Dream-Program: Dream Memory (Part 1)

An Oneironaut is therefore someone who has enough motivation and interest to explore the world of dreams. Most people do not really care about dreams, unless there are recurring nightmares or they are so intense and lively that they have to tell about it. Likewise, it is customary to regard the dreams as less real, because they are lower in their quality of experience or perceptual quality than the waking state. This is usually considered to be less real, which also has a lesser quality. Even the memories of a drink with friends are sometimes reminiscent of the alcohol by means of the alcohol and thus certain experiences are questioned more intensively during this time and considered as unclear and perhaps even as unreal…

Drugs may also be included. Thus, it is clear that the human, because of his meager memory and less perceptual quality, assumes that a dream is a brain spook or an uncontrolled neurone. But what happens when you can perceive a dream just as real as everyday life? More, perhaps even more intense and clear than everyday life? And this is the point for the Oneironaut, because he knows that a dream can assume such an incredible clarity that it can not be distinguished from or even surpassed by a waking experience. But how do you get such a clear perception in a dream? How can you increase the clarity and quality of experience, so that there is really no longer a distinction between dream world and everyday life? For this reason, it is obvious that if the quality is to be increased, the ability to remember your own dreams should be increased. The first step is to remember your dreams better.

With some tools and tricks you can achieve this within a very short time. These hints include the following:

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1. Every time before going to bed, you are told that you remember all your dreams in the morning. This suggestion already opens the interest and draws attention to dreaming.

2. When you wake up in the morning, do not move your body and lie once as you are awakened. Then begin to recall the dreams with closed eyes. Only when dreams have been remembered, you are able to move, and to write them down immediately.

3. It is therefore very worthwhile to have notes and pencils next to your bed to record your dreams. If you wake up in the middle of the night. There are also ballpoint pens that have an integrated small lamp. So you can take the ballpoint pen, turn on the lamp and write down the dream. Often only keywords are sufficient, because the recall of dream experiences runs over keywords. If you remember the keyword, the complete dream is remembered. For this reason, it is important to note the most important keywords from a dream.

With these three simple steps, attention is drawn to dreaming. The dreaming is designed in such a way that it requires attention energy from the waking state, in order to make dream experiences accessible to the consciousness in the waking state (ego or everyday life self). This means that the more attention is given to dreaming, the wider the world of dreams is opened. For this reason, these three steps are very important to send the first energies from the waking state to dreaming. You can compare the dreaming and the attention with the care for a plant. The more you pour the tramp plant, the bigger and more beautiful it becomes.

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