Michael Jackson, Lady Di, Flat Earth? What is true? [Psychomancy]

Michael Jackson, Lady Di, Flat or round earth? What is really true? Is the universe expanding and do the black portals really exist? These and many more exciting questions are answered by Shiva & Jonathan in today’s Matrixxer video…

What is Psychomancy?

Psychomancy is the art of consulting the omniscient higher self or even spirits or deceased. But the contact is not always as clear and distinct as one would like it to be. For this reason, it is possible to use communication with the higher self as a mediator, in which it then communicates through body sensations. This means that only closed questions can be asked, that is, questions that can only have a yes or no answer.

Shiva Nicole and Jonathan Dilas have been practicing psychomancy for some time. They encountered this ability while practicing dissociation. With Shiva it behaves in such a way that she can ask the higher self and receives thereupon a yes or no answer. Jonathan, on the other hand, gets mental impressions.

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Questioning the Deceased and questioning the Higher Self

What can you ask Shiva and Jonathan?

  • – People come who have lost a loved one to death. If there are unanswered questions, they can ask again and clarify important issues.
  • People ask who need to have certain points clarified in research. Here Shiva and Jonathan do not need to have a degree or a technical degree, because the answer comes via the omniscient higher self.
  • Likewise, people ask who are in a difficult situation, perhaps standing at an important fork in their path through life and know neither in nor out.
  • Also people ask who are in a relationship crisis or are thinking about whether they should now make this or that decision.
  • In addition, people who experience uncertainty about their professional or even spiritual path and would like to get clarity ask.

Contacting the Higher Self and contacting the Deceased

So one can simply ask and get a yes or no answer. Through these impulses, one can create much more clarity and certainty. Shiva and Jonathan are an optimal team here to practice the art of psychomancy. They have a high degree of empathy and a very good clairvoyant perceptive gift, which enables them to think themselves into a person, to grasp his feelings and motives.

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The video with the Matrixxer on Youtube with english subtitles…

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