DMT – Food of Gods

DMT means “Dimethyltryptamine” and was injected from Dr. Rick Strassman with official permission to volunteers using chemical extraction of the active substance and recorded their experiences. Only 75 mg can be sufficient to trigger an unforgettable and intense experience, which leaves the assumption that the experiences experienced can only be hallucinations. It is so incomprehensible what someone can learn in ten minutes after it was inhaled or injected… and the test people were really shocked. They have not felt any different, than those figures who had left the cave in Platos cave and who saw the sun for the first time. According to Plato they went back to their places and did not stay outside the cave because they felt safer inside. They could not tell the others what they had seen, and they did not care much about the questions about the truth…

How could you tell someone about the truth that one does not want to see? After injection of the DMT it was stated that it starts to act after a few minutes and when inhaled after about 8-15 seconds. The effect is disproportionately short and amounts to approximately 10 intensive minutes and perhaps 20 minutes till the end. After administration, a very strong buzzing is produced in the ears or the brain, that gets horribly loud, the pineal gland is in the highest stimulation, the person is detached from the body and if the person is lucky, it will be in an extremely complex designed tube system, which is apparently used as a transport bay to gain access to the cosmic communications network. You are racing at an incredible speed through several realities, fractal worlds, computer simulated systems, distant planets within our universe, into infinite astral realities or temporarily even directly into the hereafter.

Suddenly the journey stops and you are faced with a personality that is rarely a human being. Communication is working directly now. You can ask questions or simply observe Science-Fiction worlds, beautiful beings or buildings or incredible landscapes that are as real as you would be with your body in the middle of these realities.


In the meantime, there are even “guidebooks”, which provide guidance on how you should behave on such a spiritual journey with the aid of this awareness expanding entheogen. For example, it is advised to simply observe and not to behave immediately when you manifest near an alien. It is also a good idea to check whether the extraterrestrial has fangs or claws, or carries dangerous clothing or whether it appears peaceful and communicative. It is probably not much different than a movie in which you recognize the bad guy already in it’s external appearance. But of course this is not a guarantee for always peaceful encounters.

It is not a fantasy or mere impression of the imagination, but the perceptions are perceived as absolutely real and unequivocally experienced as reality, rather as a superordinate reality. In exchange with people who took this substance, it was reported that they had been horrified by the plasticity of the perceptions and were able to gain insights into the many infinite worlds that exist in our universe, which clearly showed that ours physical reality is so different from them, that something can not be true in our everyday reality. It is not that these other realities are hallucinations, but rather that the physical world is one. The human on earth has obviously been consciously excluded from the cosmic consciousness and placed entirely on it’s own. It is as if an Internet user who has been using the world wide web for a long time has suddenly been deprived of his access to all the information and has only one book in his hands to go with.

Every human being has a so-called pineal gland in the middle of his brain, that has been 1-3 centimeters big in view of human history. Nowadays, it is only a few millimeters tall and has developed strongly back. Within this pineal gland, DMT is naturally produced and stored by the body. In the past you could use the internal DMT to leave your body and enter the wormhole universe, so you could travel to all the other worlds and communicate with alien beings.

It was possible to leave the physical reality immediately on request and to travel to another. However, with time, the pineal gland shrank and this interesting ability flew. We are dealing here with a mass arrest, in which every personality, who traveled through the infinite universe with all its alternative realities on its journeys through the infinite universe and was simply curious about the human level. By entering a physical body, whose pineal gland is now inactive, the personality could no longer remember where she had come from and immediately forgot her true personality. In addition, the person believed that it had always lived here, and suddenly remembered being a child and school time, friends and parents…

As far as the psychedelic journey into the worlds of the cosmos is concerned, you can cite different levels which you can experience. A consensus has emerged with the aid of many cyber- or psychonauts, which can be achieved by means by awareness enhancing substances (entheogens):

Level 1: changes of the visual field, stronger colors, music sounds wider and more spacious.

Level 2: Visual perceptions, fractals, strong colors.

Level 3: Very strong visions, faces, 3-dimensional structures, increased sensitivity.

Level 4: Strong perception of objects, time becomes meaningless, time distortions, time jumps.

Level 5: Perception of alien beings, distant places, distant planet systems, galaxies, machine systems, beyond, and so on.

While the first four stages can be perceived with many awareness expanding and highly dosed substances, stage 5 can be achieved almost exclusively with DMT. Thus you can imagine the strength of this substance, which has formed itself in our pineal gland in a natural way and provides for a catapulted start into the afterlife after the death. Clinically deceased, who reported on their tunnel experiences and the bright light, were probably already experiencing the personal DMT melt in their pineal gland.

The DMT occurs in every living being, flows through our blood and is produced in the pineal gland. Interestingly, the blood-brain barrier also plays an important role. Bacteria, funghi and other toxic, but also non-toxic substances, occasionally try to overcome the blood-brain barrier in the brain, of course, unsuccessful. This barrier is a hard-hitting bouncer, who only takes in those who agree with him.

Strangely, however, DMT obviously has a V.I.P. pass, because the barrier allows it to enter without any question and passes easily. But this fact makes it very strange why DMT has never been greatly investigated by researchers. The mechanisms and reasons why DMT is able to overcome the blood-brain barrier unhindered shows that this is a special substance and provides sufficient space for direct healing methods. But since LSD was forbidden at the end of the 1960s due to several strange rumors, all the research on some psychedelics was officially stopped. Likewise the researches on DMT were terminated immediately after the ban of LSD and many funds and sponsors were lost, only for the reason that psychedelics are harming the cells.

In the meantime, it has been clearly shown that this is not at all the case and certainly not surprising, because the body would never allow such a harmful substance to overcome the blood-brain barrier, even without its identification or appearance to be asked. Thus research in the field of psychedelics has largely been discontinued, and occasionally only a few private organizations have made the effort to carry out experiments for their own purposes. It is, however, to be expected that these privately owned organizations could gain insights that exceeded their abilities and received information that no one else should receive. For this reason, DMT had to be illegalized to ensure this. Rumors indicate that the information that can be obtained via direct communication via DMT with other extraterrestrial species does not only include strategies for enslaving or delaying a whole planet, but also other messages that you can not imagine in your wildest dreams. To whom can we blame if the one who has explored the power of the DMT, according to nostalgic-earthly ego-tradition, has no interest in giving away from his great achievements?


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„DMT – The Spirit Molecule“, Rick Strassman

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