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Dreamnight: The Sandman and the Apeman

“Dream Night” is a series in which I consciously focus on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience, or in reporting an interesting or extraordinary dream, a trip to an alternate reality, or memories from my subconscious mind telepathic connections to other people in their social environment (dream spying).
This night, I once again experienced a very surreal dream, even if this one has some very interesting aspects on closer inspection and certainly also its symbolism. It was about the monkey man, the guardian of the threshold to sleep …

I suddenly found myself in an alternate reality. There I was also Jonathan and engaged in spiritual topics and did research. My main focus, however, was on dreams and sleep. I researched everything on these topics and had already accumulated considerable knowledge. There I was also lying in a bed, lying on my side, trying something that I had been trying desperately for weeks:
I wanted to break the threshold of sleep! The goal here was to overcome the threshold of sleep, so I never needed to sleep again or so that my consciousness no longer had to “sag”. To make this clearer: The body was of course allowed to fall asleep, as usual, but my mind should never sleep again! And to achieve that, it was about defeating the threshold of sleep once and for all. For this, I’ve been lying in bed every night for weeks, just as I’m used to, and remained in the absolute and full attention. No drifting, no digression, no lack of concentration … none of this.
I wanted to watch the tiny fraction of a second by a human usually being briefly inattentive and then simply cutting away with the body. I was convinced that there was a sort of threshold that, once you crossed it, would give you the ability to wake up and that 24/7, that is, there would be no sleep for my mind. Because sleep was really only necessary for the body. That the mind had to sleep, I found unnatural. Brain kicker frequencies-meditation-binaural-beats But that night I managed to get extremely close to the threshold of sleep. I literally felt that only minutes from my success separated me from finally defeating sleep.
Suddenly I sensed the appearance of a being in my room. As if I were remembering forgotten moments at that moment, it flashed through my head: It was the monkey man! He is the guardian of the threshold, guarding the threshold of sleep that no one ever crosses and defeats sleep.
I lay completely still! I did not want to attract attention and did not dare to even touch a finger. It was very clear to me that I did not have to fight or attack him, but exactly the opposite. I had to let him do whatever he wanted to do. And most of all, he was not allowed to notice that I had ventured awake and concentrated so close to the threshold of sleep. So I decided to just pretend to sleep!
This reminded me of my childhood when parents peeked into the childrens room to see if it was asleep. If you did not sleep, then there was only questioning and the wise advice that it was important to fall asleep early, etc. Since, you wanted to spare this talk, you just pretended to be asleep. After the parents had closed the door again and left, one had his peace and could read comics with the flashlight or make other exciting stuff.
Though back to the monkey man! I felt him clearly behind me, close to my bed. His eyes rested on me and they seemed to pierce my consciousness, looking for the tiny telltale moment when he could make sure I was not sleeping at all! So I kept lying as quiet as possible and did not move a millimeter. Then the monkey man sat on the edge of the bed! Now it was really scary!
What was he doing? Why did he come even closer and did not just go away? The next moment he put it on it, because he lay behind me! The ape man seemed to me clear in his intention, he wanted to frighten and unsettle me, so that I betrayed myself. He wanted to make absolutely sure that I was asleep, as every person does well, who goes to bed and waits for his suppression.
The moment he had gone to bed with me, I suddenly heard wild African music. There was drumming, calling and singing. The music was hypnotic, as if it had always been there, just to call the ape man. Somehow I put the music and him in context, but I could not find the explanation. What did the ape man have to do with this African music? What did this have to do with the threshold of sleep that I wanted to defeat?
Somehow, I suddenly associated this with the stories about the Sandman, the harmless Sandman, who went from house to house carrying a sack of sand to put sand in the children’s eyes so they would sleep soundly. As a child, I had occasionally seen the television series “The Sandman” and always felt it was funny, but also scary somehow. Because the idea that a Sandmännchen stealthily sneaked into my room and strewed sand in my eyes, was just scary. Even more, because even the symbolism of the sole statement “sand into the eyes scatter” just did not look nice on me. But the phrase itself indicates an act that should dazzle and confuse.
So, who was the Sandman anyway? Were the Sandman and the Monkey Man identical? Or did they work together? Did they both guard the threshold of sleep? I could not find an answer to that and had to pull myself together again and again and concentrate so that I did not fall asleep. The African music became louder and louder. It pierced my mind, wanting to take possession of me. It was hard to hide her. Suddenly I felt the threshold of sleep! She was very close to me. There was only one small moment left, a tiny moment that would finally let me pass the threshold once and for all… Then, suddenly, the music and the ape man disappeared…
I fell asleep! Once again, I had not made it! But I had never been so close to the threshold before and saw it as a great advance. The next morning, I got up and decided to visit a witch who could give me a clue as to what this monkey man could be about. Along the way, I met Shiva, a friend of mine, who told me about my experience and my experience. She wanted to go to the witch. When we got there, the witch was still in bed reading a book. She waved us in and invited us to just sit down on the bed. Then she put the book aside and looked at us.
“What do you want?” she said straight out and straightaway.
“Do you know who the monkey man is?” she looked at me with wide eyes and shook her head.
“You should never call that name! No one is allowed to know who the monkey man is! You can not even talk about him! It’s better not to think about him.”
So she knew more, I thought.
“Do you know anything about lucid dreaming, out-of-body experiences and defeating sleep?” I asked to establish a connection.
“No, I do not know much about that. And I do not really believe in out-of-body experiences. I can not imagine that such a thing exists! Even if, I’m only interested in magic and witchcraft.”
“If you know so much about the magic, then you should also know more about the monkey man…”, I drilled on.
“I can only warn you! Leave that name unspoken! Otherwise something will happen… “
And no sooner had she uttered the words, did we hear someone banging on their front door! It seemed like someone wanted to
invade the apartment.
“You have to get out of here right now!”, the witch called and jumped out of her bed in a panic.
We also jumped up and she told us to get outside via the balcony. It was only the first floor and therefore the escape was somehow feasible.
When we reached the bottom, we saw two men on the balcony with a strange appearance. They seemed to be agents or hunters chasing people who did not suit them. We walked to the shopping area. There was just a weekly market there and we hoped in this way to cover our tracks. After we went through the market, we ran into a side street. This street had some arcades and I saw Shiva running to the left of me. She walked under the arcades. Again and again, when a pillar came, it vanished for a moment. I saw her blond hair blowing in the wind. Sometimes I thought I recognized how she transformed. Sometimes she had red hair, then brown again. It was a moment of slow motion, as the reality was stretched for a few moments.
Suddenly we met four people, two women and two men. We first thought that they were hunting us as well, but then it turned out they were friendly to us. They suggested they stay with them to be less noticeable if the agents came down here. Maybe they would walk by and not care about us. Fortunately, the agents did not come. So we sat on a wall and talked.
As I slowly came to rest, I noticed something very strange! Something had happened to my perception. I could see more with my eyes than I was used to.
“I can somehow see more than usual… so I notice things that were not visible to me before…” I said to myself.
“Oh, what?” the man next to me asked.
I described to him what I perceived. Because I could see, for example, on the first floor of the house opposite a kitchen. Apparently there was a restaurant in which was just busy cooking. But I saw more! On the ceiling of this kitchen I recognized a mirror and in this I saw another level of our reality. It was as if two realities were on top of each other. First of all, the normal, visible everyday level and then an underlying more hidden level of reality. There were also beings, objects and other things moving around in them, but they did not strike man, neither those in the kitchen nor the others who were with me. Moreover, I could even zoom in on the mirror as if I had binoculars with a flexible magnification function.
“And you can see all that, what you are describing to us? I’m glad, that I just realize that there is a restaurant kitchen up there. I just see the cooks with their hats, but I really do not recognize anything more. Even a mirror I can not see, that’s just too far away… “, said the man next to me.
Though I knew what had happened… By coming so close to the threshold of sleep that it had almost happened, I had received a skill or transported it from the realm of sleep into this world. This possibility was previously unknown to me and I was thrilled with what I had discovered. This opened up new perspectives and gave motivation to keep trying… even if there were beings out there who did not want that at all…


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