Telepathy by spying atypical Thoughts During a conversation with a friend, I consciously paid attention to thoughts that do not correspond to my familiar image of the person, but with regard to my character and my knowledge of my own person. By comparing my being with his beeing, I couldContinue Reading


If there are two people at one place, they are often touched by the same fields of thoughts. The thought-fields also connect the persons and thus it often happens that both have the same thoughts and one or the other wonders about his own thoughts. I once visited a friendContinue Reading


You pick up your mobile phone, type a text message and send it. A second later, a signal sounds and the receiver can read your message. This is technologized telepathy. Devices are distributed among the people, so that they can transmit small messages independently of the location. If you transferContinue Reading


The fruit fly Goniurellia tridens is an amazing insect, since it carries very distinct engraved or tattooed ants by nature on it’s wings. When you look at photos, you immediately think that a Photoshop artist made that, but this is not the case. This fly really exists and is currentlyContinue Reading

true meaning of halloween

Today is Halloween and many people are asking about the origin of this strange festival. The origin can be traced back to Ireland, where the so-called Samhain Festival, which is called Halloween in England, is celebrated today. This festival, in effect, describes the opening of the doors between the normalContinue Reading

Yesterday I have got an email from a young man called Jimmy, who told me, that he has had encounters with an grey alien. He described me the alien according to these aliens, that have been often mentioned by abducted people, but we let him talk for himself… “I alwaysContinue Reading


I have been asked by several people, about this theory and my article (part 1) about the possibilities of such a poetic theory and why someone is thinking of something like this and is now trying to promote it so extensively. Interesting and questionable is the fact that the theoryContinue Reading


Right now a “new” theory is circulating through the internet and is trying to prove with all its power, that the Earth is not round at all, but flat. This theory originally came from antiquity and was shown up the last time around the turn of the century in orderContinue Reading


From 1921-1922 the Swiss philosopher Paul Dienach was in coma in a hospital in Geneva, and when he awoke again, he had not only a new understanding of physics, he had lived as the famous physics teacher named Andrew Northam in the year 3906, Knowledge about 1.984 years of upcomingContinue Reading