“Dreamnight” is a series in which I consciously concentrate on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience or in which I report an interesting or extraordinary dream or memories of my subconsciousness as well as telepathic connections to other people (Dream spying).

I am a child and I am laying in a bunk bed. I am wearing a light blue terrycloth pajamas with Donald Duck on the left chest and a Walt Disney letter. I am laying in the higher bed! And from there you have the overview! It is dark and you barely see your hands. But there is a secret trail. The floor bed is not quite next the wall, because of the slant and when I let myself slide down behind it, I do not arrive in the bed under me, but in a strange world

Just a few minutes ago I was in a colorful world with large, luminous plants and a huge ocean. From there I took a small animal with me. It has big eyes and looks at me frightened. I should not have taken it, I know! Actually, it should have stayed there, but now I took it with me and when I will land again in this other world, I will bring it back again. Actually, I would just like to look at it and get to know it a bit. It’s so amazing! I have an animal from another world! Who has that? I find it cool! Oh, now I just fell asleep…

Damn it! Where is the animal? Ah, there it is. It must also have fallen asleep. Tired, it looks at me. It is so infinitely sweet and it is definitely harmless! No one will surely miss the animal! I think it is tomorrow and the sun is rising. I’ll get up at once and then I’ll see what I do on this beautiful day. Maybe I’ll visit my buddy next door or I’ll go to the city garden. I hear something! What are the sounds out there? There someone also calls something…

“Go! Put your hands up!”


Is this what I heard? Does someone out there play robber and gendarme, or what happens there? I look more closely at this. The shutters are raised quickly.

Outside, I recognize six pirates, apparently the captain, with a black, slanting and rather tattered cap, on which a bleeding skull is grinning, threatening my parents and my sister with an old double-barrel pistol! Oh my God! This can not be true! Where do they come from? I am so afraid that I do not dare to move. As I stared, I watched as the pirates threatened my family. They seem to be looking for something!

“What do you want? Do you want our money? “, I hear my father saying.

“No! What we are looking for is worth more than your money! We want the animal!”

The Pirate captain replies with his deep voice.

“What kind of animal? We have no animals here! Only our neighbor has a dog…” my father says. “We can also shoot you a hole in your round head. That would look very amusing!”

The six pirates are laughing loudly and the captain is now targeting the head of my father with the gun! Please, please, do not let him shoot my father! I have to go down and give them the animal! I did not want to steal it from this strange world! I have only borrowed it! Why am I not able to move? I have to go down and let them know!

“We’ll be back tomorrow morning and if you do not give us the animal then we’ll kill you! Oh, what am I telling? We’ll come tomorrow, get the animal and kill you anyway! Hahaha.”

The captain laughed loudly at our house walls. He can not be serious about that! One of the pirates pushes my father so that he falls against my mother.

“Tomorrow! Then you’re off!”

The captain said, and then they turned around and went away. Finally, I can move! I’m running down… I’m hiding the animal in my closet.

“Go back in,” my father cries as I stand in the doorway. “But why? I got…”

“Come on, go back!”

Inside, we are now sitting together and discussing what we will do tomorrow. The pirates will return and they could shoot us all. All this only because I took this animal with me. And because they want to shoot us anyway, I do not know if I should tell of the animal! What should I do? We must flee! And I’ll bring the animal back to his world tonight. But will it change something? Maybe they will grab me there and then they have me and the animal in the morning they will also kill my family.

“I’ll sit down there tomorrow morning, and then the pirates should be quiet! I will fight!” says my mother and holds my sister firmly in her arms.

“Right, little one? We’ll wait for them tomorrow and then we’ll get rid of them!”

I think my mother does not manage it alone. The pirates will shoot them and then laugh. They will!

“I will help you!” my father says.

Nor does he recognize the seriousness of the situation. How can he believe that the two can be unarmed against six pirates with their pistols and sabers?

“Dad, you can not do it! They are much stronger than you! Look, they have guns and long sabers… ” I explain.

“We know that, my son, but we have no other option. They will find us again and again, and we do not want to leave our house, our possessions. We’ll fight…”

“Then let’s prepare for it! I will help! We can use your system and shoot gun shots. As soon as they come, I use the remote to fire the shots. You might get scared and run away…”

“You’re right! We will prepare! They should not get us without a fight. We’ll make a fortress out of our house! Until tomorrow we have time to prepare for their visit…”

And we rise to make the preparations…

Then I wake up from this crazy dream. It is dark. Outside, we have 9.4 degrees and the winter is for a short time like the autumn … We have partly forgotten how children think and how easily they can play with other worlds …

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Dreamnight: In a Walt Disney Pyjama