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Human and Animal Science: Time and the Human Death Drive

The human cell, divides itself unceasingly until a certain year of life. After this, the cells introduce this continuous division step by step. The result of this is the aging of the body, which begins at latest at the age of 30. What is happening here and why does aging begin at all? Wouldn’t it be much nicer if you just grow up till you are 30 and then at that age just live 100 years and then die? Also what happens exactly during the aging process? How does it happen that the cells start to think, they no longer have to divide?

In cell division, genes are continuously divided, consisting of two strands. Each strand acts like a copier, which is threaded until it finds its matching counterpart and then doubles it. The copy is not quite as correct and pure as the original, but comes very close. First of all, the principle of cell division and the constant re-creation of daughter cells is not very different from the principle of the creation of alternative realities or of “reality copies”. The original reality is divided into several alternative realities or copies of itself. Everyone who exists on our planet has now become the product of a multiply copied reality. He has long since left the original reality. Don’t think, that the original reality was the period of time where you werea baby. The time we perceive it has been trained and is integrated into our own perception by a causal chain. Thus we experience everything in the order of the time we know.

We go to school first and then we work. We have to make a driving license and then drive a car. We have to get up early in the morning to have lunch and dinner. Everyone of us knows that when you put your hand on a hot plate, you will burn your hand. Each of these actions is strictly ordered. However, this sequence is a perceptual programming. As Albert Einstein said, “Time is relative” and this is completely true. Thus, the original reality is independent of the development stage of the physical body. This reality may well have included an adult body from which the different temporal states or the biological developmental phases of the body have appeared in copied realities.Again and again the origins of the origin split up and produced a high number of probable existences or alternative realities in which the body experiences a different development.


The same is true for the mind, who is creating other spiritual realities with his thoughts and emotions. Mind and body go hand in hand here, and they share more and more, until a huge network of realities has been created. The aging process does not occur because the cells can no longer divide, but because the development of the mind within the physical level reaches its limits. The division of reality ( also like cell division) decreases, since the human mind or the personality develops a natural wish for death. This wish is responsible for the aging process. For no other reason we do age. The power of the mind or the thoughts forces not only the division of realities and cell division, but also brings them to an end with time. The personality wants to back to its original reality and this activates the death drive.

Of course, you do not throw yourself out of the nearest window or jump from a building, but the death drive has a nearly natural sequence, which gradually penetrates. Thus the aging process is really slow. Some people who become impatient sometimes decide to accelerate the natural death drive. In this case you speak of suicide. I reported about suicide in another article. Now one could say, that the moment of death is not always intentionally caused, but by the natural death drive must inevitably occur. But keep in mind, that the death drive was only activated by the mind, which decided to move to death from a certain point in time.

The mentioned realities and cell divisions can also be observed in the macrocosm. The many galaxies are streaming out and originally originated from a reality and have multiplied. Whole star clusters with billions of suns have developed and are hunting through the universe. At the same time, there is also a huge range of alternative universes, which turned out to be copies of the original universe. Even our solar system is not a stable model, which remains constantly in the same place in the universe, it moves in unison with the galaxy spirally towards an unknown target. We are racing incessantly in a spiral with a third light velocity through space. The best feeling to visualize this, was when I saw the pilot movie “The Cage” by Spaceship Enterprise. You have propably seen a lot of episodes from this series, but never the pilot movie, which is plausible, since the pilot movie was lost forever and the suddenly emerged out of nowhere after decades. It was filled with completely different actors, and the effect was an excellent analogy to what I’m about to convey here. So if you know this series well but you have never seen the pilot movie, could now experience a small revelation. Because in a TV series it is not different, as far as the principle is concerned, because there is a pilot movie (original) from which then countless copies (episodes) arise. Perhaps you can now, by the means of my descriptions, recognize the principle of duplication, as it takes place on all levels and dimensions of reality, whether in the microcosm or the macrocosm, on a biological or psychical level.


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