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Your Astral Travel Service

Experience astral travel and leave the body! I will give help for astral travel and pull you out of your body at night

I often have been contacted if I would help to get people out of the physical body and switch to the astral body, to pull them out of their body. I got hundreds of inquiries. It was too much.

After helping some people I recognized that I had no time for my own astral travels anymore. So I decided to offer this as a service.

On my live workshops and seminars I have helped hundreds of people out of their body. I swear I did and I swear on my father’s death. Many of the people I helped to get out of their body has seen me astrally standing in their bedroom or in the bedroom of the hotel where they spend their time while visiting my seminars.

Astral Journeys, Lucid Dreaming, Pineal Gland - New Book

Today I do not offer any longer my live seminars. Maybe I will do in the future again, but in the present I need time for my other projects.

Nevertheless I get many inquiries and many says it is too expensive. This is true. Just on this I can guarantee for myself to have more time for my own travels.

Anyway, some pople are very persistent and they say money is anyway for them and that they want to get astral by any means and that they are ready to leave no stone unturned.

That’s a dilemma for me and that’s my solution. Accept it or leave it. It’s your decision.

In this manner I offer for this special people the following:

Remote Online Coaching for Astral Travel

I, Jonathan, will help you to leave your body at night. Detailed instructions on how to do this at home are included in a PDF document you will receive per e-mail by me.

You will receive the following when you order my astral travel service:

  • Instructions with the best Technique to achieve an OBE as quickly as possible (write him and get this PDF file at jona at
  • His secret technique is simple and easy to follow.
  • Included are suggestions for special helping aids that you have to get for your own. After you got it you can start.
  • You and me will make 3 appointments in which I will visit you astrally and pull you out of your body. I will try it 3 times in every night from 4 to 6.30 a.m.
  • Use this service on your own responsibility!

Your Part:

  • Send me an email with a photo of you and a photo of the room you’re sleeping in. This is for being able to scan your personal signature. I will pull out the person I will see on the photo.
  • Arrange the 3 appointments with me.
  • Attention: No Paypal! Only bank transfer, credit card or crypto transfer possible!
  • Do not book the service if you have any doubts! There is no garantee, because it is up to you if you remember or not – even when I have special tricks to push your memory in this night by using special substances – yes, they are legal and harmless, do not worry.

Due to these many requests for this astral travel service, I have always been reluctant to directly help anyone outside of my live workshops to astrally pull someone out of their body. However, some interested people insist on this and it is precisely for them that it should be possible to book this astral travel service. I ask everyone interested to consider carefully whether they would like to use this service! Thus, this price for this service should not only be a little deterrent in order to preserve my nocturnal leisure time, but should only be available to those who absolutely want it. Whether or not people actually remember my visits is not my responsibility. Also it is not in my responsibility when you become scared or feel frightened or believe to got a trauma. Booking my service on your own risk!

However, those who are full of anticipation and optimism can still use this astral travel service. In this case, you should proceed exactly according to my plan I will send to you as a PDF file! We will stay in contact per e-mail in this whole process.

The Success Rate

The success rate for this remote astral travel service is around 20-25%, i.e. 3-4 out of 5 people do not succeed.

The success rate at my live workshops/seminars has been 30- and mostly up to 80-95%! However, I cannot rech this rate while working remote with you and for the circumstances that I have never met you in real life. So think carefully about whether you want to use this service, as there is a 1 in 5 chance that this remote service will work and that you will remember my visit.

It is therefore entirely up to you whether you register my visit and remember the subsequent out-of-body experiences or not! This is your responsibility.

If you have any doubts, it is better to leave it and take advantage of one of my seminars (see below, just in german language available for now) or read my book Astral Journey, Lucid Dreams and the Activation of the Pineal Gland” with many techniques and a lot of informations. Some of them you will never heard of – I am sure.

My experience with OBEs is more than 20 years now and I have thousands of Word pages written full of my out-of-body experiences. I could wallpaper a house with it.

In the following you can read just some of my testimonials of people that have booked my service. So you can get a picture of how it can process and what your chances are to succeed.


astral travel step 2Lars says: “I booked Jonathan’s service anyway, even though I knew that I might not remember anything. But no matter! I really want it!!! and that’s why I booked the service. The first night I lay in bed and did the exercises Jonathan told me plus the special program he gave me. I lay there and concentrated. Suddenly BAMM! I felt someone come through my bedroom door! My whole body was vibrating and shaking and I even got a bit scared! Then suddenly the movie breaks. I’m standing next to my body. Jonathan was nowhere to be seen. But I was out of my body! That was a mega experience! On the second night, I didn’t feel Jonathan, but I had a lot of lucid dreams. On the third night I fell asleep at some point and then felt someone pulling on my arm! It was as real as someone pulling on your physical arm. I was so scared that I was fully awake again.”

Alex says: “I was very skeptical. I didn’t believe it would work! But I thought I’d do it anyway. Jonathan, I’ll never forget that! You said: “Just give it a try! If it works, then you know it works. If it doesn’t work, then you can go on saying that it doesn’t work.” And I thought that was okay. And then we arranged to meet at night in the astral body. I lay in bed and did the program. And then all of a sudden I felt someone pulling on me! I was completely taken aback, I can tell you that! It works! I was absolutely stunned! The next morning I talked to you and you know how amazed I was! I could never have imagined that something like this would work!”
(Notice: This has been a friend of my girlfriend who came for a visit to her. He has not booked this service, but he has been randomly around and he was very sceptical.)

Molly says: “Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me! I had wild dreams, more than usual, but that was all. Jonathan said he was there and took me out of the body, but I don’t know anything about it. But it was totally exciting and knowing that someone was coming to pull me out! It was still kind of an interesting night.”

Lena says: “I fell asleep at night and when I woke up, I was in the astral body! I had no idea why or how this could have happened. I knew that Jonathan wanted to take me out of my body, but it had worked! I guess it did. Because I was in the astral body. But then I thought, if Jonathan wasn’t there yet, then what? I got scared and hid under the bed! I no longer wanted Jonathan to pull me out of my body! I thought to myself that if he came into my bedroom now, he wouldn’t see me and would leave again. Totally stupid I know, but that night I really thought that and felt that way. I was just scared.”

astral travel step 1Steffi says: “My boyfriend and I booked Jonathan’s service. We then lay in bed and followed his instructions. Then we fell asleep at night! At some point, probably about an hour later, my boyfriend and I woke up and looked at each other in amazement! We both had a very similar dream in which Jonathan visited us in our bedroom and sat down on a chair and said that we could now stand up in our astral bodies. That’s all I remember.”

Anne says: “I studied psychology and couldn’t imagine that this would work, i.e. someone would come to me at night in their astral body and pull me out of my body. That sounded too absurd to me for it to be true. I wanted to test it and experience it for myself. There was an earthquake that night and I woke up. I reached for the light switch, but the light didn’t work. I sat up in bed and then Jonathan came in. He grabbed a chair, turned it around and sat backwards on it. He sat there and I felt really creeped out. I felt the earthquake again and I couldn’t move! It was really scary. And I shouted: “Man, help me now!” But Jonathan was sitting in his chair and laughed and told me to get up now. I didn’t think it was nice of him at that moment. The next morning, I thought, what a fool I am! I was astral and didn’t get it! And no, there hadn’t been an earthquake in my town.”

Steve says: “I had success on the first night. I felt the pull on my body very clearly. It was gentle but clear. It wasn’t intrusive or demanding at all, but very gentle. Unfortunately, I then fell asleep and had a dream with Jonathan. I remember that I also flew through my bedroom window. The second night I had a lucid dream. Nothing happened on the third night, or rather, I can’t remember anything.”

astral travel step 3Viktor says: “It was so intense! I was lying in bed at night waiting for Jonathan. Suddenly he came through the wall! I could only make him out as an outline in the dark. He came to my bed and pulled on me. Very gently at first, but it was too weak! I then thought out loud and said “Pull as hard as you can!” And that’s what he did! He pulled and pulled and it was totally crazy! My whole body hurt because I somehow got stuck in my chest and couldn’t get out of my body. Then I told him to pull even harder. Everything around me was sizzling and hissing. My body hurt and I thought I was going to explode. It was painful, but it was still a totally exciting experience that I’ll never forget!”

Lars says: “I’m 28 years old and still live with my parents. They have converted the attic for me. My bed is there and I sleep directly under the roof. I booked Jonathan’s astral travel service because I had the feeling that I just wasn’t getting anywhere with astral travel. I need a push, I’m simply incapable. The first night was probably the best, I would say. I really felt Jonathan come in, and when he came in, my astral body responded directly to him! Everything was vibrating and I felt these vibrations. It was totally crazy! He pulled on me too, but I couldn’t get out of my body. He told me the next day that he sensed that I was still scared and that’s why it didn’t work properly. But I think it worked somehow because I finally know what it feels like. I’ve never had an out-of-body experience before.”

Karen says: “Did not work for me, sorry. I believe I slept it all over.

Katharina says: “Well, I have to say, the night with Jonathan when he pulled me out of my body was the most horrible and interesting night of my life! He pulled on me and everything crackled and I heard the strangest sounds. It hurt a little, I have to admit. And when I finally got out of my body minutes later, I was lying on the floor, totally flattened. Jonathan asked me if it had been exhausting and I replied: I feel like I’ve died a thousand deaths!”

Harald says: “I’ve read everything about astral travel! Everything on the Internet and every book! None of the people who say they can astral travel wanted to pull me out of my body at night. They all didn’t want to. Except Jonathan said he would do it, but it wouldn’t be cheap because he gets too many requests for it and so he only does it for those who really want to! And I could afford it. I’ve spent a lot more money on a lot more rubbish, I can tell you that! The first night I just slept through it and didn’t remember anything. The second night I only had a few dreams and that was it. I thought, no, that’s not going to work. And on the third night I fell asleep again, but in the middle of the night, or rather in the early morning, it must have been around half past five, I was shaken so violently that I really panicked! Everything was shaking and trembling. My whole bed was shaking! At first I thought it was an earthquake and while the ceiling was about to fall on my head, I was lying here and going to die. Then I opened my eyes and saw someone standing by my bed! I got really scared then! That was really scary. And it didn’t occur to me that it must be Jonathan, he’d said he’d pull me out of my body. And this shadow by my bed leaned down to me and I just thought, “Go away! I don’t want to!” When I woke up the next morning I could have slapped myself! I was so stupid! But it was still very fascinating. So I’ll book it again, that’s for sure, and next time I won’t be so stupid.”

Melanie says: “That was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced! I immediately have tears in my eyes just thinking about it!”

Sabine says: “My husband and I were some of the lucky ones who got to experience Jonathan’s live workshops. It was incredible! There were about 25 of us and on the so-called Astral Night, we all had an astral date in the seminar room that night. There was a lot going on that night. We met in the seminar room first and because some people were missing, we all went off together to see where the others had gone. We then met up in our hotel room. There were about 20 people in our hotel room and there was a big discussion going on about where the missing people might have gone. While I was standing next to the bed, my husband was still lying in bed. One of the participants then layed down into bed next to my husband! I was jealous and scolded her for simply lying down with him. Everyone else laughed. The next morning, in the seminar room, I looked over at the woman who had laid down in our bed. She got blushed in the face! When everyone told us what they had experienced that night, this woman said to me that she was sorry for being so cheeky and laying down in my husband’s bed! That was unbelievable! She remembered the same thing as me! About 15 people also remembered the meeting in the seminar room and in the hotel room. I’ve never experienced anything like it! That’s to the point, such experiences are personal and only take place in the mind of a single person.”

astral travel step 4Peter-Kevin says: “I had my first out-of-body experience about 20 years ago… and it was my only one. At the time I was so excited that I had energy from the experience for weeks! I felt so good. But in that long period of 20 years, I had it all so worked out in my head that I thought the experience was imaginary. Nobody wanted to believe that I had experienced it and later I hardly believed it myself. I wanted proof! I wanted to experience something like that again and see whether I had only imagined it back then or whether it was really possible to walk around in an astral body. So I searched the internet and found you, Jonathan. I was determined to be pulled out of the body, whatever the cost! And then came the great night! Jonathan suddenly stood next to me at night and pulled me out of my body! It was so real and genuine, as if he had wanted to physically pull me out of bed. I fell to the floor of my bedroom and then got up. Jonathan was standing in front of me, grinning. I thanked him and then flew outside through the window. Outside, I flew along the starry sky and felt so incredibly free! I then saw several people standing in a meadow below me. I landed there and was curious to see what they were doing. I noticed a man in the crowd who looked very wise and knowledgeable. I went up to him and asked him who he was and what was going on. He didn’t give me a glance and continued to look at the horizon. That seemed so arrogant to me that I wanted to leave right away. I walked around this meadow and looked at the people. Suddenly this wise man was standing in front of me again. I asked him the same question and he replied: “You’ve ignored me all your life, so why are you offended when I do the same to you?”
The following day, Jonathan told me that this was my spirit helper, my guide! And then the scales fell from my eyes and I got goosebumps! He was right! I had ignored him for 20 years and I was angry that he had ignored me for one minute! I am so happy now, no one can imagine! I wasn’t imagining my experience back then and out of body experiences really do exist! Thank you Jonathan!”

These are just a few letters from some of the people I has successfully or less successfully pulled out of the body. But please remember that it may not work! A refund is then not possible, because I always do my part!

Remember: Do it JUST if you have no doubts and when you are ready to face this interesting adventure. An adventure without fear is no adventure.

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