“Dreamnight” is a series in which I consciously concentrate on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience or I report an interesting or extraordinary dream or memories of my subconsciousness as well as telepathic connections to other people (dream spying).

The alarm clock rang. Get up. Sleep interruption. I turned it off. It was 4:30 a.m. *yawn*. The birds trilled outside in the world, that they had awakened before me. I decided to stay in bed a minute more to collect myself. When I closed my eyes, I felt I was only halfway through here. It was as if another part of me was somewhere else. So I looked for it. Shortly afterwards, I suddenly found myself in another reality. I wore a sword and a shirt with brown trousers. Beside me I saw a warrior. She smiled at me…

“Do not stop. We must go on,” she said to me and overtook me, because I had stood for her for an inexplicable reason.


I recognized this reality immediately! It was a world, just as J.R.R. Tolkien had described it in his books. His work “Lord of the Rings” had not been an invention, as he had repeatedly mentioned, but the insight into another reality that actually existed. I had succeeded in dipping into this reality. But the warrior and I were not going to save the world from evil chaps, but it was a hike. Maybe we wanted to buy horses somewhere or visit someone. I did not know it.

The surrounding area was very nice. A lot of forest, fields, meadows… and no technical stuff. If you come from a reality with cars, technology, electricity and all this progress and ends up in a world like this, then it is quite fast. As I looked around there, I heard the birds still whispering from the trees in my hometown. I was in two places at the same time! This was a very interesting experience.


A moment later I awoke in my bed. Still, I felt as if I was not right here, so I closed my eyes again, and a few seconds later I found myself again in two places at the same time…

We were still on the way to a village. It was a beautiful reality, not dangerous because everyone was always armed, but it was very beautiful. In the air lay the magic of ancient times. This change of back and forth I then learned several times until I got up.

After an hour I went back to bed… After half an hour, my body was asleep again.

“Oh, what’s going on here?” I asked two women standing in front of me.

I was on a large main street with many stalls, a train and hundreds of people. Just now, I had become lucid and decided to stay again, a passive, lucid dreamer to investigate the reality in which I had landed. People ran past us and it was a very busy street party. Horses, children, artists with the most daring tricks and all sorts of people.

“This is the festival of the lucid dreamers,” said one of the women.

She was very small, perhaps 1.60 m tall, darkly dressed and had light red hair. For a moment, I wondered if it was my dream teacher, but I was not sure. She loved to present herself with different looks.

“What does that mean?” I asked.

“A lot of lucid dreamers meet here to get to know each other. This festival actually runs every day and again and again there are several people present. You have realized that dreaming is a way to meet, even if you live far apart or maybe you know someone who can also dream lucid. So you meet here and can exchange.”

“Ah, that’s interesting. Are many dreamers coming here?”

“These are quite a lot. Sometimes less are here and sometimes way more. We can go on top of this platform back there. From there we have a good overview.”

The next moment we were already in a step to the platform. I had to jump the way through the crowd somehow, I noticed. As the ascent was a little steep, I decided not to go in the normal way by foot, but to beam myself.

So I beamed 10 meters forward to see what effect this had on my stability in the dream on the lucidity. The lucidity remained stable, but I felt that the environment had been briefly blown out and I was threatening to wake up. For these 10 meter beams I needed a brief second. So I waited a few seconds and when I was stable again, I stepped forward again.

“Hey, how do you do that?” The other woman asked.

“If I beam myself, I always wake up immediately!”

“Yes, I also feel that the danger is present, to wake up. It looks like, I should not beam myself to long or that often, ecause then everything around me gets black. If I am too long in this blackness, I will lose contact with this dream world I am in.”

“Right! This is how I experience it. Everything turns black and then Plopp, I’m awake.”

Shortly thereafter we were on a platform and could look down from there for the feast. There were many hundreds who had come. It was a beautiful sight. We are not so few, I thought, and rejoiced. The next moment I awoke in my bed.


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Dreamnight: The Dream Festival of the Lucid Dreamers