“Dreamnight” is a series in which I consciously concentrate on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience or in which I report an interesting or extraordinary dream or memories of my subconsciousness as well as telepathic connections to other people (Dream spying).

After the application of the Star Field technique, I started feeling the vibrations of the astral body trying to build up the necessary frequency to separate from the physical body. To get into a lucid dream is not so difficult since the frequency adjustment for the necessary acceleration of consciousness is not particularly high, but the astral body is higher in frequency terms. The change in it requires therefore once again more lightness. Most of the people do not make the jump and remain successful lucid dreamers for years, but but they do not achieve to travel astral. Somehow I gave up to do this, to change into the astral body and so I let myself drift…

Then I suddenly found myself on Mars! The planet Mars is 150 million miles away from earth, with a diameter of 4000 miles, which is only half as large as the earth, and on Mars a year lasts 687 days and a day 24.5 hours. If you would point an infinitely powerful laser pointer onto Mars, then the light of the laser would take 12 minutes before it would appear on the surface of Mars (I was clearly faster!).


Its most striking feature is the highest mountain of all planets in the entire solar system, the Olympus Mons, which has a height of 26,000 meters and is thus three times higher than Mount Everest. Equally striking is the canyon system Valles Marineris with a length of over 2,500 miles. It is almost 120 miles wide and up to 7000 metres deep. Mars has two moons,

Phobos and Deimos in its orbit. They are conspicuously small, about 10 or 15 miles in size and due to their deformations, they most likely originated from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, where, a thousand years ago, a planet had once been found, but exploded.


This mighty Mars Canyon was created by a collision with another planet that had crossed our solar system thousands of years ago – at least I once had this picture in my mind, when I looked at Mars more closely. So far more than 40 probes have been sent to Mars. Only seven of them are landed like Viking I and II, Sojourner, Spirit and Opportunity, Phoenix and Curiosity. Of these probes, 16 have already been destroyed or otherwise failed in their mission, and 14 others have lost contact unexpectedly.

In 2020 the first official manned mission to Mars is planned and this will include only a single ticket, and there will be no return trip for the brave researchers and travelers. It is even planned to make it a kind of big brother program, so that humanity can participate in this event.

Well, what can I say. When I found myself in that alternative reality, in which I had volunteered for such a trip to Mars without a return to the Earth, I was sitting in a chair on a white plastic table. There the colonists met every evening after work. It was something like an open-air cafe with tables, chairs and a stage with screen. The atmosphere reminded a little of public viewing. About 50 people were walking around here.

During the day we did our work. In most cases, we made analyzes of soil samples, growth potentials of plants that can be grown on Mars, water samples from deeper layers of Mars, sky observations and many other lab tests, but of course the camp was also expanded. So all the work that comes with the exploration of another planet.

I liked to walk outside in the area and I was always full of hope to find something that some Marsian had perhaps dropped before thousands of years ago. Maybe his keys to his Marsmobile or a souvenir that he got from his wife and accidentally lost or a Martian movie CD, but maybe the key to a secret building or just a kind of chewing gum pack… My imagination, about such items , had no limits. In the meantime, I had also been able to build up a closer contact with a woman, who had also reported to this Ascension Commando from pure curiosity and enthusiasm. The fact of never being able to return was a shock for her family. This could almost be compared to a suicide – at least to the other people, to whom you said goodbye.

Somehow I liked the idea of simply being one of the first to colonize Mars. Of course, with the risk of really never returning and dying there. But isn’t it just an adventurous thought to experience your death on Mars? Who could say that he died on Mars? Well, I must admit, there was also boredom, always the same faces, you will see till you die, the same apparatuses, the boring food, the routine work with limited materials… all this was quite monotonous, but somehow could always do something.

Sure, there was no internet here, but laptops on which you could keep your video diary and several cameras in the camp that recorded our lifes and sent them to earth. The information arrived with 12 minutes delay on earth and could then be broadcasted on television. There was even a kind of radio phone that could be used to talk to relatives and friends, but the connection was allowed only once a week for 10 minutes if I remember correctly. Apart from that there was also the possibility to exchange movies over the internal network or to play games, which were mostly shooter or roll games. In this dream experience I received a lot of information and once again felt that I had spent days there, even if the dream lasted a maximum of hours. There were also several encounters with the other team members, entertainments, discussions and much more. There were of course also several scientists and my knowledge was very good in computer repairs and network administration. We had the best equipment here, but already in five years they would no longer be the youngest. Also, there was a small stock of spare parts, such as circuit boards, processors, fans, drives, cables and the like. After a few days, I awoke from this alternative reality and felt well rested. I looked at the clock and was amazed! It was already 9:50 am! I had actually spent quite a long time in this reality.


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