What is Dissociation? what is spiritual dissociation?

For Beginners: What is Dissociation? What is Spiritual Dissociation?

For beginners: What is dissociation, what is spiritual dissociation and what is constructive dissociation and what is the difference?

The dissociation is divided into several points in order to be able to define it more precisely:

1. The dissociation

Dissociation is demonized in psychology and is presented as a personality disorder with various effects from which it is imperative to be cured. Psychology is also trying to apply dissociation increasingly negatively to people with spiritual experiences.

As an example: someone who perceives a deceased person as a “ghost” in a room or hears a voice that others cannot hear is immediately portrayed in psychology as a person with schizoid personality disorder. For example, people who believe that they can remember other lives or temporarily try to assume or live the role from a previous life are diagnosed in psychology as having “psychosis”.

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For this reason, no understanding or a constructive solution can be expected from psychology, but rather it is only concerned with portraying spiritual and extrasensory perceptions as pathological. In addition, it is also an attractive salary for a psychologist or psychiatrist as soon as a new patient beckons.

2. Constructive dissociation

Constructive dissociation is a positive application of dissociation by being able to use it in a controlled manner. You can also learn to control the dissociative attacks and only allow them when you are ready for them and when you are in a quiet and pleasant environment and not at work or in an important conversation.
With the help of constructive dissociation it is also possible to shape your personal reality better and more positively. This can refer, for example, to love, work, career, health and wealth. This means that with constructive dissociation you can shape your own reality.

3. Spiritual dissociation

Spiritual dissociation is almost the same as constructive dissociation, but is used for the development of paranormal and spiritual abilities, i.e. for learning lucid dreaming, astral travel, clairvoyance, telepathy, etc. The technical approach is just different than constructive dissociation.

What causes dissociation?

Humans think around 60,000 thoughts every day. These have an electromagnetic reality, i.e. they are estimated to take up around 80% of people’s daily available mental energy. The 80% mentioned is mostly based on association, i.e. you arrange the knowledge you have acquired in information chains. For example, as soon as someone says something about Egypt, some experiences or information that have a connection with Egypt come to mind. This is exactly what is called associating.

The opposite of this is dissociation, i.e. you temporarily deactivate association or thinking and imagining for a short period of time. The mentioned 80% mental energy is stored up at this moment because it is temporarily no longer used for thinking. This energetic dam causes pressure in the electromagnetic field, which can manifest itself in trembling, shivering, sweating and a sharpened and expanded perception.

As soon as the blocking of the association is stopped, the dam breaks and the pent-up mental energy suddenly rushes into consciousness. This process triggers a very interesting effect, namely it catapults the consciousness into altered and heightened states of consciousness, triggers clairvoyant moments or many other extrasensory perceptions. This process can also be observed when using mind-expanding substances, but provides far fewer control options.

Is dissociation dangerous?

The dissociation is not dangerous, but the person’s reactions can become dangerous. For this reason, you should think carefully about whether you want to learn constructive or spiritual dissociation. The perceptions in the expansion of consciousness triggered by dissociation can show wonderful things, but also frightening ones. People with an unstable psyche, who like to see themselves as victims of circumstances or who like to run to a psychologist or doctor straight away when something is wrong or who are not at all spiritually oriented should avoid dissociation and turn to other techniques.

So what is dissociation?

Strictly speaking, dissociation is a superhero ability, a paranormal or supranormal ability. Every superhero who became aware of his ability feared it, demonized it and wanted to get rid of it. It’s not much different with dissociation.

So Spiderman fights with Peter Parker and Superman fights with Clark Kent, an inner conflict between the everyday self and the inner superhero. Having a super ability is a blessing or a blessing. How you decide for yourself once you have discovered your own superpower is up to you.

The matrix blogger has been practicing the use of constructive and spiritual dissociation in a controlled and conscious manner for many years and considers this to be the most effective method for expanding consciousness.

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