Reincarnation Memories

Reincarnation memory: Afghanistan

“Dreamnight” is a series in which I consciously concentrate on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience or in which I report an interesting or extraordinary dream or memories of my subconsciousness as well as telepathic connections to other people (sream spying).

Many people who write messages to me, to tell me about their memories from their past lifes have always been the most incredible personalities, such as kings, prince or princess, high priests, demi-gods, celebrities or commanders (Gengis Khan, Attila, etc.) or musicians and actors (such as Marylin Monroe, Marlene Dietrich, Klaus Kinski, etc.), or even half-gods and gods from ancient Egypt, Rome or Greece…

When I look at my reincarnation memories, then I am always quite normal like a soldier, a prisoner, a servant, a Japanese, a Chinese, a small medicine man in an Indian tribe, and many more. I believe that the “most outstanding” (according to social standards) was an english man who owned a huge mansion (I always call him “The Lord” even if he probably wasn’t one) and this man was from the turn of the century. I also remember being a green, medium-sized alien from a parallel reality. In this night I was simultaneously in two different lifes.

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The memories of these lifes I experienced simultaneously and I had to make a little  effort to keep them apart. It is like a divided attention, in which someone has to pay attention not to mix the perceptions with each other. In both realities I was a woman. Obviously in this night I had to do more with my anima. In one reality, I was a woman diagnosed with schizophrenia and I was in a psychiatry. The responsible psychiatrist was not very unfriendly, but convinced that “I” had to be cured extensively.

We discussed it a few times, but every discussion aroused his prejudices more and more. You also have to consider the bias, so it’s not always about your rights, but rather about the economy. If there would be no “crazy” people, who have to be in the psychiatry? However, many people would lose their jobs. After all, psychiatrists, nurses and carers also have families who want to be fed. Therefore it is irrelevant whether someone is actually crazy or not, but rather that the person is sitting in the psychiatry so that the institution is used at all.

Again, it was not that I, as the woman I was, had not experienced some interesting perceptions. Even from her perspective, I was able to recognize that she also remembered the life which, in my dream night, represented the second life as a woman, just as I did.

In this other life, I was a Persian servant who accompanied her mistress everywhere. I cooked for her, poured her drinks, washed and ironed her clothes, massaged her feet, led her to bed, woke her up and all that stuff. All those services which correspond to a servant. Here I had a lot of perceptions of such moments and shared my life with my mistress. But then something exciting happened: she decided to go to Afghanistan illegally. She told me, that she had to do it on her own, and that nothing could stop her from going, but she lets me choose whether I would accompany her on this dangerous mission or not. I explained to her, that I had spent my whole life by her side and would accompany her in this important and exciting project. She was not happy about it and worried about me, if I would get caught by the authorities. We agreed that I would at least accompany her on the train to the border of Afghanistan. So she agreed.

When we got there, we said goodbye and I knew I’d see her for the last time. It moved me a lot, that she gave up everything, in order to be able to fulfill her destiny. Like in a movie, we stood at the frontier and were waiting for the contact, which should forbidly pick up and accompany her. Even though it was the final farewell between us, it was the most beautiful and intense moment we had ever shared. Again and again, I swapped back and forth between these two lifes, or simply saw them at the same time. Once I was the “crazy” person in psychiatry and then again the servant. The changes sometimes went very fast, then again slowly. Either I spent only seconds in one life or many minutes at a time. In this way the memory of these lives receded throughout the night.

After I awoke in the morning with all the memories and experiences of the two women from these two lifes, I tried to bring them into a certain time frame. So while I was a servant, there were already trains. The psychiatry also looked quite modern and not at all outdated. Thus, I estimate that these lifes can not be older than about one hundred to hundred and fifty years. Within this period, however, I already had the most diverse memories of some lifes as a man. Thus the question automatically arises how this parallelism of the different lifes existed. The consideration of whether Anima and Animus, also known as the feminine and masculine principle of the soul, develop independently in different lives, certainly takes a legitimate question in this context.

Most of the lifes I can remember were at first men. If Anima and Animus develop independently of each other, an association is certainly necessary. If you look at the everyday reality with its sexual division into man and woman, this wouldn’t be surprising.


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