Addendum: I met David Bowie in the Beyond

In my trip to the beyond from the 12th to the 13th of January I met the recently deceased David Bowie (to understand the following text, please click on the link and read the previous story).

I was wondering, how David Bowie had managed to jump out of the astral hospital within two days, the “Astral Center for Postmortal Acclimatization” (my term), and then land on the middle astral level. Usually these is just possible for personalities, who have already dealt with spirituality and death or astral journeys during their lifetime. I researched all of that in detail and found some very interesting  results…

In an interview with the famous music magazine “Rolling Stone” it is explained, that David Bowie was open to everything spiritual and occult. Already at the age of 20 he spent some time in a Buddhist monastery in Scotland to understand the Tibetan atmosphere and their spiritual thinking. Before Madonna or Annie Lennox (Eurythmics) dealt with the magic and the cabbala, Bowie was three years ahead. He also admits in the interview, that there was a time when he dealt with magic. Many people claim that Bowie was better acquainted with the magic, occultism and the old master of the Maguie called Aleister Crowley than even Ozzy Osbourne. Even the secret cult “The Golden Dawn” was not an unspecified page for Bowie, it occupied him for quite a while.


Also Bowie’s time were he was dressed as Ziggy Stardust, a fictitious figure, a kind of an alien from another planet that mingled with the people of the earth, where he gave himself as a rock star, leaves a deep impression.

In addition, there is a very mystical photo of him, kneeling on the ground and painting a strange diagram, with the words “Here we are – a magical movement from Kether to Malkuth“. Kether is a concept of Kabbalah, which describes the level of the Divine and Malkuth, the level of physically existent human beings. In this photo he wanted to show the embodiment of a star system as a human being.

In another interview in the newspaper “The Time” he explained, that he was always dealing with spiritual search and spoke of a new interpretation of God that all humans need. He always were wondering, what people like about his songs and so he read his own lyrics a few times. He realized that all the time he was obsessed with the idea of finding himself spiritually. Even his own symbolism, which he had used for many years, was only realized afterwards. For example, his science fiction, the songs with spaceships and space suits, was his spiritual search for himself after his connection to the universe. Existential questions such as “Why have we been born?” and “Where do we go when we die?” and “What is our mission?” have always accompanied him. He had not always thought about it, but in the course of his life these questions became increasingly clear to him. He declared spirituality to be a great question of life.

His mother was a pious Catholic and his father evangelical. This dichotomy always led him to step back and think about the place he himself possessed in the structure of religion and spirituality. This pushed him directly into the arms of the Buddhists, who are taking religion a step further. He explored several religions in order to find his place. In an interview with the “Daily Beast Magazine” he said:

“I do not know, what the kids on the streets are thinking about, but I do not feel, that there are any deeper questions about spirituality. I think, there are a lot of people who are not even aware of the potential they have. […] The kids are killing for a  new pair of shoes and all this feeling for material goods that lends status and happiness. I guess, it’s back to spirituality. I think everyone has to try to make a complete picture of what a person really is. Not only the physical side of a person, but which space he or she takes in the universal sense and how the actions of an individual influence the neighbor.”

Not to be forgotten is his last song, which he has published with the title “Blackstar “. Here you can see a very different Bowie, who is in a mystic-magical environment and sings and identifies himself with the rise of a black star. Right at the beginning of his song he is becoming very clear: He describes the candle of life in the villa of Ormen. This villa represents the place of the snake. The snake is seen as the seduction, that is luring into physical reality. The “Brotherhood of the Snake” from the ancient Mesopotamia is mentioned here, which today is equated with the so-called Illuminati. Bowie, in fact, is singing of his own death. His life-candle is placed in the house of Ormen and the day of execution has come to take his life.

Further in the text, he is asking questions such as “How often does an angel still fall?” And draws a difference between a gangster (Illuminati) and the black star (corona) and identifies with the latter. A black star with corona is the symbol for him, which is exposed to the blackness of the whole problem, but still radiates sparkling at the edge. At the same time, he explains that he is not really a pop star and that his passport, his shoes and all the sedatives should be kept.

I would argue, that Bowie knew he was dying and that song called “Blackstar” was his legacy, what he understood in his lifetime and now had to fulfill, just like any other human being. The candle that is burning in the house of Ormen and when it is burnt down, the death approaches.

Everyone got has his candle in the house of Ormen. And the next candle is coming. And if you look close at the beginning, then the first pictures of the video are showing a man who is stranded a hundred years ago in his space-suit, leaning on a rock on an alien planet exhausted. The question of the cosmos and the true self will be eerily answered in his last song in the guise of a requiem. With regard to this new information about David Bowie, I am no longer surprised that he managed to reach the middle astral plane within a very short time.


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