What is the light trap? What is spectral light? What is the afterlife light and what is the light at the end of the tunnel?

For Spiritual Beginners: What is the light trap? What is spectral light?

What is the light trap? What is spectral light? What is the afterlife light and what is the light at the end of the tunnel?

What happens to us when we leave this world? Different cultures and religions have different answers to this question. In many spiritual traditions, the spectral light or the afterlife light plays a central role in the description of the afterlife and the transition to life after death.

Life after Death

In mainstream spirituality, the light at the end of the tunnel represents the highest spiritual level, the source of all existence. It is a place of perfect love, peace and unity. Christians and the church as well as many other spiritual orientations also recommend going directly into the light, otherwise you will end up in hell or the lower astral planes.

This interpretation represents the commonly used version to describe the light at the end of the tunnel as the path to the afterlife or even to God himself. Many people who were clinically dead said they had seen this light and were cleansed and filled with love. It was a healing and unforgettable experience.

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There is nothing wrong with going into the light, as it seems to be, but in a universe of duality, everything has two sides.

The Light at the end of the Tunnel

The light at the end of the tunnel is usually seen by someone who has recently passed away. For some it may take minutes, for others hours or days. It depends on how deeply you are still involved with your life in the body you left behind. If you cannot let go, your stay in the intermediate level is extended, i.e. between life on earth and the transition into the light.

The light leads to a certain astral plane where most of the deceased can meet again. But it is also a planning level, because the next life or the next incarnation is planned there. Here you can choose the country, the city, the parents, specific partners and children. Milestones are set, i.e. points that must be passed within the new life. Between these milestones, you can always use your free will to express your creativity.

The Light Trap

However, when one speaks of a “light trap” in the afterlife, what is being described here is an attraction that lures souls of the deceased into an astral plane. The light trap is used to transport the deceased to an area so that they have to reincarnate on earth again.

On this level, after physical death, a dazzling light often appears that is perceived as comforting and peaceful. It can convey safety and security that is all-encompassing love and acceptance.

Such light traps are constructed differently. The standard trap, if you can call it that, is a wonderful loving light in which friends, partners, family or friends can stand, beckoning you to follow. But beautiful men and women can also invite you to the light or guardians can appear who chase you around and frighten you until you voluntarily flee into the light.

Invitation into the Game of the dualistic Matrix

The Beyond Light or Divine Light is an invitation to participate in the game in the Matrix. Anyone who accepts the invitation by simply entering it goes into a certain area of ​​the astral planes where paradisiacal conditions prevail. You can stay there for many years, but at some point you will be pulled back to earth and slip into a new body.

Is Reincarnation good or bad?

It is not a bad thing to enter the light, but with regard to the light trap, one should also be aware that entering the light is also an agreement to continue to participate in the game of the matrix and to witness a new incarnation on earth.

This is why some people call it a trap. Of course, this is an interpretation of the whole matter and is only relevant to those who want to break the cycle of reincarnation. There are also very many souls who love life in the matrix or incarnation on earth with its reincarnation cycle and for this reason they keep coming back.

For those who are no longer interested in another incarnation on earth, use certain ways and techniques to terminate this contract to consent to eternal rebirth. And these very souls see the divine light as the light trap.

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