Talk with Gosia Duszak from Cosmic Agency about Pleiades

Gosia Duszak from Cosmic Agency is in live and written contact with the Taygetan Pleiades from the Starship “Toleka”, surrounding the earth orbit for years.

The chat is in english… and with german, english and spanisch subtitles!

Join the premiere talk on Sunday… Youtube Link.

We, the Matrixxer (Shiva & Jonathan), have discovered Gosias video channel months ago and we could find many confirmations with our knowledge that we could gain by dreams, hypnagogic states, astral travel and our very special technique, the “Spiritual Dissociation”.

Gosias Links:
Youtube English:
Youtube Spanish:

Astral Journeys, Lucid Dreaming, Pineal Gland - New Book

Immersion Pods / Immersion Pods Part 1

Immersion Pods / Immersion Pods Part 2

You would like to learn our very special technique the “Spritiual Dissociation”. The new book from Jonathan Dilas is the right thing for you. His e-book you can find here:

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