The Matrix: The Flower of Life and Reincarnation

The flower of life is a symbol that carries many people and is considered a very positive image. The flower that gives life. But, what is it really all about? What is really behind this symbol? I would like to shed some light on that in the context of the matrix in which we are all together…

Only a few come into a higher state of consciousness, for example through the technique of the Dissociation, which I prefer primarily to retrieve inner knowledge and recognize the elements that is hidden behind the scenes of our Matrix reality. The matrix is ​​difficult to describe as it is so highly technological that it appears to a human being as a work of magic or evolutionary nature. This is not the beautiful nature to be enclosed with a demolition, but it is only about the understanding and the realization of how everything is connected.

The Creator of Matrix

The Creator of the Matrix is ​​worshiped as God in our world and is also called accordingly. Likewise, the Bible talks about God and many other religions have similar terms, but in fact they all refer to the same thing, namely, the creators of the Matrix. Fortunately, however, every prayer that a person beats to heaven is sent energetically, not to the matrix builders (architects), but to the wholeness of our self, which was captured by the Matrix ages ago.
The wholeness of the self (synon.: total self, higher self) had to divide after the capture into an infinite number of parts or self to find an exit. This division was necessary in order to regain freedom as much as possible.

The Flower of Life

The flower of life is the symbol of extraterrestrial technology that has launched the reincarnation cycle. Life was created. However, life only needs to be created if you have to negate eternity. In eternity, nobody needs to be brought to life because everything has always been alive and there has been no death.
In the Bible, the Old and New Testaments have an interpretation of the tree of life. In it you will find the first clues in Genesis (creation, genesis, birth) and is associated with the tree of knowledge. God forbade man to nibble from the tree of knowledge, because that would result in the loss of eternal life. If every soul originated from the original Creator and then was banished on Earth and integrated into the reincarnation machinery, this makes a vivid sense, too.
In the New Testament, it is called the tree of life (see Revelation of John) and equated with the serpent and the devil and the dragon who “seduces the whole world.” The tree is in the garden of God. So this tree of life is the one who creates the physical life, but through this also the physical death and the transience.
Of course, if you’re within a reincarnation, that may be a good symbol. However, if you are a rebel and you get annoyed by the constant reincarnation and manipulated memory erasure, then it is rather counterproductive.
The tree of life symbolizes the reincarnation machine. The flower of life is just involved in this technology. The flower itself is actually made of “eggs,” of life eggs. These “eggs” were transported through the tree of life into the lower frequency of physical matter.
One has to remember that this is a technology designed by an interdimensional species many millions of years ahead of man. I have been able to recognize and see this largely during my travels to other realities. The Tree of Life is a kind of interdimensional antenna that has been set in motion the reincarnation cycle thousands of years ago.
Just ask yourself: For what has been the tree of life should be created for? After all, every soul is eternally existent. It does not shy away from deciding between life and death or differentiating altogether. What sense would make a tree or a flower of life? The soul has eternal immortality and it does not have to be animated by a tree because it is full of life and forever. Such an approach makes sense only if one fears death and hopes for life. And a soul can only fear death if it is convinced that it exists.
However, a soul can only accept death if it can not remember that it can exist forever. A soul that can remember that it is eternal, remembers its eternal validity and existence. For them, a non-existence is absurd. But the tree or the flower of life suggests that life must exist.

Reincarnation Machinery

The reincarnation machinery also suggests the change between life and death. Who is born into life, must also die and then has to be born again. An infinite cycle that can last for thousands or even millions of years – if you do not outgrow this illusion. Likewise, such an illusion must be maintained and this can only be achieved through permanent amnesia. How else should a soul believe that it is mortal or worship a tree of life, if not through amnesia?
This is where you get to the point, because the Matrix is ​​a created reality in which life and death go hand in hand and constantly alternate. Everything that has been created is also subject to the need to collapse or die again. A soul, on the other hand, exists always, it was not created. She split off from the source and, as part of it set out to experience adventure, to create and eventually return. Likewise, the wholeness of the self or the true self have not been created. They existed always, but were not created themselves. They never had to, because they are eternal.
Everything that can be assigned in any way to a certain duality has been part of a process of creation. Therefore, the matrix is ​​an artificially created product. Even the beings, who live in a matrix, have a mortal body and a transitory ego-personality, a kind of fake identity. This already begins when you take a look at the identity card or passport, because the information contained therein has been constructed by the managing system. The name in these documents is part of the maintenance of illusion and fake identity. Considering these words, think again about the tree and the flower of life.


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