What is the Hypnagogic State?

What is the Hypnagogic State?

Spirituality for beginners: What is the hypnagogic state, hypnagogic experiences and hypnagogic images? How do you control it?

The interest in the hypnagogic state arises largely automatically, without you really having to be aware of it. This is because it is an ability of the human mind that is available to everyone. To varying degrees, but everyone in the world has experienced it briefly many times.

Hypnagogic State

The hypnagogic state is simply the state of consciousness between waking and sleeping. This means: Hypnagogia is a certain state of consciousness that can occur when falling asleep, i.e. during the transition from wakefulness to sleep. During this phase, waking dreams, visual, auditory and occasionally tactile “hallucinations” and possibly even sleep paralysis usually occur.


  • Hypnagogic state
  • hypnagog (“I was just hypnagogic”)
  • Hypnagogia
  • Hypnagogic dreams
  • Hypnagogic images
  • Hypnagogic images
  • Hypnagogic sleep paralysis
  • Hypnagogic experiences
  • Hypnagogic hallucinations
  • Snoozing or dozing off (colloquial language)
  • Perceiving subconscious images
  • Focus 12

Hypnagogic imagery sequence

Hypnagogic images can occur very quickly in a hypnagogic state. It is the moment when you are half asleep, thinking about your day and suddenly the subconscious takes over. This can be recognized by the fact that the subconscious takes over when the images take on a life of their own. At this moment, you enter the hypnagogic state and perceive hypnagogic images, scenes and processes.

These images form into scenes and real stories. You are on the threshold of dreaming and only a small step is missing, i.e. the body falls asleep and you dream.

Controlling hypnagogic experiences and Hypnagogic State

The hypnagogic state is a PSI ability, meaning it allows you to answer questions you may have, telepathic moments as well as clairvoyant glimpses into the future.

Most hypnagogic experiences are quite brief, often only seconds, but it is possible to prolong this state and refuse to either wake up again or slip into the land of dreams. This is when the formation of the ability of the hypnagogic state occurs.

The hypnagogic state takes place on the border between the alpha and theta brainwave ranges. Children have much easier access to this, as they are often between alpha and theta at a young age, i.e. even in everyday life during normal activities. Adults, on the other hand, only very rarely have this ability and are usually in the beta range when awake. PSI abilities can occur in a deep alpha state or in the higher gamma range during dissociation.

How do you hypnagogic consciously?

In the waking state (beta), you lie down in bed and relax. Once you are relaxed, you enter the alpha range. In meditation, you go deeper into the alpha state and reach the threshold of the theta state. This is where the first subconscious stories come up very gradually and almost inconspicuously. They are often called hypnagogic hallucinations, but the word hallucination gives the impression that it is random nonsense that arises. in fact, however, it is possible to receive messages from the subconscious in the hypnagogic state.

In an uncontrolled hypnagogic state, the scenes that emerge often seem very random and spontaneous, but after a certain amount of training you can control this state and ask questions. You determine the question in the beta or alpha state and take it with you into the hypnagogic state. The subconscious mind then answers the question with corresponding images or you may even hear voices that address you by name or deliver a message.

Messages and the directions of thought

Verbal messages in particular can come from different directions. If the messages come from “below”, then you are dealing with personalities on the lower astral plane. Messages from above come from a higher astral plane or directly from the higher self.

In any case, it is important to keep calm and stay cool. Those who send such messages have no influence on you, but there is a danger of receiving an ominous message from the lower astral planes and then taking it literally. You should simply ignore this and not give it a second thought.

It is also possible to train the hypnagogic state in such a way that you can move and look around within the scenes sent by the subconscious or the higher self. However, this only results from training with the hypnagogic state.

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