37 Pyramids found in the Ukraine

Recently an underground pyramid with an average height of about 45 meters was discovered in the Ukraine in the south of the Crimean peninsula near Sevastopol by the well-known pyramid hunter and scientist named Vitali Gokh. It is the 37th pyramid since the beginning of 2000, which has been discovered in this environment and has never been mentioned in any way. In school you ususally learn, that the human appeared after the dinosaurs, but strangely, the now newly discovered pyramids are estimated to be 65 million years old. At that time, only dinosaurs existed and there was no trace of humans – and that for many millions of years. That’s why it is hard to imagine that a Tyrannosaurus Rex with his small arms could have built the 37 pyramids or a Stegosaurus with its kite-shaped peaks. Who built it?

It is certainly just a coincidence that Russia has just conquered the part of the Ukraine in which these pyramids stand. Some people suspect certain connections for the motivation of such an invasion. But what is true and what’s not, can’t be figured out at the moment, but it is clear that 37 pyramids have been discovered and their function has not yet been recognized. Some of them are on solid ground, others are under water.

They are arranged in a row and remind you of the construction of the pyramids in Egypt. Based on measurements, it was found that each of the pyramids is hollow and has inner spaces. Inside the newly discovered pyramid, a mummy was discovered after entering, and a crown was erected as a grave.

This is a completely unknown person, which is about 1.30 m tall and does not seem to be a human. Gokh told TV station ICTV that these pyramids should be the oldest that have ever been discovered around the world, and that this mummy could not be determined in either its origin or its race, it is a completely unknown humanoid species. Even the builders of the pyramids can not be identified, although over twenty national and international researchers have visited the pyramids and did researches. The mummy seems to possess at least reptiloid features, and the researchers are unsure if its appearance can be inferred to the people and builders of that time.


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