Spiritual Dissociation

Technique: The Art of Spiritual Dissociation

I have been asked often what spiritual or constructive dissociation really is – after all, it is the main element and the base of all my techniques, which I myself use. The concept of dissociation is not common and irritates many readers who visit my website or blog. For this reason, I would now like to provide a comprehensive explanation on dissociation.

The counterpart of dissociation is the association. We use association every day – and actually, without ever really ceasing in any form. When we see a man walking to his car and putting the key into the lock of the car door, the association process starts automatically in each of us. Because in our imagination, we already see the person sitting in his car and driving down the street, maybe even imagine where the person is driving, maybe to work or to a shop. Actually, you perceive only a person standing in front of a car. This principle is also based on surprises. These are only possible if we have already associated the further course of an observed scene. If, for example, the person would show up as an autoclave, we would be very surprised…

After all, we saw the man, because of our associations as the owner of the car who goes to work or somewhere else. Associations and biased perception thus go hand in hand and condition each other to the highest degree. Edmund Husserl, a mathematician and philosopher at the beginning of the twentieth century, founded phenomenology, a scientific thesis, which was highly rejected by his colleagues, and then turned into a philosophy of science. Husserl explained that it would be impossible to prove a rational, scientific thesis by referring to it with all its associations, prejudices, expectations, and hopes. It would be indispensable to use dissociation to free yourself from all associations, memories, and expectations. To this end, he assumed that only then would a truly open mind be temporarily possible to solve a problem or an analysis reasonably. He described this condition as a reductive perception, which means it should only be attempted to look at the present without having anything to do with it or to drift into the past or future.


What is possible with dissociation?

All this is actually possible. The reason has to do with the memories. It is only through our memory that we are the person we are. Our brain is also switched to a special way because of our memories, so that our daily life is a extreme routine. The brain and the personality of a human being is therefore integrated in his firm pathways and lifes on the basis of habits those every day and every night in similar ways. For this reason, dissociation is so important, it is wired in a new way in our brain, can activate other elements of our DNA, is able to speak to other personalities in our mind and to convey to the surface psychological and also parapsychological possibilities in everyday life to make available and much more. Actually almost everything is possible with the dissociation, whatever you can imagine. Our DNA has the code for every conceivable situation and potential that is potentially present in us in any form. You can even change reality with the dissociation or change the everyday reality so creatively that it appeals to us much more than before. Those who are interested in parapsychological abilities can not only learn to dream lucid and non-physical experiences more quickly by means of the dissociation, but also acquire psychic energies that enable you to recreate your own daily life, to promote talent, or to uncover hidden skills to heal yourself, or to achieve glory, prestige, and wealth. The possibilities are inexhaustible and dissociation is not a meditation but a matter of personal will.

Psycholectricity and the DNA

Within the association some people like to (come from the wood to the stick). Such a person is often referred to as someone who can persist in another person and always comes up with a new theme, irrespective of how uninteresting it is. There is also a strong urge to communicate, or even to interfere with the others. The person who never stops talking” is therefore a good example to portray a human being as an example, who practices associating with preference. However, this does not mean that it would be bad to talk a lot or to do the opposite, because the dissociation is always a temporary process. It is only a matter of minutes, in which you have absolutely no thoughts in your mind. Thinking requires, the most energy from us, even if it is not necessarily so conscious to us. But the thoughts create our interpretations of the world, they shape our reality, and such a force requires a lot of energy. The dissociation thus automatically results in a personal increase of mental energies. I would like to call this mental energy psycho-psychic which means the term is a mixture of mind and energetic electricity. Every thought we think consists of this psycho-psychicity. The more we have it, the more influence we have to influence our DNA or circuits in the brain so that it can have an effect on our everyday life or body and environment. Every thought we think forms around us a time- and place-independent psycho-psychic field that everyone can feel and grasp subconsciously without regard for time and place. For example, if a person believes that he is poor and destitute, this is stored in their psycho-psychic field and transmitted telepathically to the other people who is or is coming into contact with this person. Of course, this also affects all the positive thoughts and beliefs you have.

How to achieve dissociation?

In order to achieve the dissociation, there are several approaches. The practice of self-observation is one of the first steps to be able to once enjoy it. In addition, during a conversation with a person, you can easily observe yourself, watch how you behave, try to see from the outside, listen to your own voice, etc. This process blocks the flow of the association. Sometimes it happens that you lose the thread for a brief moment. You have just been thinking about something important and the next moment it has disappeared. There was a brief moment of a memory gap. You feel alien to yourself or you have no orientation for a few seconds. The world is alien and you may even feel as if you had just been elsewhere and just returned to earth. This can also appear immediately after waking up, so you do not know which day it is or what time. All these are moments when a slight dissociation occurs are quite naturally. Here you should try to use such a moment and try to pull the feeling into the length. Nothing can happen and it is certainly not a sign of an emerging dementia. Also, it is often worthwhile to close your eyes and try to remember what has just been and has nothing to do with everyday life. Perhaps you remember something that does not belong to the immediate present.

The mind usually does not like such moments, because it starts worrying and gets scared. There is really no reason for that. Such moments can be used to open up the dissociation and its almost incomprehensible possibilities. It can happen in rare cases that you panic or perceive a sense of the threat without a reason. This, too, is a normal reaction, an automatism from which one should not be distracted. Everything that happens is, in reality, an opening of your own psyche, which makes it possible to create alternative reminder strands or new perspectives. Even the advent of another personality that comes into consciousness is only temporary and provides new information and new visions. While being scared, you can quickly believe that it will be like that forever now. This is not true. Dissociation is always a temporary state. The aim of the dissociation is to reach the so-called “observer” in yourself. It is the one who sees the world as it actually is and not as it has been told us from the childhood through innumerable associations. The observer is beyond all prejudice and expectation. From the observer you can answer your personal questions and read the people who are present as if they were a book out of glass. You can look to the bottom of your mind and recognize every problem and any intention. You can start laughing unfounded, because you suddenly realize that every person plays a role in our environment, which means the person pretends to do so.  A mother believes to be a mother or a conductor a conductor. You can see at the moment the roles every human being plays every day, because you recognize an actor behind the role. Those who have come so far are usually ready for the next step.

Issues with Spiritual Dissociation

There may also be problems for beginners who are experimenting with dissociation. If you gettoo deep, fears may arise, as mentioned, and you might think that you’re getting crazy or that you may die soon. But all these things are just camouflage acts of your mind, who is fighting desperate for it’s existence. Trust and attention are the key to transforming this experience of fear and panic into an artistic act of expanding consciousness. When this is done, the really essential questions arises: “Why am I? Where am I from? Who am I?” and so on…

Preventive Camouflage of the Mind

The mind or the ego can try to boycott or disguise dissociation by any means. Only in trying to reach them, strange effects occur. Disturbing effects such as constant phone rattling, someone knocking the door or outside someone outside is cutting the grass while it’s raining. Perhaps you suddenly forget that you wanted to dissociate and think again diligently about your everyday thoughts or you fall asleep briefly. Maybe you suddenly get spontaneous cravings, hunger or lust for sex, or you get brilliant ideas and would like to think about it. There are many possibilities. All these side effects should be ignored. Only those who persistently continue to come here. Some even experience tremors on the body, as if suddenly feeling cold, teeth rattling, or vibrating of the legs. The ego usually interprets something very unpleasant here and believes that the body is now ill, but nothing is further from the truth than that! The body is excited about these actions and is collecting energy at this moment. Energizing energies are mobilized, which have long been waiting to be lifted into consciousness.

Psychology says Dissociation is bad

Dissociation possesses many entry points, to feel “unreal” is certainly one of the best known symptoms. Depersonalization, personality disorder, dissociation disturbance, and similar concepts have all arose from psychology, which is largely concerned only with those people in this area who pretend to suffer the consequences of dissociation. You must never forget this. Anyone approaching the dissociation voluntarily and self-responsibly makes will only make positive experiences. It’s like fasting. If someone renounces voluntarily on food, the person can live very well with it and feels very good, but a person who absolutely has to go without food without doing that voluntary, and who sees himself as a victim, suffers and can even die within one week, compared to the person who is not eating anything voluntary, who can survive like that several weeks without any problems. Dissociation is the direct path to self-knowledge, and therefore to be enjoyed with caution, but whoever has a good self-confidence, and can always remember that the dissociation is only a temporary process, will achieve amazing results and the best results in the shortest possible time. Unstable personalities or those who feel themselves to be victims of certain circumstances or people, are not recommended to dissociate.


In addition to psychedelics, there are simply no better means of gaining knowledge of self-awareness and expanding consciousness than through dissociation. I can not say this as often as I would like to, so that you really understand it. If you want to expand your consciousness thoroughly, you will not be able to learn the dissociation. Of course the will and the self-responsibility must be present for the exercise of the temporary and constructive dissociation. This is the only way to get to the knowledge of self, but also to your hidden talents and abilities. Whoever is an artist becomes an even better artist who has a talent for compassion becomes an empath or telepath, etc. Every wish can be amplified by the dissociation many times and thus catapulted into reality. Skills such as lucid dreaming, astral travelling, clairvoyance, repulsions, precognition, telepathy and self healing are just as possible as love, wealth, glory and honor. There are no limits to dissociation. For example, if you can not think of a syllable for three minutes, you are catapulted out of your body and instantly have an out-of-body experience. Not to mention that someone who is afraid of such things should perhaps be more gentle, but this short period of only 3 minutes demonstrates very well what possibilities exist. Spontaneous cures or the psychological transfer into alternative realities are also possible. To learn this technique, you can do some research on my blog or participate in my dissociation workshop.


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