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Dreamnight: A long Lucid Dream Series

“Dreamnight” is a series in which I consciously concentrate on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience or I report an interesting or extraordinary dream or memories of my subconsciousness as well as telepathic connections to other people (dream spying).

While others dance in clubs, I dance into the lucid dream world. So I was able to experience about six or seven lucid dreams in the present night- and I am practicing extensively using psychokinesis and re-experimenting some techniques to keep a lucid dream as long as possible. Most people have difficulties when they have become lucid within a dream to keep this dream longer. Often, they wake up seconds later. I often have also my problems. In most cases, tips do not help much, because once you hear them, you can not start much because the practical frame of reference is missing. In short: a tip must be tried in a lucid dream to check how well you respond to it…

But you need tips to be able to dream lucid. However, I am still half in the dream world and only half in the everyday world. I am always amazed, that you never really know whether you are awake or in the dream worlds, or do not even know what is real (that is, the everyday world) and what is dream. But when you wake up in the morning in the bed of the familiar everyday world, you simply know that it is real. The everyday world then appears to me as a basis that belongs to one. If you go back there, you know “Oh, look, I’m back again.” Well, since I know from my faithful readers that they would rather read from deeds than from theory, I can tell of some dreams of tonight:


I woke up after a wild dream in my bed. As soon as I tried to recall the details of the dream, I suddenly heard the voice of a man in my head:

“Ah, I’m so curious about it!”

“About what?” I asked.

There was no answer. Then this man materialized to my right. We were now in the middle of my bedroom.

“Curious about what?” I asked again.

“Well, I’m curious, how you’ll deal with all these hallucinations and dream levels tonight and if you know what is a dream and what your reality!”

“Do you think, I’m in trouble?”

“We’ll see … “, he said, grinning.

It seemed to me, that it was a small test that was waiting for me. Maybe he did not trust me either or thought that I would not know where the back and front of my head really is.

A moment later I awoke in my bed. The man still seemed present to me and I decided to quickly turn on my voice recorder, so I could take care to keep my memories of the dreams in the night. I had to hurry, because I felt that the next dream was coming up… Great, now it’s recording.

Then I felt the man next to me again:

“Do you mean, that the voice recorder will actually record everything?”, suddenly asked the man from before.

He was now to my left. “Of course! It is now switched on. We can get started…”

I could understand his question, because of the endless possibilities that could happen that not everything is correctly recorded. Here and there a sentence could be missing, if one was not loud enough in a recording. Suddenly I heard a strange giggle from the right. I looked up and saw three women sitting on the floor of my bedroom and whispering to each other.

“Can you be quieter, please?” I asked the three young women and they were silent.

I closed my eyes and a few seconds later I was back in my bedroom. This time, however, before my wardrobe. It was dark and I could clearly see my surroundings. I also was perfectly clear in my head. I remembered a girlfriend who told me to look at my hands and count my fingers to make sure you are dreaming. She said that if you dream, you never really have five fingers.

I was sure I was dreaming, but I wanted to check the theory if it was true. I raised my hands and held them in front of my face. I first counted the fingers of the left hand: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Ah yes! And right again… six! That’s a total of 12 fingers! Right! Here were a few fingers too much!

I took my hands down again, and I went up again. Now I had only four fingers on each hand. This was because the middle and ring fingers had grown together on both hands. So I had only eight fingers at the moment… Oh, and the thumbs? Where are they? I only had one thumb on my left hand. It was strangely bent back and barely visible. Okay, I thought! The trick with finger counting is good. It can actually show someone whether I’m dreaming or not. You just has to remember clearly that you usually have five fingers, thumb included.

I closed my eyes. Now I’m bothering myself, I thought and I’m already raging.

When I opened my eyes, I stood in a room strange to me. It was very large and my room. I just returned from my three week vacation and was finally at home! How nice! It is always nice to come home. But these feelings did not really interest me, because I was more interested in how I lived here and what parallel reality was involved here…

On the left side of the room there was my bed. It was very big, high and wide. Very cozy. On the bed was even a dark fur and the head pillow was of white fur. It looked super comfortable. To the left, on the opposite wall, I saw a large plasma TV on a table. To the right of the window stood a bar with two stools in front of it. To the right was a desk with a PC and next to me was a small table with candles and a lamp on it. I even discovered a bowl of water in which some floating candles drifted. At the same time a small button swam in it. It looked like a switch that had been removed from something and thrown into that bowl.

I tapped my finger and itmuttered and hissed wildly. Again and again it swam around in the bowl. The hum was so loud that I wanted to get it out and get it off. When it was out, I put him back again and he started again to buzz like crazy. I also thought, that I saw how it changed its shape for a second. Then I turned away and let it buzz. I knew it would stop if I would just ignore it.

I sat down on the bed and suddenly one of my roommates and his new girlfriend came in. They sat in the armchairs next to the bed and we were talking for a while. While we were sitting there, I wondered if I should make it clear to the two of us that we are in a dream, but the moment I was about to express that, my clarity began to fade. My perception was suddenly more unstable and I threatened to leave the dream and wake up in my bed.

However, I wanted to stay a while longer and experiment with it, as I could anchor the clarity more firmly in this dream. It was clear to me that the dream was the clearest and most stable when I pretended to be hiding in a normal dream and my clarity in front of the others. It was amazing. I thought of getting up and calling “I’m dreaming,” my clarity became weaker again. So I felt like I was just as unconscious as the others, but kept firmly in my head that I was really in a dream. It was the perfect camouflage.

Then I started to experiment. I wanted to know, who was well aware of the people present, whether he was dreaming or not. I concentrated on a cloth that lay on the floor. I do not know how it had gone there, but it was there. I stretched out my index finger and moved it slightly as I pointed to this hedgehog. Then it began to move. It was trembling and wobbling. But none of the others perceived these movements.

The two of them were talking and laughing, but they took no notice of this moving hedgehog. Then I directed the hedgehog psychokinetically into the air. It hovered in the room, but no one perceived this either. They pretended to be completely normal. With a hand movement, I let the hedgehog fly towards the two. My friend’s girlfriend caught it and laughed briefly, but she pretended, like I had thrown it with my hands.

After Peter went outside, that was his name, which I found out telepathically, I asked his girlfriend what her name is.

“My name is Norma James,” she said.

For me, the name sounded American. She was perhaps 1.60 m tall, very slim, shoulder-length, brown hair, wearing a blue jeans and a dark sweatshirt. A casual sneaky look.

“And where are you from?” she hesitated to answer.

“Do you live in Germany or America?” I asked.

Again, she gave no answer and pressed around.

“Don’t you want to answer?”

“No, I do not like to talk about my past or about where I come from.” she replied.

I found this very interesting. She did not want to tell me her origin. This was very familiar to me and I was suspicious of the fact that she maybe knew that I knw that I was within a dream, but that she camouflaged.

“Only a person who tells everyone where he comes from and talks freely about his past does not know that he’s dreaming…” I said to her.

She looked at me with a serious look.

“And?” I asked, “You know you’re dreaming, do not you?”

She nodded lightly, then jumped up from the chair.

“Let’s do something else, yes?”

“Whatever you want,” I said, laughing.

I knew, she was also consciously involved in this dream. Then she came up to me and sat down on me. She began to move her hips and wanted to turn me on. She then came up close to me with her face, led her mouth to my right ear and shouted loudly:

“You are waking up now!”

The next moment I awoke in my bed. This refined beast, I thought. She did not want me to let her camouflage open up, and then threw me out of the dream with this trick.

In any case, I had a lot more dreams this night, but I think you can get a picture of the events I have described here.

In me, I still felt a restless energy. This has been the way all day. In the meantime, it is again a matter of course, and I feel a little more integrated into everyday life. I have accumulated a lot of energy through this long trip into the world of nested dreams. Unfortunately, I had not recognized the “scout” in the water bowl and stupidly ignored it. This scout would have been my chance to leave the realities of the human beings and to visit distant worlds where humans are no longer to be found.

I checked my voice recorder. There are certainly many dreams of mine, which I have recorded, that I do not remember anymore. But when I wanted to listen to it, there was only silence. There was nothing on it! I felt like the main actress in the movie “Contact“.


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