Alien Fake Invasion – Is it coming now?

The Alien Fake Invasion is now on everyone’s lips as the mainstream media is now suddenly talking about unknown flying objects. But what is there to it?

It’s funny, because for umpteen years the “alien hats” have been desperately trying to inform humanity that we humans are not alone in the universe and that aliens really do exist. But now finally the mainstream media is openly writing about unknown flying objects over Alaska, Canada, USA, China and many other countries, but the UFO enthusiasts suddenly declare that these sightings from the mainstream media are fake.

UFOs shot down – origin unknown

There are many indications that the shootings of unknown flying objects over Alaska and Canada propagated in the mainstream media have actually taken place. President Biden had given the order to shoot down the unknown objects in order to secure national security and civil air traffic.
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Meanwhile, there are said to be 3 objects that appear to have been shot down:

  • Thursday, Feb. 9: Flying object spotted over Alaska, shot down a day later.
  • Friday, February 10: Cylindrical flying object spotted over Canada, shot down Saturday off US border.
  • Sunday, February 12: Flying object shot down over Lake Huron in U.S.-Canadian border area.

Fake speeches then surfaced on the Internet showing President Biden standing in front of his lectern announcing that humanity was most likely facing an alien invasion.

Ultimately, Biden stated that it was still not confirmed where the objects had come from. Aliens, however, were not really being considered.

Now, alien invasions can be marveled at for decades in science fiction movies. One thinks for example of one of the classics called “Independence Day” with Will Smith. Here, too, you discover a massive invasion of aliens that are overly interested in Earth.
The first Alien Invasions

One of the latest movies about alien invasions are the Hollywood smash hits “The 5th Wave” and “Invasion”. The first movie was “The Thing from Another World” from 1951.

But in 1938, on October 30, there was already the first attempt to shock the American population with a mock alien invasion on Halloween. Radio hosts sent out a broadcast in which an invasion was played as if they had just landed on Earth. Orson Welles had used the book of H.G. Wells’ 1897 classic “War of the Worlds” to deliver this radio broadcast.

Since the American citizens were not told that this was just theatrics, a panic broke out in the country.

The UFO sightings after this event became more frequent and especially since the Roswell crash in 1947, which even today is always a topic on the Internet.

Aliens do not exist

The U.S. government tasked the CIA and other agencies to undermine belief in extraterrestrials. Witnesses were threatened and bribed to keep their UFO sightings to themselves and not go to the press. It was important to make humans believe that they were the only species in space. The theory of evolution further supported this.

But for some years now they seem to have changed their minds, at least since the beginning of the attempt to install a one-world government. The US ex-president Ronald Reagan declared in 1985, 1986 and 1987 during a speech that the peoples of the earth would certainly all stick together if mankind would be threatened by an alien invasion. Exactly on this the so-called Alien Fake Invasion invokes itself.

Since the aliens obviously have no interest in a First Contact with the earth, an alien invasion would have to be faked, so that the peoples of this earth would be more interested in having a common government installed over the whole planet.

In order to prepare this accordingly, science fiction films in which an alien invasion was made the topic appeared increasingly in the last years. Even today, such films enjoy great popularity.

In general, people’s great interest in movies is used to spread narratives, i.e. ideas to induce a certain reality. A good example is just the possibility that aliens want to take over the planet Earth.

When you can’t present basic evidence or build references to history, it is necessary for one agenda or another to bring probable realities into people’s minds. This not only starts with underpinning the history told to people, but can also be used for viruses and diseases of all kinds.

For example, if enough people have seen movies about viruses, even if they know it has been science fiction, then at least the information has been spread collectively. Because a science fiction can quickly become reality. Whether it is then all true as described in the films is then another question.

Therefore, the preparation for and an implementation of an Alien Fake Invasion is certainly very attractive when it comes to move the people to a global government. This knew evenly also already Ronald Reagan.
Dr. Stephen Greer from Sirius Disclosure

Stephen Greer is certainly one of the best known UFO researchers who assume that an Alien Fake Invasion could be initiated. He thinks that such an invasion could well be created using new technology, called Blue Beam, to fool the masses.

Projects that are being planned here are as follows:

1. Alien fake invasion – attack by aliens, coupled with the Blue Beam Project.

2. Positive Alien Fake Invasion – Pandemics and wars ravage Earth, suddenly First Contact comes with “benevolent” aliens offering solutions. Staged by some governments of the Earth

3. Messiah Blue Beam Project – The Messiah comes to Earth and is visible in the sky for all to see.

Certainly, the choice from these options has already been decided, but one of these three is the most likely.

So we can at least look forward to looking into the astonished faces of those who have always redundantly denied the existence of aliens so far – even if it won’t be a real alien invasion.
Statement of the Aluhüte

Aluhüte is a popular “swear word”, just like the term “conspiracy theorist”, which was put into the world by the CIA, and which is gladly used even if one believes in UFOs and aliens. But surprisingly, the “alien hats” do not take advantage of the current hype about a possible alien invasion, but come up with a startling statement about these sightings:

“So that there is no confusion: The aluhats who have always believed in UFOs don’t believe in the UFOs the mainsteam media is reporting right now, and those who never believed in UFOs now believe in these downed flying objects.”

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