Today is Halloween and many people are asking about the origin of this strange festival. The origin can be traced back to Ireland, where the so-called Samhain Festival, which is called Halloween in England, is celebrated today. This festival, in effect, describes the opening of the doors between the normalContinue Reading

Yesterday I have got an email from a young man called Jimmy, who told me, that he has had encounters with an grey alien. He described me the alien according to these aliens, that have been often mentioned by abducted people, but we let him talk for himself… “I alwaysContinue Reading


From 1921-1922 the Swiss philosopher Paul Dienach was in coma in a hospital in Geneva, and when he awoke again, he had not only a new understanding of physics, he had lived as the famous physics teacher named Andrew Northam in the year 3906, Knowledge about 1.984 years of upcomingContinue Reading