Astral Journey to the Vatican, DUMBS and Auric Googles

An hour long astral journey to the Vatican, into underground bases and how I found an object that allows you to see spirits….

In the night I woke up briefly in my physical body and took to myself to change immediately into the astral body to undertake a small astral journey.

Seperation from the Physical Body

When I detached from my body, I could not see anything. This happens occasionally and I still could not see anything despite the command “I want to see now”. Everything remained black. Then I decided to just open my eyes in the same way you would do it with your physical eyes. Shortly after, I could see clearly.


I noticed that the environment was at an angle, meaning that I was floating with my astral body above the ground, but apparently hanging in the air at an angle. Thereupon I floated to the ground so that I stood straight and could also perceive my surroundings as usual. What is interesting here is that if you stand at an angle on an uneven surface in your physical body, your surroundings still remain as they are normally perceived, i.e. they do not rotate with you. In the astral body, however, this is different. The environment rotates with you when you tilt your head to the side or stand on a diagonal surface.

I have often experienced this form of perception and it always causes confusion in the perception within the out-of-body state for many people who travel astrally. It is as if you have a monitor in front of you that is following the movements you are making. While I was thinking about this, I switched reality.

The Astral Journey begins

Now I was in an underground parking garage. I spotted a group of maybe six people who were about to leave the underground parking garage. I made a point of following them.

As I did so, I noticed a woman, with brown hair and maybe 5’6″ tall, looking right at me, while everyone else wasn’t looking at me. I was curious and wanted to know if she could perceive me. So I stood in front of her and said:

“Can you see me?”

She looked at me in irritation and replied, “Yes, of course.”

Accordingly, she assumed that I was in a physical body, just like her, and therefore probably thought I was stupid.

“Then see if the others can perceive me. You can introduce me to them briefly.”

The young woman laughed and tapped a friend of hers on the shoulder.

“See this one? He’d like to come with us…” she explained.

He turned and frowned, “Who? There’s no one there!”

Now the woman looked at me, mouth open and eyes wide.I explained to her that it would be better if she didn’t keep harping on my presence, otherwise her friends would think she was hallucinating or delusional.

I talked with her for a while. While doing so, I walked along with the group, but at some distance from the others, so that they wouldn’t notice that their friend was talking to an invisible man.

We just walked over bridge to get to the center of the city. We then met a man. He was about 50 years old and wore a full beard. When we reached him, I suggested to her that we approach him to see if he could perceive me.

A dark Man warns me to travel astral

We were now standing in front of him and she said, “Do you notice anything? For example, who is standing next to me?”

Interestingly, he looked directly at me and said he could see me.

We were amazed, apparently the man could see astral travelers pretty well even though he was in his physical body. So he turned to me and immediately started talking to me.

“You shouldn’t do that!”

“Do what, exactly?”, I retorted.

“Traveling around in this astral body. It can cause psychosis in the long run.”

Then he turned to the woman and said:

“This guy here is practicing satanic practices. He is actually a dark prince from hell and is leading people down the wrong path with his practices. You should beware of him and avoid him!”

I was very surprised that he spoke like that. Why did he think it was so bad to move astrally.

She then looked at me in fright and wanted to go on without me.

Astral encounters in the Night

Later I met two women who could also perceive me. They said they came from the middle astral plane and had come to show me a secret entrance, a hidden portal.

“We will show you a secret path that leads to a portal. But watch carefully, because as soon as you use this portal, you will enter an underground area guarded by people who do not want visitors. Don’t let them catch you!”

I thanked the women for their help and then had them show me this portal. It was a staircase turned upside down that I had to walk along in order to trigger and use the portal.

“Walk along these stairs. It is not easy as this staircase can give way, but if you manage to walk it to the end, you will be taken to the underground area.”

I turned my astral body 180 degrees so that I was literally upside down and now walked up the stairs.

I felt like I was in a painting by M.C. Escher, an artist who likes to paint pictures with optical illusions. In these paintings, there are often stairs, some of which look as if they were upside down.

Each step I took became more and more difficult to take. They gave way, sank into the ceiling, or were as soft as butter. Also, these stairs had some kind of mechanisms to keep you from being able to go all the way to the end.

I just couldn’t manage to get to this secret area. So I gave up at this point and wanted to continue my journey in another direction.

A little Boy comes to help

Suddenly, I came across a boy. He was about eight years old. He was also able to see me. He addressed me directly.

“You wanted to use this portal, is that right?”

“Yes, but these stairs are a disaster! I can’t get through the portal via these,” I explained.

“That’s okay. I know another way. Do you want me to show you?”

“What do you mean, another way? Does this one also go through these stairs?”

“Yes, but I know a way so you can climb these stairs better.”

This made me curious again and we walked back to the stairs together. He then explained to me how I could better climb those stairs. Eventually, I actually managed to do it!

A secret Base with strange Objects

When I had finished this staircase, I actually reached an underground area.

First I walked through a corridor. At the end of the corridor there was a door. I walked through this door and came to a kind of surveillance room. There were several people sitting at desks in front of monitors and seemed to be monitoring something. I counted about five or six people. Interested, I walked past them.

I noticed that most of the people in the room were Asian. In some places I passed, I noticed small white portable boxes with light-emitting diodes. They were placed throughout the room. As I walked by one of these boxes, it suddenly started flashing and made a siren-like sound.

It was incredible! This device was responding to the presence of my astral body! It seemed to have a sensor that was aligned accordingly. While I was still standing there completely dumbfounded, I was transported out of the room in a whirlpool and stood in front of the stairs again! So I was thrown out.

Now my curiosity was aroused all the more! I decided to use the boy’s instructions once again and make my way down the stairs once more.

Well, what can I say? I managed the stairs quite quickly, but it certainly took me about ten attempts to trick this surveillance system. I was always thrown out and had to start over.

When I finally got past the guard room, I entered another room. The room was about 100 square meters and there were tables everywhere. On the tables I recognized many strange objects.

Many of these objects, actually all of them, I had never seen in my whole life. Many were made of wood, others of metal or plastic. Also some were silver or even gold and in the strangest shapes. Interestingly, I could hold my hand over these objects to feel them (see psychometry). I had the impression that these objects had very special functions, which one wanted to keep secret from the public at all costs.

Then I tried several times to take one of these objects in my hand. It didn’t work. But at some point I managed to lift one of them and take a closer look at it. It was very strange looking, made of wood, and shaped a bit like the top of a Christmas tree. I was able to touch the object by the bottom bar and thus hold it in my hands. I then put it back with the others, not knowing what this item was for.

The secret Portal to the Vatican Library

After that, I arrived in a very large hall. There it was very dark and dusty. There were quite large and high wooden shelves with tons of books everywhere. The walls were hung with ecclesiastical symbols and looked a bit like a temple or sacred space. This room was decidedly large. My eyes fell on some of the dusty and very old books that were on the shelves. A strange suspicion came over me! Had I landed in the secret library of the Vatican?

I was sure that I had landed in the Vatican or in its legendary secret library with innumerable books, which the church had collected, stolen and confiscated in the course of its existence. Whole libraries had been taken away by the church in its past, the books burned or just brought to a secret place, so that they can never be made accessible to the public again.

So I walked through the huge library of the Vatican and looked at the books. Unfortunately, I could not take any of the books from the shelves, I could only look at their spines. It was incredible what books were there. So enormously old, dusty, some badly damaged, others filthy and the spine was barely legible. Still others were still in very good condition, looking almost like new.

Somehow the preserved books seemed to be more on one side, while the old ones were on other shelves. Perhaps work was even currently underway to restore the old books. That must surely be a wonderful job, to be allowed to hold such books in one’s hands and even open them….

It was not easy for me to leave this library, because I had been looking for a way to be able to take these books off the shelves and open them, but it didn’t work. I could try as hard as I wanted – even though I knew there had to be a way. I also remembered at that moment how I had once tried to steal a book from a dream to take with me into my everyday life. Several times I had tried this difficult endeavor, but had not succeeded. But it is possible!

At some point I left this library again and then left this secret underground complex. I was sure that the guard room with the Asians, the room with the objects and the library were parts of some kind of underground complex or vault. Was this area underneath the Vatican? I couldn’t explain it any other way.

Once back on the surface, I walked around the city a bit more. It certainly seemed Italian… The houses, the streets and the many alleys… Who knows?

A strange Object for seeing Ghosts – Auric Googles?

Then I thought again of the object that I had actually managed to lift and look at (see picture). I imagined the object intensely until suddenly I held it in my hands! It was unbelievable! I felt the wood, could turn it and look at it as if I were in the physical world.

What was this object for? What sense did it have?

If you looked at it more closely, it was clear that you held it where the longer rod could be seen. But these check-shaped openings had no function at all, unless perhaps one wanted to press check-shaped cheese morsels with it. Thus, these openings were only allowed to serve one purpose, namely, to guide the ball to his face and to look through the caroform openings.

Exactly this I did then… and lo, now I realized what this object was meant for! It was supposed to help a person to see on the astral plane, similar to the Auric Googles, whose glasses were treated with dicyanin (see article: Dicyanin dye lets spirits see). But this object seemed to me to be a very simplified form of it, a kind of aid. To me it looked like a rather light wood, massive and as if carved by myself. Although the round oval part was solid, the openings were smaller than in the picture. I would say the dimensions of this item were about 30 cm long, 18 cm wide and the openings quite small, maybe a centimeter possessed the larger opening.

Looking through the middle opening, it seemed to me that the other two openings had additional influence on it. Perhaps, I thought, you have to squint slightly looking through this opening to be able to superimpose the checks. I don’t know. Such an object would then have to be recreated and explored.

The Man from higher Astral Planes

I walked around this Italian town some more that night and then met a man. He came right up to me and also seemed to be able to perceive me without any problem. Before I could greet him, he addressed me:

“Don’t worry about it. The dark forces are trying to manipulate you. They want to scare you into not continuing to try to astral travel or explore the very things you do. They want to scare you, unsettle you, influence you, and lead you away from your path. You are a being, incarnated on earth. And there are thousands and thousands of entities that observe your work on earth. They observe you very interestedly and watch you incredibly gladly. Never forget that!”, he said and disappeared without a trace.

Now I felt my physical body calling me back. It was time to return.

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