The art of lucid dreaming, which is recognizing during a night dream that you are dreaming, is gaining an incredible clarity, but you can still maintain the dream, is a forgotten practice, which only few people in our world are able to use. Most people consider lucid dreaming as a fairy tale, or s a state of being you cannot reach. Others believe that it is a way to avoid the own reality, to dream so clearly and concious like it would be a present experience from the known allday reality. But a few people are experiencing this education of the own higher consciousness in a dream energizing and also filled with unforgettable experiences and adventures, so they use different techniques to reach the desired goal..

I wrote down a lot of techniques in the article “7-Combination Technique” a series of Techniques that make lucid dreaming much more accessible. This is the classical approach to achieve this interesting ability. Another possibility is the education of the own critique in a dream. While watching the brain during the state of dreaming, the sleep researchers discovered that the brain region, which is responsible for the critisism, is virtually inactive. This is the reason why people can transform themselves in a dream or why buildings are able to dissolve into the air, without being surprised so that the dream could be revealed as a dream.

The problem is, therefore, the lack of stimulation of the brain area, which is responsible for our own critisism inside of a present dream. The question is how can you activate this area for critical thinking in a dream? Another problem is the fact that some lucid dreamers report that they encounter kind of an agent at certain moments, quite similar to the movie “The Matrix”, which is used to throw the lucid dreamer out of the dream or to ban him from certain dream levels. In such cases you don’t see agents in a black suit standing in front of you, but you do see familiar people, who are suddenly behaving differently.

This person for example is suddenly becoming suspicious or is having a disagreeable or threatening charisma. They are trying to reveal the dreamer as a lucid dreamer, to throw him out or get him so distracted, that he is losing his clarity. This can be either a close partner, a family member or a good friend. The “Agent” is dowloading himself into the familiar person as soon as the lucid dreamer enters a certain dream level. This is a kind of dream projection, which is a symbol for the continuing deactivation of the critical thinking center in the brain. The activation of the logical thinking center to for the own critisism should therefore be a priority for the learning of lucid dreaming.

There is, of course, another reason why such agents, are taking over familiar people and work against the lucid dreamer, until he is leaving a certain dream level or until he is losing his lucidity again. But first of all, the becoming lucid dreamer should be able to reach the state of “beeing lucid” in a dream.


(to be continued)


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Education of the Critical Faculties in Lucid Dreams (Part 1)