“Dreamnight” is a series in which I consciously concentrate on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience or in which I report an interesting or extraordinary dream or memories of my subconsciousness as well as telepathic connections to other people (Dream spying).

Yesterday I changed the position of my bed so that it is now exactly on the north-south axis. I did not notice much difference in yesterday’s night, but tonight. The intensity and length of an out-of-body experience seems to me to be much longer than usual. However, I am not able to reproduce all the experiences I experienced tonight. There were just too many sequences and experiences to keep them complete. Still, I tried to remember as much as I could. I again had some problems to fall asleep or to relax my physical body, but after half an hour I could transfer through my rotation technique into my second body. The vibrations were not very strong and long…

Many people do not like these vibrations when they experience them, but I like them. For me it is a pleasant feeling. Mostly, it vibrates just below my ears, as if I were connected to a circuit. Well, I would not like to walk around with this “physical” feeling, but it is not very unpleasant for me. I can simulate this feeling in a weakened form, even in a waking state. After I had changed to the second body, I had the sensation of lying very close to the edge of the bed. One foot even hung over it and I was almost on the point of gravity. I just thought that I had to go back to my physical body to put myself in the middle of the bed. When I was again in my physical body, I was already in the middle of the bed. Obviously, I had was only laying with my second body at the edge of the bed and the I mixed up the two bodies with each other. So I concentrated again and after a few minutes I had changed again.

Now I could feel something. It was cold and dusty, and some pebbles seemed to be there. I moved my fingers and scratched seemingly over my bedroom floor. But it is designed with parquet, how could I feel dust and stone? I wondered if I had perhaps been swept through the ground and thus under the parquet. That was the only explanation for me.

Then I suddenly felt someone sitting behind me. It was a very clear and unmistakable feeling. The person even clung to me and put his mouth to my ear and whispered something to me. But I could not understand a word. The identification of this person was definitely male. This whole situation had a very intrusive character, but it was by no means sexually shaped. Especially when he sat on me and his weight was immensely heavy on me.


This reminded me of my childhood when every night a dark shadow came into my room, sat down on me and took my breath. As a four-year-old child, I often did not slept throughout the night, and I always waited for the daylight to come out. As soon as it was bright, the shadow never came to visit. So after he had sat down on me and he grew heavier and heavier, I rolled over and landed on the floor. Then I straightened up and looked around the bedroom to see if I could spot this obtrusive visitor. But I saw no one. Was I still in my own bedroom?

Obviously, I was in a strange apartment. I left the room, went through the front door and onto the street. It was still dark outside. I wondered who I could visit now. At the moment I was still running outside trying to stabilize my condition, so I could not be pulled back to my physical body.

So I used the old Indian technique: looking at your hands. So I looked at my hands, but this did not help. So I looked around the area to protect myself against an early return to the body, but that did not really help much either. So I hoped that my condition was stable enough to pay a visit to someone.

I concentrated and teleported to my roommate. Within seconds I was in her bedroom. She was laying in her bed and seemed to sleep. Slowly I went to her bed. Suddenly she straightened up and seemed to be just about to wake up. Now I could not pull her out of her body, but I could try to draw attention to myself. From this thought, I moved some objects which I could discover on her night table. I managed to get them to move a bit, but apparently not strong enough to be noticed. So I broke my efforts at this point and teleported myself somewhere else. I landed on a street.

It was a beautiful night. In the sky I saw some stars and there were only a few cars on the streets. I took off and tore my arms forward, so I lifted off the ground and flew higher and higher into the air. The view of the city below me was imposing and some houses were already lighted up. So I flew a while until I landed on the ground again. Only a few seconds later I stood in front of a large building. It seemed to me to be a school.

I began to reckon and concluded that it should be half past nine. So there should be something happening at school. I entered the building and ran into the first classroom. It was filled with many children. It was a primary school. “So, my dear children! Please sit down, the lessons begins! “I shouted loudly into the room and walked past the many tables. But no one disturbed my words, not because they did not listen to me, but because they could not hear me. I was still in my second body and was simply invisible to them. I continued to enjoy it and sat down on the desk. From there I concentrated on practicing psychokinesis, the ability to move objects through thinking only!

I really had success. Better than ever, I managed to move some items. Pens, notebooks or cases. They moved, but the children did not notice anything. They were busy with their activities. I wondered if I could move something from the children, their hair, their clothes, something like that, but I did not want to frighten the children and so I continued with the items. It was sort of a hilarious situation. The children were playing and running around, certainly because no teacher was present, and I sat invisibly on the teacher’s desk and moved some items through my thoughts.

“Enough exercise!” I said aloud.

“Thank you for the attention. I’m free now!”

Then I left the classroom.

As soon as I had passed through the classroom, I must have teleported myself subconsciously, because I was in a strange house now. I felt that something in me had taken control and decided to be as curious as I was, to follow the impulses simply and to watch. So I walked two floors higher and stopped in front of a flat door. A glance at the door handle was enough, and the door opened automatically. I could see, as the door handle was pushed down by nothing, or like someone owuld say- through the hand of a ghost, just because I wanted it. Through my continuous psychokinetic exercises, I hoped that one day the areas in my brain would be activated, which made such an ability possible in everyday life, so I mean to activate the sleeping abilities in all of us. Somehow it would work.

I had to grin, thinking of my last conversation with the old man. A real Jedi can do that! He can even hurl other people through the air or stop their breath if he wants to, without having to touch with his finger. Actually, it is a dangerous ability to think about what is possible with it.

Robert A. Monroe, the pioneer of non-physical travelling, once mentioned that in his second body, he was even able to kill a man if he would train to do so. In this context he could well imagine that there were already some people who would use such unpleasant practices (see “Journeys out of the body”). This statement is now more than 40 years old and in this time much stuff has developed further.

In this sense, I opened the door of the person I appeared to visit here purely psychokinetic. It opened very quickly. A man stood behind the door and greeted me:

“Come in, I’ve been waiting for you,” he said.

Did he notice my psychokinetic action? No, he did not. He had not noticed anything. The man was certainly already over 70 years old, retired and he lived in a very small apartment. It was fully furnished and there was a kitchenette. A small, untidy apartment.

“Here, come on, there is my parrot! Do not run against it,” he said, laughing.

I looked to the right and saw a big cage standing on the ground, but there was no parrot! It was an uncanny, gray-colored animal with a huge head and a broad, narrow mouth, from which small teeth emerged. In my opinion this was an extraterrestrial animal and certainly not a parrot. But why should I be able to see everything in this room in a normal way, except for this alleged parrot? The man, the items, the cooking area, the sofa, the chair, the table, I could see it all. This alien animal, however, was ugly, almost prehistoric, and it was not earthly. I got the idea that I might see the true nature of the parrot and not the usual appearance, as we are used to in everyday life. This was the only explanation why I perceived this parrot quite differently.

“Look here! I still have a kitten for you. If you want it, you can take it with you. I can not hold it here. It’s still very young!” he said, pointing to his couch.

When I looked down at the couch, I saw no kitten, but a fluffy bundle with a very long-drawn face and extremely small mouth. The mouth was as pointed as a fish. I was not afraid of this animal, but it looked really strange. I held my finger and immediately it bit into it. It did not hurt very much, but it seemed to like my finger very much.

“And? Do you like it?” he asked me.

“No thanks! I have no time for such a thing… “I said.

“Yeah, well, look at the wall. There in the kitchenette is mold. What do you think about? Can you get rid of it?”

At that moment I got the strong impression that I was no longer in my reality, but in a parallel world. There I occasionally did house care services for the elderly. I changed their light bulbs, swept walls, deaerated heaters, and the like.

“So if you ask me,” I replied, “then I would say that this mold is on the wallpaper and does not come from the inside. This means you just do not have enough air! Especially after showering or bathing, or whatever you do. You have to ventilate strongly, otherwise it will get moldy every time.”

He nodded: “Yes, I have already suspected. Actually, I just have to be careful…”

Shortly after, he gave me his hand, pressed it in a friendly way and seemed to me as if my work had already been done here. “Then I’ll go to the next,” I said, not knowing if it was true.

“Good, see you soon, Detlef!” he shouted as he left and gave me some more money.

I left his apartment and then looked at the coin he had given me. It was a shiny german 50-pfennig piece. Consequently, I was a few decades in the past.

Judging from his organization, perhaps in the 70s or 80s. I was not sure. And most of all, why the hell was my name Detlef? Had I connected myself to a strange personality or did I simply say something different? I was not sure. At any rate, I had to carry out this change of reality at some point, without notice.

Could I actually assume that I was still out of body? Perhaps I had changed directly into a lucid dream with my last detachment. The suspicion was in any case now in the room.

When I opened my eyes again, I was laying in my bed, but I was still in my second body. The obtrusive visitor had disappeared. This time it was easier to get rid of my body and just rolled over to the side. I had the impression that I felt much easier than usual and I guess it might have to do with the position of the bed. So far, I had hesitated in the new apartment to orient my bed as usual to the north-south axis, especially since this house is even aligned here and lies exactly on this axis, since I had not liked the arrangement in my bedroom.

Before yesterday I had however thought that the changing of the bed is certainly not very complicated and I can test the effect once. It is quite unusual to have the bed standing like this, but it just seems to be more effective.

I experienced many other sequences that night. Beautiful walks in the night and in the morning, flight moments in the stars of other realities, excursions to abandoned buildings and some people… It was an eventful night with many events.


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