floor of an apartment that was unknown to me.


I thought, “Oh, now it has finally worked out that my body has fallen asleep.”

I immediately recognized Peter, my roommate in this reality, where I had already been. He ran frantically back and forth, grabbing a large travel bag. I now tore my hands in front of my face and checked my clarity in this dream. Although I was lucid, the clarity left something to be desired. Despite some tricks, it did not work to increase the clarity. So I did not want to actively influence the dream and remain in the flow of the dream event, hoping it would become even clearer. So I watched, Peter grab the bag.

I wondered if I should ask him where he was going, but I thought that would be very striking, because I am sure he already told it to the Jonathan, who lived in this reality.

“Can I help you?” I asked.

“No no. It’s okay.”

Somehow, I was bored, but I watched him and waited for more clarity. So I started practicing psychokinesis. Actually, psychokinesis, which is the moving of objects by means of psychic power, one of the abilities that you do not necessarily need in everyday life. What does it take to move a glass if you can grab it with your hand and take it? Nevertheless, I find it an interesting ability, because it still offers other possibilities when you think about it.

Surely everyone remembers Darth Vader from Star Wars. How, he could constrict others in his surroundings, only with the power of his mind. This a bad example, but I use it because this movie known by the most people. Psychokinesis can therefore be used not only for attack, but also for defense. Moreover, it is good to use it in discussions with people who do not believe in such things. How many useless discussions with doubters have already existed, who have only grimaced one because they do not believe in such parapsychological things? A demonstration of psychokinetic force would be a striking proof in such a discussion. Of course there are already some people who can be psychokinesis, but who knows someone personally and then someone who can be sure that he has not just bought a magic trick in the magic shop? So I thought to myself in this dream, I practice myself again in psychokinesis.

There was a sock laying on the floor. I took my right hand and focused on it. At first it did not work, but after half a minute it worked. It moved. With pure concentration, I moved the sock across the room.

Suddenly Peter shouted, “Hey, leave that nonsense! I need the socks! I want to take it with me.”

We started laughing because he ran after the socks but it was still rolling across the room. Somehow he had caught the socks and quickly put them in his pocket. But some items were still standing on a small cabinet. A candle, a bowl and other stuff. I took down every object psychokinetically and let it fly around the room. This worked very well already.

Then I awoke from the dream. Shortly afterwards, I concentrated again and landed exactly in the same reality. Peter was still busy with packing, and a woman had come mid-way. I think, it was his mother.

While the woman helped him, I practiced again in psychokinesis. To do so, I took some items from the closet again and watched as the others reacted to it. A look at Peter and his mother told me that they could not perceive that, but Peter had already noticed that with the sock ball. The socks were also in his focus since he needed them. Because of this reason he probably registered that I had moved it around.

Of course, at this point the question arises: How did he perceive this? Did he just see the bullet rolling through the room because he thought maybe I had kicked it with my foot, or was it quite clear to me that I had used an intellectual ability for it? This question was already part of my teaching for myself. The power of psychokinesis is not part of our normal everyday life. The mind of a person is so constituted that he seeks rational explanation for everything. This is his job. And the mind will also search for a rational explanation, if in rare cases there are simply none. So I could just as well imagine that Peter had meant that I had kicked the sock ball with my foot or just tied a thread on it and moved it around. Nothing else happens in a dream. You walk around in the dream and suddenly see a car that turns into a boat. Normally you would have to recognize immediately that you are dreaming. But what happens instead?

The mind blends in and says, “Oh, this is the new invention, where the car can turn into a boat. These amphibious vehicles.”

The mind mixes in, takes over the direction and prevents the realization that you are in a dream. The mind doubts gladly, but it never doubts itself. This is his task and that is precisely the reason why, among other things, Psychokinesis, lucid dreams, astral travelling and other abilities of this kind are not part of our everyday life. I tested it for a while to move objects around. Somehow Peter stood slightly irritated beside me.

“Somehow I think, it’s haunted here,” he said quite dryly.

“I think so, too,” I said, grinning broadly.

“How can that be?”

“That’s all just a dream. That’s all.”

He looked at me puzzled, but the message did not really come to him. His mind had already taken the lead again and found some explanation for what had happened here…

Somehow I woke up again. I stayed awake for a few minutes and concentrated again. Only a few moments later I jumped into the clearest dream I had experienced this year. It was a high-level lucid dream. The clarity is already extremely strong and at least as intense and clear as the perception in everyday life. I was in a foreign kitchen. Each object had an incredible clarity and presence. The hanger cabinets, the sideboard, the wall and the kitchen utensils were so clear and plastic that, despite my many experiences of this kind, I was once again completely taken by surprise. It is compared to a good meal. In the memory you are not sure whether it was really so impressive, but if you try it again, you are again thrilled.

Then I recognized a large, white fridge. At his door there were little pieces of paper, photos, and other things. I thought I’d have to look at it more closely. Maybe I could find a date, a reference to the reality in which I was here. Orientation is important to see where you have landed. On one of the papers was a note of August 28, 2008. On another, I saw something about a Christmas plan. So I could already roughly estimate that I had not just landed in a parallel reality, but had also been postponed. I looked away. It was not even necessary to look at my hands because this reality was so incredibly clear. I would not have been able to make it more clear. Then I discovered a friend, who was standing with her back to me in front of a sink and was busy with the dishes. She turned around and hardly looked at me.

“Nice to see you here. Do you want something to drink? Coffee? ”

“No, thank you, ” I replied. After all, I really do not need coffee here.

“Do you want to help me a on the weekend?”

It was a very real scene, as it happens every day a thousand times. So I had managed to move my consciousness into another reality. Now it was up to me to keep this dream as long as possible and to maintain that clarity. Just watch what’s happening. Participate in this, but never lose clarity and collect and collect energy.

“And?”, asked Tanja again.


“Yes, do you help now or not?”

“Uh, clear. No problem. When is it going on?”

“We start on Saturday morning. A few others will also come. We’ll turn the whole house upside down, I’ll tell you. I also make some rolls for us.”

“Oh, I’m already looking forward to it …” I said, even though I knew I would probably never see this Saturday morning.

The possibility of returning to this reality was quite small. I was not able to do it that often. After all, the number of existing parallel realities is so huge, that you could not even visit the same one again with one jump. Unless you have an affinity for the particular reality. Then you can transport feelings back into the same reality. A further possibility would be to pre-program the desired reality in everyday life with suggestions, so that you could hope to land in it. But in this case I was wondering all the time why I had just landed here! Why had I landed here in the kitchen of an acquaintance, if the dream had so much clarity? I did not really understood that fact. Tanja was not even interested in such things … at least not in my everyday life. Maybe it was different here? Maybe she was a dream artist or an oneironaut?

So I started my first test: “And? Tonight dreamed something exciting?”

” Oh, you again … “, she said laughing. “Always busy with the dreams…”

“Did you or not?” I asked.

“Tonight? No, nothing, I believe. Can not remember.”

That didn’t worked well. Why had I landed here? Why this clarity? Questions, to which I could find no answer. So I ran around the kitchen, talked to her about trivial things, and looked at everything exactly. Meanwhile, I knew all the items that were in this kitchen. I was fascinated by the radio alarm clock, who stood there. When I pressed it, it showed me the time and date. It was 14.26 o’clock and December 22nd, 2008. Why can’t we have such an device in every reality?

Somehow I woke up again in my bed. Returned well and brought back some energy. I felt the energy already transform. I wanted to use it to travel even further into the dream reality than before. Farther into the distant worlds …

So I jumped directly into the next reality:

“You have to look at it!”, I heard a voice shouting.

I looked around. I was lucid. It was clear to me that I was actually lying in bed and had just jumped right into this reality and had successfully taken my consciousness with me. The clarity swayed a little and I looked back at my hands and could stabilize them completely.

“Look here! This is the card … ”

Obviously, I was in a strange apartment. It was an office. We sat at a desk on chairs and he had taken something out of his briefcase and spread it on the table. I was waiting for the update to know where I was at all, but did not really got the clue. I had to go further “outside”. This man next to me was Sasha. A very slender, tall man, with dark hair. He was wearing a jeans and a light blue shirt. No beard and no glasses. Since he was so busy, he did not realize at all that I was busy with myself. I decided to listen to what he was saying.

“Look here, this is the map I was telling you about …”

I saw a map that he had spread. On the right side OZHEI was written down in large golden letters. In the following I recognized a kind of island, on which several points were marked

“This is the magical forest. If we can cross it, we are already a step further. This will be a nice trip, I can imagine. Here we will pass a huge waterfall. It is so beautiful! And if we find that long way here, we’re just there.”

“What is this left thing where you drew a lightning?”

“This is a small group of people living there. We should better ignore them. I do not know if they are well-disposed towards us.”

“Okay”, I said, continuing to listen.

“You definitely want to know where the trip is going, right?” I nodded wildly.

“Our goal is here!”, pointing to the northernmost part of the island.

“When we get here, we’ve made it.”

“And … what is there?” You know that well.”

I would have liked to know what it is at that moment, but I I was sure that I would certainly find out in the course of the conversation. Then he rummaged another card from his pocket. He spread it so that she could find space under the other card.

“And here you have the fake map of P …”

Unfortunately, I could not understand the name correctly. It sounded a little bit strange.

“This man has made a fake, so that no one can find this land. There are also many traps that you can run into and other dangerous points to avoid.”

“Why does this guy do that?” I asked.

“He wants to confuse, mislead seekers who may have heard of Ozhei and search for it.”

I compared the two cards and saw the wrong markings very clearly. Also, the pressure of the card was much thicker and not so subtle. Some things were also drawn on places which were in completely different places. Whoever would go after this map would simply not be able to find anything. The land of Ozhei was for me the hint that I had managed to get near a more distant reality. Although I was not there yet, but at least once near.

“When are we going to Ozhei?” I asked. “I dont know. Soon.”

“I’d like to go as fast as I can with you. Show me the way.”

“I can only offer you the next weekend,” he suggested.

“What day do we have today?”

That was one of the moments when he looked at me strangely. I do not know what he was thinking at that moment.

“Today is Monday.”

That was much too early. This means I would have to return again or to fasten up the time. I felt, that I could not fasten up the time. Somehow I had already lost part of my lucidity and clarity. The dream turned more and more into a normal cloudiness. I wanted to act quickly… Then it occurred to me that it was very helpful to make up meetings with the tramps you meet. I was not sure how independent and intelligent this personality called Sascha is and what possibilities it possesses, but I wanted to make it on an attempt:

“Do you get me off?”

“What do you mean?”

“If we are going on our trip will you pick me up?”

“Sure, I can do that. I’ll pick you up and then we’ll travel to Ozhei…”

Then I heard a scream. He jumped up and ran into the bathroom. I followed him. There were two children squeezing each other.

“I’m sorry, I’m taking the children by the way. I have to do this here…”

I saw how the whole situation did not turned to the better. He had children in this reality. Thus, he was integrated here and presumably he did not have the consciousness of a more developed. Too bad. The appointment would probably be nothing. He was just a kind of harbinger of the reality of Ozhei. I hoped that at least this would be an independent reality, one in which I would find plenty of energy. If I ever could get there. Then I ran around in his office and searched for a scout. But as much as I tried, I could not find any. Slowly I lost my lucidity completely. Sasha came back and bent over the map again. Suddenly, I saw a small spider crawling out of the map. She jumped at me and stuck to my shirt.

“What a pushy spider,” I said. I wiped her away. She fell to the ground and ran away a little. Suddenly she turned into a grasshopper and hopped around wildly. The next moment I was in my old apartment. I wondered about this strange animal that could turn so simple, but I did not think it was a scout in my unconsciousness. Then I woke up.

Now I was much too awake, to engage me in further dreaming experiences. I looked at the clock. It was 9am. Time to get up. It was interesting to see how the scouts intervene in the dream happenings when one is no longer lucid. They then seem to emerge more frequently, hoping to capture my attention. The transition was good for me this time. The scout was simply crawled out of the map, as if he had gotten into the reality I was in. For him, it is easy to change the realities. It is like a forerunner, a signpost, which can take you into remote realities. You only have to pay attention to him and then he will take you with him.


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