Dreamnight: The World after World War III

“Alternative Reality is a series in which I consciously concentrate to enter an alternative reality, where I try to change my consciousness to move into this other reality to connect myself to an alternate self of my whole being.

I stood on a large square and looked down at a small town. On my side there were three other people, two women and one man. The war have had devastated many parts of the country, buildings were collapsed by the bombings, all petrol stations exploded, there was no electricity, the supermarkets were empty and closed, often simply destroyed. A great war had taken place in this world. As far as I could see, there was no one else. Almost everything was completely destroyed, and so we assumed that no one else was still living here…

I knew from the begin of entering this dream, that this was an alternative reality, in which we had now landed. While I was thinking about why I landed here, we decided to climb to one of the highest buildings still existing to get an optimal overview. In this way, we wanted to explore the area and consider where we were going to settle.

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On the way to the roof we had to be careful while walking through all of the other collapsed buildings. It was brittle and the foundation unstable. The stairs were only partly usable and we had to climb a part of our way up. Unfortunately this was the only building that was high enough and still quite stable. From the roof we were able to see the city.

There were hardly any forests or fields. The surroundings of the city gave the impression of a dusty desert. I was amazed, because it was rather looking more like America than Germany. Was I still on Earth or was it another planet? Why had I come here? What else could I do to save this destroyed land? But how had I come to believe that I have to save this city where I was now?

I listened inwardly and asked the omniscient voice in me. It replied, that we were actually sent to this world to rebuild it. While the voice had revealed this to me, we noticed that we were now eight people and not only four. Each of us was wearing a different-colored work suit. Mine was red and those of the others were white, yellow, green, blue, orange, purple and turquoise. Each of these worker suits was assigned to a certain activity. The man in green was chosen to take care of everything that had to do with nature, gardens, cultivation and planting. Another man wearing a blue suit was the one who had to deal with the interior sanitary installations and all of this. My red suit had not yet become clear and I had not figured out my task was that was assigned to me.

Suddenly people came out of some of the collapsed houses and other hiding places. Shortly afterwards we were surrounded by over 30 people. They greeted us, touched our suits and were thrilled by our appearance. They knew we came to help them.

Two men ran around me and asked for my name. I thought about myself and what name I should tell them. After all, this should be a new world, so it was time for a new name. But as much as I thought about it, I was not really able to think about a cool name fast enough. So I muttered with the two men and told them that I would tell them my name, when the time is right. Exactly at this point, my perception of this alternative reality got blinded out…

Three weeks later. I woke up in my bed and stood up. Still tired, I reached for my red work suit, pulled it on, and walked outside. Obviously, the dream had continued, while I had made a three-week time jump. I managed the last functional gas station in the city and supplied the vehicles with gasoline. The still intact cars and motorcycles I had consulted and put up here on the forecourt. They stood in a row. Actually it was mainly motorcycles and scooters, there were only a few cars functional. Once again I refilled the vehicles and I thought about my work soon.

The gasoline gets empty and the vehicles would then be no longer usable. What activity would wait for me? My eyes glided across the street as I filled up some motorcycles with gasoline, that some of the city inhabitants had recentlyparked here. At that moment a feeling of loneliness came over me. Here I stood and all I was, was a mechanic. What an irony of fate, because before that day I had never been a mechanic. Even filling a car with oil was always too much for me and I was always letting others do things like this. Now I was here, in a ruined city that needed a reconstruction. Also with inhabitants who need guidance, otherwise they would never have appeared, and might have died. At this moment, I had the impression that this was all I had to define now. I was simply the one I was now: a mechanic in any of the endless alternative realities that are just existing in the endlessness of being…


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