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Dream Archive: Encounter with Jesus

“From the dream archive” is always a dream or a consciousness experience that I experienced many years ago that left a huge impression. I would like to remind you that these interesting dreams are not part of the past and readers can always read them whenever they want.

Tuesday, July 27, 1993:

When I went to bed, I did not think about anything special this time, but I kept saying to myself that I would like to have an out of body experience tonight and wanted to let me surprise what would come. At some point I fell asleep with my plan in my head, but a little later I awoke in my second body. I felt the vibrations and a bursting force that seemed to be hidden deep inside me. It was as if these vibrations were going to float this force upwards and simply to cascade me out of the body. I was laying on my back in a meadow. It was dark and I saw some stars in the sky, a tree top, and in the distance I heard sounds of a carnival.


Slowly I straightened up and went in the direction from which the bustle came. Maybe it was an open air festival or just a great garden party. I could not say that for sure.

Then a woman stood in my way. She introduced herself as Sonya. She wore chin-length hair, henna-red, and had green eyes. (At this time I did not know it was Sonya, my dream teacher).

“I’ve been waiting for you for a long time! You must follow me,” she said, “because I really want to show you something very important for you.”

That sounded very interesting, so I was quite willing to follow her.

“What is it?” I asked for security.

“It’s about bluish streets, but you’ll see what I mean.”

Somehow I had already suspected, that her answer would be a cryptic answer to my question, but since nothing could happen to me, I accompanied her.

“Good, then follow me, but you should be fast…”

The next moment she was already running and I went after her. We walked through shrubs and bushes, climbed over walls and crossed dark courtyards. Anyway, how fast I ran, she was always faster than me. And if I wanted to pause for a moment, just to think about how I could make it better, I would loose her. Once I really did it, and I actually lost contact with her and the fear, that I could wake up at any moment increased…

A few moments later, I actually awoke to my bed. Now I thought, it was a pity, because I would have liked to see what this Sonya had so absolutely wanted to show me. What could it have been? I was so annoyed, that I had been so negligent and maybe I had missed a chance. So I wanted to try to get back to the same point.

I concentrated and re-activated the vibrations of the second body. They became more and more palpable and tangible until they were so strong, that a sudden breach of awareness occurred. I was back on the meadow! Above me the stars, further to the right the tree-crown and the hubbub in the distance.

At the same moment two people leaned over me, including Sonya. I thought I recognized in one of the people Vivian, a friend of mine.

“Where have you been? Now come on finally!”

She said, and both asked me to get up, so we could go on. The whole game started from the beginning. I ran wildly behind Sonya and her new companion and tried not to lose the connection. But a short time later I lost her again. Afterwards I woke up again, concentrated, and I landed on the meadow. This went on two more times until I had enough exercise to follow her without losing her.

In the next sequence, I found myself on a square again. Sonya stood beside me and grinned broadly. Nearby was a kind of temple or similar. And on the horizon I saw that the first rays of sunshine showed.

“Well, would you like to stay there in the building or would you rather follow me?” she teased me.

I felt this as a cheeky insinuation, but at the same time it seemed to me as if it were a religious allusion to a personality part in me, which I was not aware of.

“And? Are we hunting again through bushes, houses and yards?” I asked teasingly.

Then a look struck me deeply. It seemed to me, that she was not talking to me at all, but rather with a different personality in me who was not really aware of me. Somehow the conversation obviously passed me. Her gaze and her allusions strengthened this part, and in the next moment I cried. The tears ran down my cheeks, and I felt a very strong conflict inside me, as if something inside me was what Sonya wanted to show me. This part was reluctant and I had to persuade with all my strength that I could jump back into my body in the greatest danger.

“Do not be so memorable,” Sonya suddenly said, and I tore myself together.

Then we ran again. This time, the road was not so long and while I was still struggling with myself, we arrived in a dusty place. The sun had just disappeared, and the roads turned into a magenta color. The roads here were by no means asphalted, but rather of reddish dust. Somehow, I was overcome with the idea, that I had to land this time in the time of the Romans.

Now I saw some small mud houses nearby, small white walls and a few people in caftans or similar clothes. Sonya pointed with a nod to a wall on which a kind of small fence was mounted. I slowly went there and saw behind it a raised trench and then a strange, brown glow. I went very close to the fence and could now look over it. There stood a large group of people. Obviously there was something interesting to see! In the middle of the crowd something seemed very bright. Then we climbed over the fence and went closer to the people.

Now I was perhaps ten meters away from this pulpit. Some of the men made music and seemed to dance with joy, and others, as I could now see more clearly, held a glass ball, which from time to time glowed with an eerie force.

The man who held it in his hands, was letting the people touch the ball, and said that it would heal anyone who ever touched it once. After touching the ball, they began to dance and were enormously happy.

This man! He reminded me of someone… I thought and the thoughts circled wildly in my head. Was that about… Jesus? A few seconds later I even heard someone calling this name.

I suddenly felt really sick and I got the strong impulse, just to continue to walk away from this place! I got scared, that the ball might be radioactive, because it was so bright and just wanted to go. I managed to get a few steps forward, staggered and then fell on the back. A strange energy went through me and suddenly I felt really energetic and well. But I could no longer feel my feet and toes, and they seemed dead. Sonya bent down and grabbed my feet and massaged them as if to revive them.

This whole situation had an incredibly strong religious atmosphere that did not really suit me, and I remembered at that moment, that this was obviously the day I had met Jesus. Previously, like the apostle Saul, I had been a doubter who had doubted his power and had held Jesus as a charlatan, but this had changed for me that day when I had met him personally.

Now I also understood Sonya’s mocking remark as to whether I might prefer to stay in the church or to follow her further! She had made fun of the religious part of myself with her previous knowledge of this situation. I was not angry with her, because I also could clearly see, that religious experiences can be liberated on the one hand, but on the other hand it could also limit.

While I was laying relaxed on my back, I saw strange formations and rays in the sky… There were bluish rays.

The next morning I called Vivian, hoping she might remember something. She told me, that she had dreamed of a woman who she had to follow all the time.

“I had to run so much.” she said.

“You dreamed of a woman? Was her name maybe Sonya? “I asked.

“Yes exactly! That was her name! And in my dream I have seen something with bluish rays! Everything was about these strange rays. Unfortunately, I do not remember more… ”

For me, of course, the question was, why I had reacted to the encounter with Jesus so exaggerated? After all, the others had not responded. Was this reaction due to the fact that I should have accepted that it was a different life from me that I had met with Jesus, but at the same time had to admit that I had already died? In this direction I was able to explain my behavior somehow – but maybe there was another reason…

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