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Dreamnight: Journey into the 22nd Century

“Dreamnight” is a series in which I consciously concentrate on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience or in which I report an interesting or extraordinary dream or memories of my subconsciousness as well as telepathic connections to other people (dream spying).

After I had just been in the beer garden of the hotel, in a time loop until I became lucid, and thus interrupted it, I was instantly transported to another reality! In this reality I was in the future. When I began to search were I was, a kind of space ship flew over my head or an aircraft the size of a car. I wondered whether this could be a drone or a flying car. Obviously, I just seemed to be in a quite desolate environment, in the distance I saw a larger city with many high-rise buildings. The landscape was very flat, rocky and just a little bit of green. Intuitively, I estimated the time calculation about the year 2150 or later. I actually recognized this reality quite quickly. A few years ago, I had a very intense perception about my future life, so the life that would follow my present as Jonathan. For the first time, in the future, I recognized myself as a baby, and I kind of stood with my astral body before the bed of the self, which I will be…

At that moment I felt I could jump into this reality after my death if I want to. In this reality, as I realized a bitlater in in my dreams, I am a room distributor, a free man who was dealing with goods and who was selling them on neighboring planets. After school, I would register at the military academy to complete my training as a space pilot there. After that, I would be self-employed and deal with goods. I would then have broken off the military career. In my current life I know a few people whom I will meet again at the academy. At that time I realized that for me the option would be to take up this life as a follow incarnation. It would only depend on how I master the present life. Interestingly enough, this would undoubtedly depend on the plans of my totality of the self, if I could not reach it until my death in my present life. However,


I was in this barren environment with the rocks, the flat landscape and the city several kilometers away. I wore a brown backpack with buckles. I took it down and looked inside. In it there were five eggs, the size of a ostrich egg. They were cream colored, which means in their colour they were more beige than normal chickens eggs. Either I was dealing with the eggs of a species that I did not know or these eggs were have an alien origin. I could not say it directly. What I could safely say was that I had the mission of hiding three of these eggs on the planet earth, and the other two on Jupiter.

My client wanted me to do this, because he wanted that someone like a scientist will find these eggs in the near future, and when he also finds them on Jupiter he will draw a connection, that would have never been there, if I would not have put these eggs on both planets. This sounds a bit complicated, but it is quite easy to understand.

The client wanted to give the impression that these eggs had been laid out in the distant past on Earth and Jupiter at the same time. I could not say what purpose it was for my client. I was not even aware of what eggs these were. In my opinion, the eggs were petrified and no longer able to carry life into it.

To hide these eggs on earth, was not a big challenge, but to bring the other two to Jupiter, was also not difficult but rather annoying. After all, I had to fly 3-4 hours until I could finally land on Jupiter. I can remember very well how I simply did not want to fly so far this day – even if the flight time, calculated at today’s standards, shows an incredible brevity.

When I awoke from this scene, I was wondering what sense such an order has. Actually only to manipulate scientific results.

The question here is, of course, whether this was a heroic or a rogue act. The job seemed normal to me within the dream, but after awakening it did not seem quiet legal. In addition, according to astronomical knowledge, a landing on Jupiter is hardly possible, because it is assumed that the surface is not stable enough that there could land anything. Perhaps there was also a station or maybe a firmer environment. It is difficult to determine whether there is any solid surface on the surface of Jupiter or not.

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