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Binaural Beats Frequencies who fulfill your Dreams!

Binaural Beats Frequencies who fulfill your Dreams and help you with your goals

Certain frequencies can, as is well known, cause houses to collapse or cause pain, but also heal and make happy. For example for Binaural Beats Frequencies, if you think of music, which, strictly speaking, consists only of certain tones and contains frequencies that can bring people, even animals and plants, into a lively, melancholic or even a great mood.

Music, or Sounds, therefore, possess the power to influence the brain in a way that it affects the body and the mind.

What would happen if there was a possibility to create very specific frequencies that could trigger a desired condition, a condition in which you would like to be?

Talking about health, well-being, more self-awareness, harmony, feelings of happiness, more self-acceptance, but also practical conditions, such as the possibility of causing the brain to learn more quickly, relax better, relax during exams, but also parapsychological possibilities, such as stimulating the brain with special frequencies, opening up more for telepathy, telekinesis, remote viewing, or clairvoyance, as well as creating dreamlike conditions, extravagant experiences, lucid dreams, feelings of unity with God and the world – not to forget the effect to simulate the effects of certain drugs, such as LSD, Marijuana, DMT, and all the other substances that would otherwise be illegitimate and would end up in conflicts with the law.


Feel Happiness and Joy again

An artist lacking of creativity would be able to listen to sound frequencies transmitted to his brain, which an artist possesses at the moment when he was highly creative. A person who is sick then simply listens to the frequencies of a healthy person and helps the body to recover more quickly. Someone who is reacting with fear and panic in certain situations would be able to be cool and relaxed. A depressed person could feel happiness and joy in life again.

Even a drug addict, who likes the effect of the drug, makes his body dependent on it and harms it, could simulate the condition and in this way at least leave the body out of the game. Perhaps the person could even learn to trigger the happy state voluntarily and no longer need any harmful aids.

An athlete, on the other hand, can improve his performance, but at the same time a person who has not been active for a long time can give the body the impression that he is fit. There are so many possibilities with Binaural Beats Frequencies!

New Binaural Beats Shop

Nowadays it is known through scientific studies that the brain automatically pours out happiness hormones when you are only smiling, even if you do not feel like it. This clearly shows, that the brain can be influenced and can be persuaded to trigger certain conditions – for which you would normally have to wait years before a favorable situation would appear, in which this desired condition would be triggered.

We have now opened an exclusive shop for this possibility, in which such Binaural Beats Frequencies are now offered. These frequencies are available as MP3s for your MP3 player or cell-phone, which are simply listened to by headphones, and these sounds cause the brain to vibrate at a very specific frequency, which in turn corresponds to the state in which a human being and his brain was present. We made these binaural beats frequencies by our own.

Play your Binaural Beats Frequencies on a MP3 Player

The respective brain condition, when one felt happy and harmonious, was measured, determined in its correct frequency, listed and banned as a brain frequency on a phonogram. You can listen to these frequencies, which can be 10- 60 minutes, the brain takes the specific frequencies, so it is easier to get it in the desired state. Only an MP3-Player and headphones are required. These conditions are easy to meet and usually only affect one or two settings on the device, and a few guidelines to avoid unnecessary interference during a session.

So far, different Binaural Beats Frequencies have been sold and some people gave me their personal and, above all, amazing feedback. Most of them were amazed and enthusiastic! They experienced creative dreams, the mood brightened noticeably, optimism and confidence became stronger again. Some of them suddenly found themselves outside their bodies, or their consciousness expanded in an everyday situation in which they became more conscious than ever about their actions, thoughts, and generally about the world itself.

As mentioned above, there are many, and only a few of the Binaural Beats Frequencies that are now offered: Self-Healing, Astral Travel, Lucid Dreaming, Be One with God, Anti-Depressants, Relaxation, Memory Enhancement, Clairvoyance, Telepathy, Psychokinesis , LSD simulation, Marijuana, Increase Libido, Bring more energy in Life with you, Increase your Intelligence, Auto-Hypnosis, Pain Dissolve and many more you can find there. All frequencies are set up to the best present technological standard.

Brand new Binaural Beats Frequencies

Brand new is the Binaural Beats Frequency “DMT” which releases DMT within the pineal gland and the almost unprocessed Binaural Beats Frequency “OBE Gamma”, in which Gamma Frequency are worked. According to the latest research, gamma frequencies are intended to reinforce and enable lucid dreaming and out of body experiences.

OBE Gamma“, however, is not to be underestimated and is for the brave among us as well as the new Binaural Beats Frequency “Dilas Brain Kick“, so to speak the recommended house frequency with strong frequencies that changes your consciousness in a new way.

My personal favorites, which I also tested by my own and found to be excellent, are “LSD“, “OBE Gamma,”Dilas Brain Kick”and “Activate Your Pineal Gland“.

I wish you much joy, insight and success! Take a non-binding look into the shop …

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