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The Hollow Earth: The Legend (Part 1)


The legend that there exists a world within our world, the so-called hollow earth, and that there are openings at the poles of our earth, through which one can enter into this inner strange world, is very old. The Dalai Lama once got a key to the city of Shambalah, which also exists in the […]

Reincarnation Memory: The pirate Bride (Afterthoughts)


Yesterday Daria wrote me an e-mail in which she told me to be able to remember a slightly comparable dream the same night. She told me that she had been in a pub near a harbor and had been waiting for someone. But instead of someone coming, she was harassed by a man. Instead of […]

Reincarnation Memory: The pirate Bride


“Reincarnation Memories” has to do with my other lifes in the past as well as in the future, recalled dreams that have the subject of reincarnation. My memories are not invented, they are dreamt or experienced in altered states of consciousness. I was in a strange spelunce. Around me sat strangely dressed some men. They […]

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