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Carnivore Diet as a Chance to Heal

Carnivore Diet – The Secret Body Mode

You could say that there are two modes of how to optimally nourish your body. These include the standard mode and the secret carnivore diet mode.

For this reason, I would like to list these two modes once and explain how this all relates to each other and what the advantages and disadvantages are here:

1. Diet Mode 1- Standard Mode

In mode 1 you eat mixed or vegetarian, vegan or whatever you prefer. It is used all over the world and is also the most popular.


The best and most optimal option for Mode 1 is an Alkaline diet, flouride-free and as histamine-free as possible. At least 80% alkaline and 20% acidic.

For this the best option is lots of vegetables, salad and occasionally meat from beef or chicken. The only recommended source of carbohydrates is potatoes, i.e. no pasta, no rice, no pasta and pizzas and nothing stored, sausage or reheated. Also, the food should be as organic as possible. Generally, this diet is called the Alkaline Keto Diet.

2. Diet Mode 2 – Carnivore Diet

Here you are exclusively red meat from ruminants, eggs and healthy salt. Nothing more! And this for at least 3 months at a time, very disciplined. Optimal would be 9-12 months to really cure everything.

Why Carnivore Diet or the Lion Diet?

carnivore diet-1Most people, not all, who eat a vegan or vegetarian diet successively absorb and react to the toxic defenses of plants. With the vegan diet you feel very well in the first years, but after 5-10 years the defense substances start to act. These substances are lectins, saponins, oxalates and histamines. This is equivalent to an increasing poisoning of the body, which gradually appears after many years and causes many physical and mental problems.

The mentioned defensive substances are released when a plant is injured, cut or picked. Animals do not exude these substances because their defense mechanism is flight, meaning they can run away. Plants cannot do this, so they defend themselves with these toxins and the body accumulates more and more of them over time the more often plants are eaten.

Effect of Oxalates, Lectins, Saponins and Histamines

The effects of these plant toxins are very extensive. They trigger different body reactions and allergies of all kinds over the years. Even the well-known allergies such as histamine intolerance, lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance and the like are caused by these plant toxins. But also diabetes, autoimmune diseases, cardiac arrhythmias, Hashimoto’s disease, depletion of libido and testosterone, depletion of cholesterol, anxiety, stress, depression, aggression, general nutrient deficiency and many more, which are now modern diseases.

Plants are full of endogenous chemicals that damage the gut. Lectins, saponins, oxalates and nightshade plants insidiously tear up the gut. Specifically, nightshade vegetables and nuts are those plant products that contain the most of these toxins. Therefore, the trend to use more almond, coconut and oat milk instead of cow’s milk is also very misleading.

The Carnivore Diet: more nutrients for the body

carnivore-diaet-1Red meat, especially medium or rare roasted, has the most nutrients that the body needs. With diet mode 2, after some time it is no longer necessary to use additional supplements. In addition, the body utilizes 95% of the nutrients in meat, while plants only allow 5% to be utilized. This also explains why vegans and vegetarians need to go to the bathroom more often, while meat eaters need to do so only occasionally. Most is utilized in meat eaters.

Vitamin A, B12, C and D, copper, zinc, selenium, folic acid, etc. are all highly important nutrients for the immune system, but most people are deficient in these. This is also the reason why more and more supplements are flooding the market and are primarily purchased by vegans and vegetarians.

Why are ruminants ruminants and therefore herbivores? Well, they filter out these toxins because of their body organ systems.

Red meat rebuilds Testosterone

Meat, especially red meat from ruminants, has, among other things, a very rich source of vitamins, zinc and cholesterol. These are precursors for the hormone testosterone. This, in turn, strongly boosts libido, increases the desire for sex and eliminates problems with potency.

There is an English saying about this: “Meat is good for the morning wood”. If you have eaten a lot of beef the day before, the next morning often already gives a sign of the rising libido due to the increased testosterone. Also for women this increases the progesterone, which means that the libido of the woman also increases again considerably.

Modern Diseases and Allergies dissolve

The benefits with diet mode 2 is that many diseases resolve. The people who use this mode – are now many thousands in the USA alone. They report in droves the successful resolution of the following diseases: Autoimmune diseases, diabetes, heart problems, muscle breakdown, dental problems, Hashimoto’s, dementia, Alzheimer’s, intestinal problems, Crohn’s disease, immune deficiency, tuberculosis, arthritis, hardening of the arteries, eye problems and defective vision, epilepsy, liver and gallbladder problems, hair problems, histamine intolerance, lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance, hay fever (allergies of all kinds), diabetes, impotence, goiter, nutrient deficiencies, hypertension, autism, bone problems, brain fog, lack of energy and fatigue, depression, anxiety and aggressiveness, sleep disorders, obesity, eating disorders, skin problems of all kinds (acne, neurodermatitis etc. ), inflammations of all kinds and problems with tumors and cancer.

The benefits of the Carnivore Diet are hard to enumerate in this context and therefore this secret dietary mode 2 is an almost forgotten diet. However, the latest results of the more advanced and intelligent doctors are captivating.

Lose Weight with Carnivore Diet

A carnivore diet bypasses the intake of carbohydrates. This means you lose about 12 kilos of weight per month. Many overweight people have lost weight very quickly this way and enjoyed a respectable figure again – and this without the well-known yo-yo effect that is usually observed with most diets. The advantage is obvious, because overweight is a hearth for many diseases.

People who are already slim hardly lose any more weight, because the body sets its sights on some kind of ideal weight, and that is why a carnivore diet makes sense for overweight and also slim people.

Endogenous Peoples who eat mainly meat

The following endogenous peoples eat largely meat and this diet is part of their traditions. They explain that the human body was made to eat meat. Based on their ancient knowledge, which was mostly transmitted orally, they report that the body was created by the gods in such a way that the body processes meat best.

  • Aborigines (Australia)
  • Ache (Paraguay)
  • Anbarra (Australia)
  • Efe (Africa)
  • Eskimos (Greenland)
  • Gwi (Africa)
  • Hadza (Africa)
  • Hiwi (Venezuela)
  • Kung (Africa)
  • Masai (Africa)
  • Nukak (Kolumbien)
  • Nunamiut (Alaska)
  • Onge (Andamane Islands)

Native Americans hunted buffalo and ate them. The Eskimos had no access to plants at all, only fish and polar bears, and enjoyed excellent health. Likewise, the Australian Aborigines hunted kangaroos and the Masai of Africa were exclusively carnivores. Even the invincible warriors of Genghis Kahn fed almost exclusively on horse meat, blood and milk.

All these peoples listed here have none (!) of the modern diseases of our time.

5 Organs for Fat burning

carnivore diet 1The interesting thing is that the human body has 5 organs just for burning fat. Also the canine teeth of the human dentition used to be more pointed and longer, like in predators. The liver, gall bladder and pancreas etc. alone are predominantly optimized only for fat burning. Likewise the brain consists exclusively of fat. If you deprive the brain of fats, a creeping degeneration occurs. This supports, for example, the development of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and recurrent brain fog.

I am aware that there are also explanations that the human body does not have the digestive system to process meat, but this is not true. In this regard, there are many doctors who see it quite differently. One of the most famous doctors is Anthony Chaffee, who has studied this extensively and has given many lectures on Youtube about this. However, there are several other doctors who have recognized this as well and recommend the Carnivore Diet to their patients. Other well-known doctors include Dr. Shawn Baker, Dr. Ken Berry, Dr. Paul Saladino, Dr. Lisa Wiedemann, Dr. Robert Klitz, Dr. Jennifer Geissert and others. Most of them are ex-vegans.

In the USA the Carnivore Diet is best known, in many other countries the knowledge about this dietary mode is still quite unknown, especially in Europe and other Western countries.

The Disinformation about Cholesterol

As soon as sunlight with its ultraviolet radiation hits a person’s skin, cholesterol is converted into vitamin D. Cholesterol and vitamin D are vital precursors for endogenous testosterone synthesis. They are critical for both men and women. The sun enhances libido and vitamin D levels by over 200% in both sexes.

But how did the pharmaceutical industries and doctors start demonizing cholesterol, putting up values and measurements that excessive cholesterol endangered the heart and liver?

Professor Walter Hartenbach was one of the first to recognize this profitable pharmaceutical fraud. He also immediately explained why cholesterol is important for vitamin building and for cell repair in the body.

“Only about 8% of cholesterol circulates in the blood, the remaining 92% is stored in cells. There it helps to maintain cholesterol and cellular functions, in addition it strengthens mitochondria and also cell walls. This contributes to healthy and orderly cell growth. In addition, cholesterol is also the basic substance for the stress hormone cortisol. This activates glucose and potassium in the body, which in turn control all our physical and mental activities. The hormone mobilizes glucose from protein depots and serves as our energy.”

Fat has nothing to do with Fat

In today’s world, people like to refer to overweight people as fat. But the intake of fats does not always have to do with becoming fat and only has the same designation, otherwise they have nothing in common. The intake of fats in the nutrition mode 2 does not make fat, but activates the fat burning organs and even increases the activity of the organs.

The observation that fat intake makes you fat arose from the problem of mixing fats with carbohydrates for food intake. This means fats make you fat in diet mode 1, but fat makes you slim in diet mode 2. This sounds a little strange, but the latest research shows this.

Fatty meat, fat in milk, cheese and butter and in other protein products therefore make you slim rather than fat in mode 2. The fat activates here namely again the organs for the fat burn and for example gall stones dissolve by this (re-) activation again and the brain gets what it requires, namely fat, and activates again its cognitive processes and desired function ability.

Moral-ethical concerns of Vegans

Vegans in particular often tend to express that they do not eat meat because of moral-ethical concerns. They often abhor the killing of animals. However, once you think about it more, this information is not well thought out, because for the steak on your plate, you kill a single cow. A human being can live on one cow for a whole year.

For plant cultivation and harvest tens of thousands of living creatures die, such as rabbits, mice, birds, grasshoppers, hedgehogs, insects and many others. And if that is not enough, toxic substances are sprayed to get the last surviving animals living in a field free from remaining animals and then finally be able to harvest cleanly.

Therefore, the real question is not a moral-ethical one, but rather a spiritual one: What counts more? The thousands of small animals or the life of a cow?

Aging is unnatural and a disease

Most diseases are primarily caused by malnutrition or lack of nutrients and secondarily by environmental stresses. Therefore, aging can be considered a disease that has been artificially created. According to some researchers, the human body is capable of living 150 to 250 years. The Bible even indicates that an age of about 900 years was once possible for the human body.

In Genesis, we are told of 7 men who lived to be over 900 years old: Adam, Seth, Enosh, Kenan, Jared, Methuselah and Noah (Genesis 5:5-27; 9:29). They were among the first ten generations in human history. Probably best known for this age is Methuselah, who lived a full 969 years.

The Bible mentions about 25 other people who lived to be as much older than man today. Some lived up to 300, 400, even 700 years and even longer (Genesis 5:28-31; 11:10-25). However, many consider this information in the Bible to be a legend or a miscalculation, but is it really so?

Dr. Joel Wallach, a pathologist and physician with 40 years of professional experience in biomedical research, is a leader in this field and states that he has professionally cut open and autopsied over 20,000 bodies, even from several thousand animals, to determine the cause of death in each case. The result is frightening.

Because his result of all these pathological examinations showed:

  • EVERY cause of death of the naturally deceased is due to a nutrient deficiency
  • 400 diseases exist only because of nutrient deficiency
  • Every aging symptom is due to nutrient deficiency
  • Health, body weight and metabolism are a matter of nutrients

As a result, Dr. Wallach was widely attacked by other physicians, but he stood firm on his statement, which would amount to a medical revolution. Not surprisingly, this was not met with praise from his colleagues.

“Vitamins A, B12, C and D, copper, zinc, selenium, minerals and folic acid are the most important nutrients for the body. If these are not taken in necessary amounts, disease and aging will result. Every natural death of a living being results from a lack of nutrients, i.e., Deficiency Nutritional Disease (DND). This is a profound observation,” explains Dr. Wallach.

Continuing, he explains, “Who ever heard of scurvy being cured with vitamin C, or rickets with vitamin D, or goiter with iodine, copper and selenium? Or anemia with copper, folic acid and vitamin B12? If we don’t have enough nutrients, we get diseases. Any doctor who says you can never cure disease with copious nutrients is a fool.”

Dr. Wallach has dedicated his life to preventing and curing chronic disease. From eating mineral-rich calf pellets in his cereal bowl at age 9 to founding an innovative health company, Youngevity, Dr. Wallach has discovered the key to living younger and longer. Early in his career, after being fired from Emory University for discovering the cure for cystic fibrosis) and performing thousands of autopsies on animals and humans, Dr. Wallach was a rebel in the eyes of other doctors. Through his work, Dr. Wallach discovered that the cause of almost every disease was a nutrient deficiency!

More modern doctors are now aware of this as well, and most nutrients are supplied by the meat of ruminant animals.

Veganism Agenda

The great interest of the deep state at the moment is to ban or severely restrict meat consumption. Behind the foundation of the veganism movement are mainly Bill Gates and Al Gore. They have apparently deliberately ignited this whole split between meat eaters and vegans, and have funded it with millions since the 1990s until today. Both multi-billionaires who also currently claim that eating meat is bad for the climate and are now even researching ticks that make people allergic to red meat. Coincidence?

However, if you take a look at the many meetings of the WHO, WEF, UN, summits, Bilderberg meetings and other Elite gatherings, what is on their menu: The best steak and lobster in the world. They themselves consume mostly meat. This is the same bigotry that is practiced for the climate, because while the elite always fly around the world in private jets, they want to ban people from driving private cars. A private jet, according to their interpretations of the world climate, pollutes the climate far more than internal combustion cars.

Due to the foundation of the veganism movement by the mentioned multi-billionaires, it was possible to globally and successively deprive the human body of nutrients. Added to this was their option to additionally deprive vegetables of their seeds and to pass corresponding laws for farmers so that they could no longer use their own seeds, but could only purchase seeds. One of the big suppliers of seeds are Bayer and Monsanto. These companies are known for the toxic Round-Up, a weed killer, and likewise for genetically modified seeds.

All these only with the aim of reducing the population – rumor now many sources on the Internet, because the lack of nutrients promotes aging and early mortality.

Dr. Anthony Chaffee

With a doctorate in medicine and a specialty in neurosurgery, Dr. Anthony Chaffee has spent years thoroughly researching and studying ways to treat disease differently and naturally, using nutritional methods, lifestyle changes, and science-based methods.

Dr. Chaffee is best known for his approach to treating “chronic diseases,” many of which he explains are caused by lifestyle and diet. Since then, he has made a name for himself as a medical practitioner who not only helps people through traditional Western medical practices, but has helped thousands with his advice and guidance to a new, healthy life by saying goodbye to their lifestyle-related illnesses. Under his videos, you can find thousands of comments from people who have been healed – ex-vegans being at the forefront.

Dr. Chaffee argues, “The so-called ‘chronic diseases’ of modern medicine are not actually diseases per se, but are in fact poisonings and malnutrition: toxic accumulation of an alien diet and a lack of adequate, species-specific nutrition. In other words: We eat too many plants and not enough meat. We doctors usually assume that there are cures for diseases, and when we discover a new disease, we look for its cure. With poisons, on the other hand, we may give an antidote or a chelating agent to help the patient recover, but most importantly we remove the source of the poisoning, such as lead pipes or the like. So if we treat the symptoms and effects of heart disease or type 2 diabetes, but ignore the causes of these disease processes, we are doing a disservice to our patients. We have tried to do this by recommending that people stay away from saturated fat and cholesterol, which was the right approach, but this was just terribly wrong. That’s because new evidence has emerged that clearly shows that what we believed about fat and cholesterol is basically wrong, and that saturated animal fats and cholesterol are actually vital for a healthy body, a healthy brain, healthy hormones, and yes, the heart.”

If one investigates this once extensively, then the hair stands to mountains, which tricks on the part of the Pharma and the food industry were and are used, in order to withdraw humans the nutrients gradually.

What to eat exclusively on the Carnivore Diet

  • Red meat: beef, lamb or game.
  • Soups: Bone soups.
  • Eggs (lots of them!): With nutrients like choline, lutein and antioxidants.
  • Dairy products: Raw dairy products.
  • Salt: Exclusively Himalayan salt as a seasoning.
  • Water: Exclusively good water with little to no fluoride.

For the tough disease cases: Only steak with Himalayan salt and water. That’s it!

Duration of the Carnivore Diet:

  • Minimal: 3 months
  • Very good: 9 months
  • Optimal: 12 months

Disadvantages of the Carnivore Diet

The keto flu: The problem at the beginning is the so-called keto flu that can appear. Because of all the plants you have ingested, the organs for burning fat begin to regress and are only sporadically active. Once one starts a non-fat meat diet, a lot of fat must be burned. This can trigger some body reactions that feel like the flu. This can take up to a week for the fat burning organs to reactivate properly.

Digestion: The digestion is also different, because 95% of the nutrients are utilized by the body, you have to go to the toilet less often. Thus, it can often take 4-6 days until you are allowed to go again. For this reason do not be surprised. This is not harmful at all, but the body gets used to it.

Accessibility: In addition, you should make sure to get meat from the farmer, if possible, because in many countries the meat is provided with hormones, antibiotics and sometimes with strange vaccinations. Likewise, meat from those cows that have been grass-fed should be used. Such meat is rarely available in supermarkets.

Though the benefits of the carnivore diet are many times greater, as you may have realized in this article. Of course, I am not saying that everyone should now eat carnivore, everyone should decide that for themselves. It is always important to listen to your own feelings and intuition and I would fight at any time that everyone should have the freedom to freely determine their own body.

But there are many people who do not understand where the countless diseases come from and the pharmaceutical industry is always very eager to blame nature, but this behaves absolutely not so. It is for these people that this article is intended.

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