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10 Things Children say about Reincarnation…

Children are wise and closer to intuitive insights and the knowledge of the subconscious than adults. In a survey for parents on what their children have said about reincarnation, the following 10 most interesting answers were selected:

1. My son, 3 years old, told me that he likes his new daddy a lot. I then asked him, why it is like that, after all, there was always only one father. Then he replied: “My old father once stabbed me in the back, and I died! I like my new daddy because he would never do anything like that!

“2. When I was a little girl, I lost the orientation and almost got crazy, but then I suddenly saw a guy in a supermarket. This was unusual, because I am usually very well educated and no one never had to tell me what to do. We had to leave the store. When we got into the car, my mother asked me what had happened. I answered that this man had taken me away from my first mom and that he hid me under his floor. There he put me to sleep for a very long time, until I woke up with my new mama. I then refused to go home in my child’s seat and wanted to hide my body so that this man would not take me back. This made my mother very frightened, especially because she is my biological mother and assumed that she was my only one.


3. On a normal evening, I took my two and a half year old daughter out of the bathtub. My wife and I told her that it is important to always keep all things clean. My daughter then replied, “Oh, no-one has made me dirty. They tried it in one night! They have entered the door and tried, but I have resisted. I died and now I’m here, “she said, like it would be nothing special.

4. My son was only 5 or 6 years old and it came completely unexpected. He said, “Before I was born, I had a sister. That’s right, isn’t it? She and my other mom are now really old. They were doing well when the car burned, but I didn’t. ”

5. When my little sister was still small, she ran around the house crying with a picture frame and a picture in it of my grandfather and she shouted,”I miss you, Harvey.” Harvey died before I was born at all. Apart from this occurrence, my mother told me that she would always say things that my great-grandmother Lucy had said all the time.

6. When my little sister started talking, she often said something really disturbing. She kept telling me about her previous family, who had stuffed things into her, which always made her cry, and that her previous daddy burned her so much that she suddenly found her new family – the one we are. She spoke about these things at the age of 2-4 years and was much too young to be able to tell such things because she simply lacked the experience. That is why my parents often said that she seems to remember their previous life.

7. At the age of 2 to 6 years, my son always told me the same story, how exactly he chose me as his mother. He told me about a man in a suit with whom he had chosen a mother to help him successfully complete the mission of his soul. We had never discussed any spiritual issues before, nor grew up in any religious context. Like he described it, it is almost like buying vegetables in a store. He was in a bright room with other people, like dolls in a row, and there he chose me as his mother. The man in the suit asked him if he was quite sure and when my son answered with yes, he was born. My son also developed a striking interest in aircraft from the Second World War very early. He could identify them very quickly, knew the many different parts, and in which countries they were deployed. To this day, I have no explanation of how he came to this knowledge. I am a student of school science and my husband is a mathematician. We also called my son “grandfather”, because he showed such a peaceful and gentle appearance. This child really has an old soul.

8. When my nephew was slowly learning to speak, he always said stuff like, how happy he is, that he had found and selected my sister and husband. When he was a very small baby, he said, he was in a bright room with a lot of people, and there he chose his mother because she had such a sympathetic face.

9. My older sister was born when my father’s mother died. According to my father, my sister said she could just say a few words, “I am your mother.”

10. According to my mom, I told her, when I was younger, that I had been killed in a fire a long time ago. I do not remember it, but one of my biggest fears has always been that the house might burn down. Even an open fire has always frightened me.

This small selection of ten interesting excerpts from people who still have a memory of their respective past lifes are indicative of the ability of the indestructible consciousness that travels from one body to the next, regardless of time and shape. There are thousands of such reports.


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