Dreamnight: Demons and Astral Projections

“Dreamnight” is a series in which I consciously concentrate on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience or in which I report an interesting or extraordinary dream or memories of my subconsciousness as well as telepathic connections to other people (Dream spying).

I had slept from 5.30 pm until about 8.30 pm and then I went back to bed at 1 am. This time, however, I had to realize that there are really weather conditions on the astral plane, which are making travelling difficult and sometimes easy or an astral excursion wonderful or even stressful sometimes. In this night, it turned out that this time there were rather difficult weather conditions, because there were constantly encounters with energy forms, which some people call demons and who were projected energies with unpleasant frequency. When I managed to put my body to sleep, I changed the frequency from earthly to astral…

Shortly afterwards, I was in sleep, unable to move my physical body. Now I waited for the vibrations to roll sideways.


When they showed up, I suddenly felt someone coming to my bed, taking my bedspread, to pull it over my head with the plan to stifle me. I did not find that very friendly, but had to grin at the same time, because it was completely illogical to think you could stifle someone on the astral plane.

The unknown entity that tried to do so knew that as well as I did, but it hoped I did not know or thought I would interpret the process as a murder attempt and associate the possibility of being able to die with my physical body.

Some people believe that something could happen to them on the astral plane, such as being killed, strangled or injured, caught or imprisoned, but of course this is not true. Such attempts only serve to irritate the astral traveler and dissuade him from his intention to leave his body. The person will then wake up and think, “No, I never want to have anything to do with all that!” and abandons his search in this regard. Millions of people have actually stopped their attempts and meditations because of such unpleasant experiences to reach out-of-body conditions. They were defeated by the fear.

Some believe this is due to evil demons who want to seduce or injure the astral travelers, so that they can occupy, control, or just drive them away. Still others assume that they are only projected negative energies of someone’s own mind, so that the astral plane is given the opportunity to deal with itself with these projections. There are also astral travelers who believe that there is an instance that created such unfriendly projections in order to dissuade beginners from their intent to learn astral travelling. A kind of security system, so that as few astral travelers fly around in the area and spy on things that should remain secret. There are people who suspect a dark power behind all that or simply a special government organization instructed by a government. In a conversation with a shaman, I was told that there were some corporations and large companies that would hire such a gentleman to spy on their opponents or to bewitch them through magical rituals that would make them sick or lose their economic influence. A similar subject is also to be found in the movie Inception, in which a group is very well practiced to penetrate the dreams into the subconscious mind of a company owner to get him to sell his company so that the competition for the client is not applicable.

When, in any case, I sensed how this strange being gave me the impression that it had grabbed my bedclothes, pushed me over my face and pressed hardly, I naturally did not believed it’s a trick. I then imagined four UV light fixtures, which radiated from me in all directions and decomposed the entity as if a vampire was exposed to daylight.

Immediately I felt the negative form of energy sink slowly into itself and dissolve. In such an unpleasant situation, you should keep your peace and decide whether you are now back in your familiar everyday life and physical body or take advantage of this opportunity to test yourself in the face of an unpleasant situation or not. After the creature had disappeared, I saw with my third eye from above a distorted, ugly and a little girl with long stocking came from the ceiling downwards to me! She hunted at me with wide mouth, big black teeth and hissed like a spirited leopard. Immediately I imagined a shotgun, loaded with silver balls, and shot them off in the approach… The ugly girl disappeared with a bang.

When I finally broke loose, the third attack came! A very great energy came to me and laid itself over me. It was at least three times as tall as me and threatened to crush me under it enormous weight. Again I took my shot gun and shattered the creature as if I were Ash from the movie Army of Darkness. This proved itself and shortly afterwards it dissolved and I could finally roll out of my body.

It was done! I then got up and checked my bedroom to see if anyone was trying to stop me from leaving my body. I could not see anyone. The critical moment is laying in the act of the detachment.

Next to me suddenly a different reality opened. I discovered a door and just walked through it. On the other hand, my father, who had died many years before, awaited me. He grinned as he saw me and greeted me briefly, “You did it! That’s good.”

I greeted him as well, and we sat down at a window that gave a beautiful view of a wide green meadow. On the horizon I saw mountains and forests. It was really magical.

“The last one was a Sumo demon,” he told me. “A sumo demon? That sounds wild! Like these sumo wrestlers? “I asked amused.

“Correct. Just as harmless as all the others, as long as you do not believe their tricks and actions. They have no power, only the power that you give them. In fact, you are the creator of your reality, a creator who has much more energy and power than any created projections. Your energy, properly applied, can transform such beings into dust by only wanting it. You have used a medium with your shot gun and your impressive UV light spectacle to apply your energy so that it has expelled the projections.”

We laughed, because I was just imagining the four spotlights as they moved from my head to all astral directions. Someone who had flown past my house in his astral body would surely have seen this flood of light. We talked for a while until I decided to say good-bye.

I flew around for a while to enjoy the view and relax. When I returned to my body, I noticed an extraordinary activity of my third eye. Wild forms, many patterns that were very symmetrical and electronic, almost like some of these complex grain circles. Such encounters with such unpleasant projections have hitherto been encountered only in the rarest cases. Don’t believe that this belongs to astral everyday life. It was an exciting night.


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