Reincarnation Memories

Reincarnated Boy recognizes Murderer

Near the Syrian-Israeli border in the Golan Heights, a three-year-old boy remembers, that he was killed with an ax in his previous life. The parents were very receptive to the topic reincarnation and were always wondering about a tiny thing on the boys head, which looked like a wound. So they went back with him to the village where the boy once lived. There the boy showed them exactly where his body was buried. After digging for some time, they actually found a buried skeleton. The head of the skeleton had a deep wound that could have been from an ax. But that was not enough, the boy remembered where the gun was buryed and the full name of the murderer. With the ax and the skeleton they confronted the murderer. He got pale and could not believe what is happening to him. He repentantly admitted his deed and asserted that it was a huge accident, which the boy then also confirmed…

After a while the boy remembered his own name, which he had in this past life. The villagers confirmed that exactly four years ago a man with that name, had been reported missing and could not be found. The villagers assumed that the man had moved to another city or crossed the border. According to the stated time of four years, the boy should have reincarnated again within a year.

Throughout the journey and research into this amazing and spectacular case, Dr. Eli Lasch was constantly present as a witness and doctor and recorded the events. Lasch died in 2009 and was very well known for his medical knowledge in this environment and had worked for the Israeli government for many years. Shortly before his death he passed on his knowledge to Trutz Hardo, who is now a well-known reincarnation researcher and regression therapist from Germany, and has collected some of those cases.



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