Retrieving astral travelling, Inception, or Lucid dreaming retrieving means “rescue” situation. In your astral body, you can pass into the intermediate zone or the lower astral plane and save lost people who are there and are not aware of their condition or youpenetrate into the dreams of another still living people to help or to manipulate their subconscious mind in a positive way. For reasons of privacy, no names or places are mentioned here.

It was once again one of those nights when I was on the go with my dream teacher Sonya. We flew at high speed along the sky. Suddenly, Sonya telepathically told me to land with her. Among us, I could see railroad tracks and a train…

After we landed, we headed for the train, which had stopped in the middle of the forest and meadow. There seemed to be no station. Why had the driver stopped here? Had someone pulled the emergency brake? The passengers looked out of the train windows and wondered why they had held there. The train was quite long and there were certainly 80 passengers, as I could roughly estimate.

Sonya opened one of the train doors and ran straight into the corridor. I had to laugh that she’d been so naughty to open the door. On the other side, I thought, what could they do to us for just spying in? We could fly away any time if we wanted to!

Some of the passengers looked at me and I wondered if they could see me in my astral body. As I pondered, Sonya came back out of the train. Several people followed her, who ran well behind her.


“Yes, come on, ladies and gentlemen …” she said to the people.

There were about seven people who were now walking past me. Some of them greeted me to my surprise. Then I slowly realized everything!

“Are the people you led out of the train dead?”

“Of course! What did you think why they are greeting you? Do you think that was just because of the weather?” we laughed.

She was right! These people were dead, and for no other reason could they see me.

“Well, you got the people so fast out of the train!” I mentioned briefly.

“No, no,” she replied, “we must get everyone out of this train!”

Now I finally understood it! The whole train had already crashed and the passengers were still hallucinating the train. For the reason, it looked so intact. All the passengers were killed in the accident!

Slowly I wondered what train this could be? After all, I had not heard of any train crash in the past or read about it in the medias, in which so many people had perished. Was I in an alternative reality or was I perhaps postponed in time?

What a pity, I thought, that there were never any signs that would always tell you where and when you were. Now we went to the train together and took care of the passengers.

Here I miss some memories, but I still remember that we have done a lot, to clear up the whole train and then move with all of the people to another astral plane. An exciting and revealing dream. Sonya always has a good feeling, never to betray enough, and she never says too much, so you always have the opportunity to come to the solution yourself.


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Retrieving: The Train and the lost Souls