You pick up your mobile phone, type a text message and send it. A second later, a signal sounds and the receiver can read your message. This is technologized telepathy. Devices are distributed among the people, so that they can transmit small messages independently of the location. If you transfer this to the psychological possibilities of the mind and brain, you can already imagine the process of telepathy more precisely. Each message (telepathic message) that is sent is sent to a radiotower, a pool where the sent messages are received and then passed on (collective consciousness). From there on, the message will be brought to the receiver…

The development of our technology sometimes acts like a strategic approach to the possibilities of our consciousness, but under the flag of technology, so we will not get aware, about the capabilities we actually have. A message strictly substitutes the ability of telepathy, as well as phones and the Internet. The ability of telepathy is obscured by means of technology, since the human mind always needs a rational explanation for the transmission of messages. Why do not we use telepathy right away, you may ask yourself, because that would be far cheaper. It does not necessarily have to be a question of ability, but also of willingness.

In this context, imagine a world in which every human being is a fully conscious telepath. Compared to our present world situation, we would encounter big problems. Not only would each person know about the other and could instantly hear what is thought, but also what someone is planning. Any deception maneuver would be seen in advance and crimes would be hardly possible. For example, if someone is planning a murder, we could read out the perpetrator, more reliable than any lie detector existing. Political and social criticism as well as (government) affairs would be recognized immediately and could no longer be carried out successfully. But you do not only see collectively such ideas and possible problems of this kind, but also individually. All of the small fuzzies and deceptions within interpersonal relationships would no longer be possible.


Likewise, a diplomatic approach would hardly be possible, and every human would have sent his thoughts out, before settling them and we usually do. You would openly communicate the opinion to all fellow human beings, without embezzlement or hypocrisy.

Now you judge yourself, whether the humanity is ready to open up the faculty of telepathy or not. As long as this is not the case, construction work has to be done and the ability we have has to be concealed with technology.


There are a lot of arrangements in our world, where nowhere wants to be observed – and this way of thinking of the personal ego continues. This is why the conscious application of telepathy is still a future thing. Alternatively, the so-called tapping might be wanted form of telepathy for the practitioner, since it is usually desired by beginners, because this implies that you do not have to show your own thoughts, but you can receive the thoughts of the other person. The downside is that due to this egoistic way of thinking, you will also have correspondingly fluctuating successes. Nevertheless, it is possible to tap others at least partially. For a better understanding, I present the various forms of telepathy:

1. Telepathy with the help of intuition

Everyone has intuitive ideas, sensations that tell what the other has just thought. The intuition warns people in dangerous situations and can tap other people at the subconscious level, if they plan something unpleasant for you. In the consciousness, however, this is only an intuition. In animals this ability is also active and is called instinct.

2. Empathy/Enhanced Compassion

In empathy, you clearly feel the thoughts and emotions of the other through a kind of co-operation. You are able to feel the same way, that the other one is feeling. This is also called immediate compassion.

3. Telepathic tapping

The opposite person is tapped telepathically by “closing” yourself and waiting for the person who is going to be tapped, to open. It’s like a game: Who can open and close faster?

4. Open Telepathy

By understanding your own thoughts and personality structures, you can recognize the ones of someone else quite quickly. Certainly the experiences of the other are individualized, but all experiences have similar patterns and have the same basis. For example, several people go shopping and think about what they want to buy. The thought is the same, even if it is not completely identical. Everyone does not buy the same, but the fact remains. This is the case with every activity. The best way to ask yourself is whether you have ever thought of a thought that has never been thought of before by a human being. I believe that of all the thoughts you thought in your life, there are only a few, that other people have never thought about. To some geniuses this may have been useful, for example when they have passed through abstract musical pieces or mathematical formulas, but when you really recognize and understand the “basic thoughts” within yourself, you can comprehend those of someone else very quickly. For the other person, this seems quite like telepathy. In this case self-knowledge and the direct study of personal subconsciousness leads to this from of telepathy. These words are like an introduction, for you to remember, that compassion can only exist once you already had the same experience. There is not an infinite number of experiences in our world, they are limited. They may be individually experienced and evaluated, but the basis remains the same. I would like to say that you can assume that every human being has experienced a certain feeling and thought palette. As soon as you are able to recognize such states with empathy, in others, those states that you also already experienced, a milestone has been reached.

5. Indirect Telepathy

You get in contact with the collective consciousness and search the thought of the specific person. This requires a great deal of practice and willingness to “separate” you from yourself, which means to forget yourself for once. This is not entirely risk-free, because a temporary identification with the envisaged thoughts can not be completely ruled out. For pure precaution you should always better do this with “nice” people. The same applies to various dream techniques, which make it possible to take over the perspective and the interpretation of the world of another person.

6. Direct Telepathy

In direct telepathy, it is actually possible to exchange words, feelings, and whole related sentences. You will always need eye contact to the telepathy partner, but later it will be possible to apply this over all distances. When you are working with a partner, it is better to first determine who is the stronger transmitter and receiver. This can be really useful. If a certain security is achieved, you can also change your position.

(To be continued)


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