Dreamnight: The Dark Book

“Dreamnight” is a series in which I consciously concentrate on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience or in which I report an interesting or extraordinary dream or memories of my subconsciousness as well as telepathic connections to other people (Dream spying).

Tonight I had once again a dream like being in a hollywood movie. I was an observer of the whole situation, as so often, and at the same time one or the other character. It was a very long dream and unfortunately I could not take everything into the everyday life. In this dream were four people: an older scientist and three younger people, perhaps his students. The professor had discovered a book by a search for a cave in a forest. They had gone to the cave to see if it really existed…

When they actually discovered this cave, they entered it with the book. I had looked at the book more closely. It was thick with strong parchment paper. There was a barely visible pentagram with a few signs on the round envelope. Above the pentagram was a citron-sized, oval, black hole.

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“What is this hole for?” one of the students asked.

“Probably something has been found in what someone has removed,” the professor replied. “Perhaps it was a gem or an emblem or something like that.”

The cave walk led into a huge, underground cave that was as big as a huge flying crane. You could not even see the ceiling in the twilight when you looked up.

“That’s so huge!” The student exclaimed, looking around again and again.

She could hardly take her fortune to participate in this exciting expedition. Just like the other two students, who looked at each other with a wide grin.

“Is this all really natural? You can not imagine that? ”

“There is no clear evidence of whether this is a natural occurrence, but such huge caves are quite common. It is only assumed that too few have been discovered so far or that they are too deep in the interior of the earth, “explained the professor.

“And… and what? Was it natural?”

They remained astonished and looked with open mouths at a kind of bunker, which was in the middle of the cave. He had not noticed them at first, because he was a maximum of 2.50 meters high, but now they could see that he was rectangular.

“This … this bunker is really big. Certainly fifty meters long and thirty broad! Who built it?”

The students wondered. As they came nearer, they touched the surface of the bunker. It was a quite smooth rock, definitely worked and polished. “How long does it take?”

“This is hard to say, because the rock was worked so perfectly. It can only be here for 50 years or even a thousand. Because of the editing I would rather tap on a few decades. Before that time, you could not sharpen stones so smoothly.”

“But if it is so huge, why is this cave mentioned in the old book. They said the book was a few hundred years old or even older.”

“Perhaps there was not this ‘bunker’ at the time, and it was only created afterwards.”

The students nodded well. Suddenly one of them called for an entrance.

“Here! Look here! I think there is a door.”

Shortly afterwards, they stood together in front of a heavy metal door. With a little effort they could open the door. Within the bunker, there was nothing. A huge, empty room. On the one hand, you could look out through a narrow gap. This gap ran the whole 50 meters to the other end and was perhaps only 30 cm high.

“Who is building such a thing? A bunker is actually built against air raids. I can hardly imagine a plane here. For what purpose was this bunker buildr? Bats?”

They kept running to the center of the bunker, hoping to find something to tell them more.

“Look up there!” Shouted the student.

They tore their heads up and looked at the same pentagram that was on the book. Around the Pentagram you could clearly recognize some symbols and arranged circularly a Latin text.

“That is Latin. Not the mage, as we’ve learned, some form of it.”

“That’s right. It is difficult to translate it. And these letters and symbols have been burnt right into the ceiling.”

“Right. These symbols and the Pentagram I know from the book. They are the same. Only the Latin script can not be found in the book,” the professor remarked thoughtfully.

“Professor. But I do not understand one thing. If the bunker isn’t 50 years old, but the book is hundreds of years old, why is the path to this cave described in the book and why are the signs in the book and here under the cover? Should not this facility or bunker be as old as the book or older?”

“This is indeed an unexplained event. This bunker would have to be at least exactly as old…”

“You know, it seems to me like a formula. There’s something of language and it’s like an incantation… almost like you could call someone with it.”

“Then read it out loud and we’ll see what happens! “Suggested one of the students.

“And if that’s dangerous?” The student asked.

“Why is that dangerous? This is not true. You can not conjure up ghosts, “she answered.

The others laughed and one of them began reading the formula aloud… After he had finished, the ground shook. They ran to one side of the wall with the slit in the rock and held themselves there. Everything shook and shook. Suddenly they heard a deep roar and groan, as if something very great and threatening awoke from his very long winter sleep.

“What … what is that?”

“I told you! I told you!” The student shouted at the others.

Then something slammed on the roof of the bunker. Everything shook again and whatever it was, it came nearer and nearer.

“There’s something on the roof!”

The professor turned around desperately in the book:

“There is something here about the appeasement of the guardian and the change into another world. I remember that. From a world of creation and the transfer of a single desire of each person present. But it is difficult to understand, because there is something written about an eye that must be activated, otherwise it will not work. This is so confusing!”

Then the professor dropped the book in terror. It cracked loudly to the ground and the quake seemed to get closer and closer. On the book the black, oval spot began to glow, and suddenly an eyelid became visible.

“That’s an … eye!” The student cried and went back a step back in alarm.

The eyelid opened and you saw a blue eye that looked wildly around.

“That was literally meant with the eye,” said the professor, looking interested, while the others were afraid of death.

“What are we doing now?”

“Reassure this guard or what that is. This is our only chance!”

The students looked at the professor hopefully. He then resumed the living book with the eye with a rebellion. The eye blinked at him for a moment, until the professor opened the book again.

Suddenly the quake stopped. Everything was quiet. Whatever had approached by the quake, it was now just over them. Sometimes there was a slight moaning and groaning, but whatever it was, it seemed to have calmed down a little.

“Here it is written, that the one who looks at the eye and speaks the formula opens the door to the world of creation. And… one must not enter this world with empty hands. Everyone present must express a wish that the messenger takes with him into the other world. If he goes over, he will soothe the guardian and he will return to sleep.”

The professor remembered the magic words and closed the book again to look at the envelope. Then he spoke the formula loudly and the eye began to shine. The professor dropped the book again. As soon as it lay on the ground, a ray emerged from the eye and a few meters further a kind of light column, which was now visible in the middle of the room appeared.

“You know, that’s something like this! I do not go over there,”one of the students said.

“I can not let any of you go over there. I am responsible for all this and have led you into this following situation. It is my duty to calm this guardian, or whatever it is, and go over. So, I’ll go,” the professor explained.

Slowly he walked up to the light column, which appeared to be a gateway into this other world.


“Well, then tell me your desires for the other world, so I will not come back empty-handed.” They thought briefly, and then everyone expressed his wish.

“Farewell, Professor,” the students said, and the professor made his last step into the column.

He was now surrounded by the light of the column. His students waved good-bye until he resolved. At the same moment the dark rumbling and groaning disappeared. The guardian had calmed down and the professor had disappeared.


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