Technique: For lucid dreaming: The 7-combination technique

Since my techniques are highly popular and there is so much demand, I do not want to neglect lucid dreaming in addition to the astral travelling. There are many people who are also interested in lucid dreaming and who are having fun in the psychic Cyberspace where they want to experience their individual adventures. For beginners it is even more easy to start with dreaming, as this is less creepy, and it is easier to reach than astral travelling. Moreover, the dreamer can learn to approach the laws of a dream and the consciousness. Because of this, I would like to introduce my personal technique for lucid dreaming…

Some of you will already know these techniques, but many of you won’t. The technique I have put together for the achievment of lucid dreaming is called the “7 combination technique”, which is a technique made out of seven different techniques, who can be used throughout the day and night. If you use this combination technique you will experience a lucid dream within a few days or weeks!

I. Portal Exercise

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From now on, you will be making a reality test at every door you use, wether it is opened or closed. You will stay briefly on the threshold and check your surroundings, if you are in a dream. Ask yourself if this is a dream! After self-questioning yourself you will come to the conclusion: “Right, this is a dream!”

It is unimportant if you are dreaming or not or if the result is scientifically found out or not. It is important, that at the end of the reality test that you always come to the conclusion that you are in a dream and that this is a dream. So, this is exactly what will happen within a dream that will give you the great tip, that you are dreaming!

II. Dream simulation

You are going to imagine several times a day that you are in a dream. Open your eyes widely and try to perceive the whole area around you at once. Try to include the peripheral view as much as possible. Look around yourself with utmost clarity. 30 seconds will be enough. Repeat this process several times a day.

III. Speech behaviour

Delete the following words forever from your language inventory: sleeping, sleep, oversleeping, etc. and replace it with: dreaming, dream, dream necessity, dreamy etc. If you are having a lack of sleep in the morning you can say you are having a need of dreams instead. For the night sleep you can say that you are now going to dream, or that you are having a need of night-time dreams etc. There are no limits for your creativity.

IV. Suggestions

Every night, after you have laid down your book or turned out the light, put yourself in your desired dream position and give yourself suggestions until you sleep in. These should be formulated positively, for example “I have a lucid dream tonight,” or “As soon as I dream, I will realize that I am in a dream.” etc. Suggestions like “I will no longer be dreaming unconsciously” or other negations do not work so well.

V. Sleep interruption

1. Go to bed at 9 p.m. Suggest yourself that you will be having a lucid tonight until you sleep in. Use the present form, such as: “Tonight I’m dreaming lucid” or “I have a lucid dream tonight.”

2. Then get up again at 2 a.m. Read something on the Internet or in a book about lucid dreaming. Then go back to bed at 3 a.m. Use the suggestion again until your body will fall asleep. It is also a good thing to pretend you would be sleeping. Just as you might have done it as a child to trick your parents.

VI. Mantra

There is a Mantra that can trigger many clear dreams. You have to repeat this Mantra, at least a few hundred times, or until you fall asleep. Tell you again and again whispering or loudly: “GAOM-RAOM-OM-BOUR-BU-MAMA-PAPA.”

This is the only Mantra existing for lucid dreaming and it can achieve a good effect!

VII. Awakening behavior

Please do not move your body or open your eyes immediately after you woke up! First, recall your dreams, then move a little, only as much as needed, so you can write them down. Then you can move, turn around, get up, make tea, or do any other routines.

I hope. that my 7-combination technique is helping and giving my readers the opportunity to experience a lucid dream. Within a lucid dream everything is possible. You can change a room as you like, create any person, contact your higher self, talk to dream personalities, of course you can fly, make other crazy stuff or have sex all night. There are no limits for your imagination and everything is allowed!


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