Dreamnight: Body-Shifting – Romeo and Juliette in Future

“Dreamnight” is a series in which I consciously concentrate on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience or in which I report an interesting or extraordinary dream or memories of my subconsciousness as well as telepathic connections to other people (dream spying).

This afternoon, I went to bed for a while and dreamed something that could have been a wonderful story or a science fiction movie… Maybe a movie producer will read this one day, and will make a beautiful movie out of it. But before I lose the mood that still dominates this charming dream journey, I would like to tell you about my experience…

As I said, I went to bed. The window in the bedroom was still open and I thought I’d just leave it open and listen to the twittering of the birds while I was slumbering. When I was so comfortable in my bed, listening to the many bird voices, I also heard a few children playing in the distance. Only slightly audible, but sometimes the sounds came to my ear. How magically, the birds and children’s voices carried me away…

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I left my physical body with my consciousness, hovering, like a bird, young and excited… I left Mother Earth, drifted through space and approached the solar system. In this system, several planets existed, just like ours, and two planets who made living possible. They were inhabited by human beings, but the inhabitants did not like each other. They were not in war with each other, but they did not want to have anything to do with each other and had been in dispute for thousands of years.

As I looked at these two planets, I could watch scenes on both surfaces and jumped back and forth as I liked. The system did not have the strong elliptical orbits around the sun like our solar system does, for which reason it was always pleasantly warm on one of the planets. The other planet, on the other hand, had a little bit more to deal with the cold, but the species on there were used to it, too. You could say that on one of the planets there was always summer and spring, while on the other there was always autumn and winter.

The warmer planet was much closer to the sun on its course than the other. Both planets were able to be flied with small spaceships, but this was rarely the case. To their appearance, I can say that they are hardly different among themselves. Unfortunately, I have forgotten the names of these two inhabitants, and I will choose the simplicity which might fit a little: the species of the summer planter I call the ‘Nerians’ and the inhabitants of the autumn planet I will call the ‘Lerians’.

The Nerians were very fond of wearing light brown suits that were dark brown on the sleeves and legs, but also liked to wear vertical stripes. Their shoes were often made of white fabric and if one of them had been brought to our planet, it would not have been noticed that this being was from a different solar system. Most Nerians lived in trees or in open buildings where everyone could look in. There was actually only “open living” and everyone could watch the others live, eat, dance and love. The children also lived in this way and the whole species was very natural.

The Lerians, on the other hand, often lived in stone houses, or even in built-up apartment buildings, which were very beautiful to look at. Their complexion was much paler than that of the Nerians and they wore clothing in different colors. There were no favors here, as with the Nerianers, and a lot of clothing was much more pompous and could have came from a fantasy movie. I could see long dresses or leather corsets with gold-colored metal eyes, equally angular shoulder-pads or fine embellishments with signs. They seemed more noble and perhaps even a little aristocratic, partly also very sexy with their tall, slender figures, almost manga-like. Both species lived very differently but were very similar in theirappearance. The Lerians looked a bit Swedish or Latvian, while the Nerians could have been more like Spaniards or Greeks.

Well, I ended up switching back and forth between the two planets, and I flew down to the Nerian planet. Just as the sun was setting, I hovered over a large meadow, past many dwelling-houses, I saw adults who brought their children to bed, lights that were slowly extinguished…

It seemed like they wake up with the animals go back to bed with them again. So my consciousness glided over this meadow, and I went to an apartment where a man sat on a chair and prepared himself to leave and tell the children a good-night story close by. Now I approached this man, he carried a great secret, and I became curious… So I penetrated his consciousness and connected myself to his mind… This ‘dream spying’ I do more frequently in my dreams, others would maybe call it astral pioneering or mind-shifting – which certainly would fit perfectly – but in my case this was just pure curiosity and I wanted to know what secret he had and who he was.

When I was fully attached to his consciousness, of course, completely unintentionally and without influencing him in any way in his will or actions, I could hear his thoughts and feelings. I forgot his name, of course, but I would like to call him Ben-Ki. This name would fit to him. He was already older, I would even say he was one of the oldest in the area he lived in and had an excellent reputation as a storyteller and teacher. Somehow he was like Obiwan Kinobi. Because of his many experiences, which he had already been able to gather in his life, he was able to draw on a wealth of information and experiences. From my point of view, I had actually chosen the right people to learn more about these two planets, which were as much in conflict as perhaps China and Japan, or even South and North Korea.

In his mind I was able to discover many interesting things! For example, I found out, that both species were able to control the ability of body shifting. This means that they could exchange the bodies, even if not for a very long time, and thus they were able to enjoy the world from the perspective of their parents, a friend or their beloved partner. It’s not like they’re going to ‘shift’ all day. They were used to it and did not do it that often. Sometimes it was used while having sex or when there was dispute to understand the other faster and better. In other situations, there were sometimes good opportunities for this interesting ability.

At this point I already sensed his ‘dark’ mystery, which he carried within himself. The children in his neighborhood were already waiting for the storyteller, who went around every evening to tell them about the adventures he had experienced. He left his apartment and when he was standing on the lawn, he made a loud noise, which reminded me of an animal. It was like a sign that he gave of himself so that the children knew he was approaching. Shortly thereafter he went to the children and sat down on a tree trunk near their apartments, so that they could also hear him. There were children’s voices calling for Ben-Ki to come, a soft whisper or a frantic giggle in the excitement. It was a special event when Ben-Ki once passed and talked about his adventures. They did not know if these adventures were only stories he had devised, or whether he had actually experienced them like that, but the children were totally indifferent. They were just curious about his exciting stories from the past. Ben-Ki, however, knew that every and each of his stories was true. But tonight he fought with himself, because the secret he carried around with himself, wanted to get out of him. He wanted to scream it out loud, but he feared that he might lose his reputation, perhaps his popularity. Parents could be angry and forbid him to continue telling the children stories. For the reason he was quarreling with himself. His secret, which he had been carrying around for several weeks, was that he was in telepathic contact with two children. These two children, if I had to estimate them, were perhaps around the age of 12, and they liked each other very much. They were a girl and a boy. This was certainly not a fault, but the boy was Nerian and the girl Lerian.

They had met by coincidentally on a lake while their parents were doing foreign trade. The boy had been bored and went for a walk on a lake. He could not know that a ship of the Lerians had landed near this lake, trying to get something to the foreign trade post, which might have been of interest. The girl of the Lerians probably had the same idea and also went to the lake. There they met for the first time and all prejudices, quarrels between the peoples and misunderstandings that had existed for millennia had disappeared as soon as they looked at each other. They felt instantly attracted and could not explain that. They seemed to be spiritual twins who belonged to each other. They hardly talked, because the communication was mostly telepathic. At that moment, the two had to discover that their telepathic abilities were stronger than usual for their respective species. More than that, as they stood up against each other, body-shifting automatically entered and they changed the bodies. Now everyone could see the other from the body of the species that seemed so hated. They liked it and decided at this memorable moment to keep this body shifting. When her parents called them back, they did not know that they did not take their own child home…

This was the secret that the man carried inside him. He loved the story and their encounter, and regarded it as a sign of peace, which should finally intervene between the two species. But how could he make it clear to a world that still lived too much in quarrel and strife with the other species? Should he simply make a fictitious story out of it and tell the children so that no one would suspect anything, or should he rather stay with his own stories he had been telling for years? In any case, these two children were not only in telepathic contact with one another, but also with Ben-Ki, who always helped them with advice and action. In addition, these two children were not only more telepathically advanced but also in the use of the ability of body shifting. They had not changed so far, and for weeks each of them lived in the body of the other. Normally, this could only be done for minutes or a maximum of half an hour. The two children were thus connected in a mysterious and magical way, and it could not be a coincidence that they had both these enormous and enhanced abilities. With their talent of body-shifting, they were able to learn about the life and customs that prevailed on the other planet. They were the cornerstone for the understanding of the two worlds, and they experienced incredible things when they lived the life of the other. Fortunately, they could telepathically exchange when one of them did not know how to behave in a particular situation. It was an exciting adventure for the two children, completely free of charge and without prejudice. No one imputed to the other any deeds or made him responsible for the past … They simply lived the life of the other and for them it was an adventure…

And to whom else should one tell such a magical and almost unbelievable adventure, if not the old Ben-Ki? While the man was still in dispute with what he should tell the children this time, he decided to compromise. He told the children a story in which two children, who lived very far apart, were able to find each other through the ability of body shifting. And while I heard him talking, he suddenly came to know me very well, and I had to realize that he belonged to the same totality of the self as I did. Thus, we too were both magically linked and at that moment, through the power of dreaming, we were even literally one…


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