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The Art of Dream Sharing: Dreaming together

The art of dream sharing is not easy. Due to the many alternative realities that now exist, coordination is difficult and requires will, patience and much joy in the topic. As an example, the following dream will be used to illustrate the art of “Dream Sharing”. The dream reality or the land of dreams consists of a high number of alternative realities. All existing realities are inactive and become active only when you enter them with a self. After the “revival”, the selected reality continues to exist, even when you leave it again. In this way, partial infinities are created that can be entered and left again. So you could say that the sole creator gives every home an innumerable number of inactive realities, from which it can freely choose. So everything is already existent, just everything. It is only frozen, inactive or at rest. Only the personal will decides about the selection…

For the reason, it is not so easy to dream together. Both dream partners have to decide for a certain reality, enter it and register experiences together. The following is a dream I had with Jessi, a friend. We had planned several times to dream together, but it did not work out until after some time. The following dream took place for us not only on the same night, but also at the same time. Interestingly, we even awoke at the same time after finishing the dream. The dream took place, in my opinion, on the “Other Side”, this is a dream level, which is about the attainment of awareness. While there is so much money in our everyday life, it is always about the attainment of awareness a this dream level. I will now introduce the two dream versions. First comes Jessi’s version and then mine. In this way you can compare and perhaps see similarities:

Jonathan and I were in some building and walked along a long, narrow corridor, which had several doors leading to other rooms. The doors were made of wood and had silver door handles. The reason for our stay there is no longer known to me. Suddenly an unknown being appeared. We were running away from the being. We ran through a dark forest. Everything seemed threatening. Then we discovered a train on tracks. The creature had come so close to us that it came to an argument. Jonathan fought with the creature next to the train when it came to us. He bounced hard against the train. We fled to a supermarket. Jonathan showed me a knife. In principle, it looked like a small pocket knife, it was very small and handy.


“This knife is the best aid to be able to defeat such beings on the Other Side or in the Other Reality,” he told me.

“Is the knife sharp and strong enough?” I asked.

“Anyway,” he replied, taking the knife and cutting it slightly with his finger.

He blew instantly. A short time later we ran through the forest again. In general, the area we were in was very dense and there were lots of trees. The atmosphere was cold and gray. We fled farther.

“Look, there’s a car!” I shouted.

Jonathan suggested we sit in the car and close the doors. When we were sitting, he put his hand on my cheek. At that moment something very strange happened. From his hand there came out a small amount of energy. They were blue (or yellow?). There were a lot of small tinkling energies and completely fascinating to watch. A little while later I woke up.

In the following, my dream, which happened at the same time in the same night:

I ran with Jessi, a friend, through a forest. The environment was quite dark and cold. We were fleeing from a black being, which had an amorphous, ghostlike appearance. The essence followed us, especially me, and had a most threatening charisma.

“We had to find a hideout or a shelter,” I suggested.

Then we discovered an old house. We ran into the building. There we went through hallways and the doors were brown wood with silver handles. The wooden doors were divided into four sections with square sections. I wondered if I should simply open all doors and look into the rooms behind.

Then I sensed inwardly how the creature entered the building. It was looking for us here too… We had not improved our situation in the building, the opposite of the menacing and on the other hand we were running out on the other side. But in the forest, we ran along a path. The creature was now on our heels. It was getting closer and once it was so close behind me that it came to a confrontation. It tried to take me somehow or penetrate me.

I hit it and every time it hit, it was torn apart, like a fog into which you were beating, but it soon rejoined. My defense did not cause much. In any case, I somehow managed to make the creature disappear. We continued our flight.

Slowly I awoke from this dream and thought about it a bit more. As I thought about it, I tried to reconstruct this rather long dream, but the memory faded quite quickly. There were still tiny bits, a train, or a sort of car I’d seen, some buildings … but I could not remember them so well. Later I spoke to Jessi and she told me about her dream. I was very surprised to hear such a similar version of my own dream. We were able to tell each other about our dream and find some fragments again to complete the dream. Jessi was pretty much flashed by this common dream. It is always fascinating to have experienced such a dream.


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