Dreamnight: Astral travelling and then visiting People

“Dreamnight” is a series in which I consciously concentrate on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience or in which I report an interesting or extraordinary dream or memories of my subconsciousness as well as telepathic connections to other people (dream spying).

I was just sitting in my car and while I suddenly rammed another car while parking. The fender fell apart and rattled into the street. I thought, “Dude, have I slept or what?”

I got out and looked at the damage. Like a miracle, the other car had no damage. So I grabbed the fender put it on the back seat and started driving away. On the next street I wanted to get off and decided to park in backwards. When I parked I rammed a wall and it rattled again. I could not believe it and got out of the car. That could not be real… At that moment I realized, that I am dreaming…

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I made a magical hand movement and the car was perfectly fine again. I nodded satisfied and jumped up into the air. The subsequent feeling of falling gave me the opportunity to concentrate on my astral body, and also made sure that I moved into it…

Now I was in an out-of-body condition beside my bed and decided to visit a few people to see if they would notice me. I directly teleported myself to some people who had always asked me to visit them in my astral body. I ran through the bedroom of the first person and tried to get her attention, I went close to her ear and joked around. Suddenly the scenery changed and I was at someone elses place. Even there, I joked around…

I continued doing this with five or six more people. I got bored, so I decided to change into an alternative reality. I gave the leadership to my higher self and wanted to get surprised…

Suddenly, I was in the depths of an apocalyptic scenery. I could see wide, barren land with rocks and some forests in the distance. Somehow I felt like I had been there before. During the overflight I witnessed two different camps, which seemed to be in a conflict. As I concentrated to find out what was going on down there, I slipped into the role of a leader within one of the camps…

I remembered being here before. I had recently written about this experience in my blog. Obviously I had entered this reality several times before. I was thinking about my team who wasn’t really a team. They were not very special among themselves and were difficult to motivate. There was no cohesion, and hardly anyone wanted to go out and look for food. All the food was empty and water was also missing in all possible places. Somehow, ‘I’ could not sufficiently weld and motivate the people in my camp. Then I thought about the other camp. The people there were highly motivated and a certain teamwork was also available. The only downside was that their leader worked with anxiety as a motivation. Whoever did not spur, had to reckon with being kicked or killed. I just did not want to threaten with fear and violence, it was not my thing. So, I thought about what I could do to get my people together differently and organized and purposeful for the survival of all…

Then I detached myself from the person in the camp, and continued flying over the broad, barren land and over some forests. A moment later I awoke in my bed.

The next day, one of the friends I was visiting, came to me very excited and told me, that she remembered quite clearly how I had visited her in the middle of the night:

“That was so funny, I first heard a cat meowing in front of my bedroom. I then wondered how a cat could get into my apartment. But then I knew it: Man, this is Jonathan, who pretends to be a cat! He is the one who is standing in front of my door and who is meowing… And then I realized: Huh? How can he be standing in front of my door in the middle of the night? That does not work. How should he get in here anyway? Then I knew what was going on. And suddenly you were very close to my ear and you started meowing! I was frightened! I got scared and opened my eyes. Then it was over, but I could still feel clearly that you were in the room. I think I was able to recognize you, because I woke up very often that night and then occasionally stayed awake for an hour and then went back to sleep. I was more attentive than if I had been sleeping for eight hours through… ”

Another friend came messaged me saying she had dreamed of me and that we went for a walk and I read something to her. Maybe I really did that, but I can not remember this walk with her. Sometimes I just want to visit people with whom I occasionally have to deal. In my astral travelling workshops, I do this regularly.


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