Dream Spying: The old Stargates


Dream Spying is a special kind of dreaming in which you can connect your consciousness to the consciousness of someone else. The person, you are connected to, doesn’t know that it is spied on…

The following dream is probably refered to the two dreams “The Stargate of Yuri” and a dream part of “20 lucid dreams in one night“, in which I could listen to a conversation of a general and someone else, talking about an existing Stargate (these experiences will follow soon). It seems like either a part of my self is living in a reality that has to do with the authentic “Stargate Project” or I occasionally connect myself with the consciousness of a soldier who always works with this project…

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Time Manipulation within Dreams

fringe dream science

Time reversal effects in dreams seem to occur frequently. In this case, certain scenes are played through and if the outcome of the situation in the dream reality is unfavorable, simply the time is turned back and the scene is re-experienced. In doing so, several different behaviors are played through to see what course they have. As a rule, it appears to be a satisfactory conclusion of the respective situation:

Dream of 7th October 2010:

I am on the way to a friend. I know she’s in a car and is waiting for me. When I arrived, I saw a man with a hooded pullover standing at her car, pulling it out and killing it. I had just arrived too late and could not help her. Suddenly, I decide to turn back the time and organize my previous behaviors so that I arrive in time to warn her. In the next pass I was able to warn her so early and we were able to flee.

Other time-shifting effects also occur repeatedly. Time travel, manipulation of time, calculable and incalculable time shift:

Dream of 17.2.2009

Then two soldiers came. They came to me with a grin, and they embraced each other in a friendly manner.

“Hello, soldier, come with us! We’ll go for a drink!”

It was a strange situation, especially as I had expected the worst.

A few moments later, the two soldiers had already embraced me and together I went to the city center. Completely unhappy we met three more men. They stood in our way. But they were friendly.

I wondered about their strange clothes. They seemed so authentic and dirty.

“These are the three from the other time,” said one of the soldiers.

Then I realized and became much clearer the dream situation. The three men had just made a time trip and hoped for a small sightseeing tour.

“And what do we do with them?” one of the soldiers asked.

“The best way to show them around is the old town. They will perhaps recognize one or the other” I suggested, and we left immediately.

As we walked through the old town, our time-traveling visitors always showed things they knew well from their time and had not changed. They did not seem to like the innovations, like altered buildings or posters on the doors. So they began to ignore these things and concentrated only on what was familiar to them. So we walked for hours through the old town and laughed at their reactions. It was a nice evening.

Somehow I woke up in my bed. It was still dark outside. I thought about how I could handle this dream so much. Then I understood what had happened. From a certain moment I had changed the reality and time and it was not noticeable to me. Likewise, time accelerations are always part of the perception at certain levels of dreams:

Dream of 8 January 2010

I suddenly saw the constant sunrises and sunsets in a timelapse. I looked at it and wondered, why it was passing so fast. On other planets, for example on the outer orbits, a revolution takes place around the sun, which means every year, much longer. I asked myself, how long people would live on such planets if they were ten, twenty or hundreds of times long. I once again became aware of how short the life of a human is on Earth and that perhaps the 80 years of life you have is really not much.

As I watched the Earth from outer space as it drew its continual orbits around the sun and the years just rushed, I suddenly felt the Earth as a being! It was an unbelievably warm and loving feeling that emanated from it and it touched me. How wonderful this planet is… so I felt it now clearly. But only a few seconds later I felt even more, it was as if someone would speak to me or even give me something nonverbal…

Other forms of time manipulation in a variety of ways:

Dream of 15 November 2008:

The next moment I changed the time. I could bend and stretch, speed up and slow down, just as I liked it. A few seconds later the country had changed around us. It seemed as if we were in a far-away past, but then we were in the future and saw the strangest flying objects in the sky. Then our time journey ended and no one could tell anymore which time it was. In the distance we saw a storm raging. Dark clouds, lightnings and violent thunder ripped the silence. Suddenly the sky was torn in two, and a silver-colored, brightly lit gap with a diameter of several kilometers appeared from nowhere, and millions of small, gold-luminous objects streamed out of it.

In summary of these dream experiences with time it can be said that time can be manipulated in many ways:

1. Time Travelling

Here you travel into the past or into the future. Sometimes for minutes, hours or days, but also years and centuries.

2. Time Lapse

The time is turned faster, it is like a form of a fast forward. In a dream, I was able to use this ability to place myself in a place and to move to the past in a timelapse to see if a person or object ever came to this place.

3. Time Stretching

The time is slowed down and thus much more elements of a single scene can be perceived. Things that have usually escaped are suddenly apparent. This can also be used to capture a person more closely in his personality structure.

4. Time Jumps

During time jumps you skip certain sequences, similar to the time-lapse, but skip entire sequences. It is possible to create perceptual breaks, in order not to perceive certain elements.

5. Time Parallels

In the case of time parallels, a certain sequence of perceptions can be perceived several times, which means the same scene is perceived in several variations simultaneously or successively.

6. Time Distortions

These appear when two realities meet with different time sequences. This can occur, for example, when a deceased tries to gain access to the physical reality. Spooky phenomena also fall under it. Stories about spooks, which are reported to appear at night at a certain time a ghost, is an indication. If a haunting ghost appears at midnight and appears for a few minutes, perhaps even every night, then there is no continuous haunting phenomenon since the time distortions do not make a longer stay possible. For this reason, no spooky scenario can last forever.

7. Time Loops

To be in a time loop means that you always perceive a particular situation or sequence. In a dream, a time-lapse becomes very fast. You play through a situation and experience it again and again. Even recurring nightmares can be viewed as a time loop. A time loop does not presuppose that you constantly perpetually perceive a situation, but rather experience it from time to time. It is interesting at this point, if you observe your daily life on time loops, because this is also not free of it. Certain patterns in which you can fall in again or again, or certain scenes, which you have often experienced in life, can be regarded as time loops.

8. Time Acceleration

Here the time accelerates itself and things and beings can be perceived that normally are invisible for our mind and senses.

9. Time Stops

It is also possible to stop or freeze the time. A quite unpleasant feeling, as I can report from my own experience. In this case, the environment and/or people can be frozen to achieve a certain effect or change the scene in a dream, or to choose to wake up in physical reality. In emergency situations you can also stop the time and decide to rewind, in order to perhaps change the scene in retrospect.

I would say these are the most common time manipulations that are possible in a dream. Some of these time manipulation forms are also present in everyday life,  which means in the physical reality. For this, however, a very sensitive perception is required in order to discover clues.

Dream Archive: The Silver Door


“From the dream archive” is always a dream or a consciousness experience that I experienced many years ago that left a huge impression. I would like to remind you that these interesting dreams are not part of the past, and readers can always read them whenever they want.

Sunday, April 11, 1999, 4.00-5.45 and 7.00-10.30
I had a visitor until 3 a.m. and then I went to bed at 4 a.m. I had been completely dizzy and staggered right into the bathroom to get ready for the bed. When I was finally laying in bed and relaxed, a different personality rose inside me. It seemed ancient and like dying the very next moment. It seemed like a leap into the distant future where I would lie in bed as an old man and wait for the death. Exactly this condition corresponded to this feeling…

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Dream-Program: Dream Interpretation (Part 2)

techniques for lucid dreaming and astral journeys

Now you certainly took a few days and you could collect a few dreams, which you hopefully wrote down. So we are exploring the dreams about elements that do not occur in everyday life now. Perhaps a dog turned into a cat or ran straight from the bedroom to the street. Someone was standing next to the bed and the bed was incomprehensibly in a grain field or a good friend behaved completely differently than he would do in normal everyday life. We therefore mark in our dream diary the points red, which contain such disagreements. After this has been done, the symbolism in dreams is now being sought. What symbols are in the dream? In order to determine this, you consider the dream as a whole and give it a title. I would like to use an older dream to demonstrate it directly by an example:

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Dream-Program: Dream Memory (Part 1)

techniques for lucid dreaming and astral journeys

An Oneironaut is therefore someone who has enough motivation and interest to explore the world of dreams. Most people do not really care about dreams, unless there are recurring nightmares or they are so intense and lively that they have to tell about it. Likewise, it is customary to regard the dreams as less real, because they are lower in their quality of experience or perceptual quality than the waking state. This is usually considered to be less real, which also has a lesser quality. Even the memories of a drink with friends are sometimes reminiscent of the alcohol by means of the alcohol and thus certain experiences are questioned more intensively during this time and considered as unclear and perhaps even as unreal…

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Questions and Answers: Why are we so uncritically within our Dreams?


“Questions and Answers” is a sub- heading to ask questions that you would like to have answered. These can be part of all the topics, which are in the form of headings on my blog. If you have a question, please ask and tell me if you want to be mentioned by your name. It is also possible to simply type the question as a comment below.

Question from Louis: “Dreams are sometimes somewhat abstract and things happen that are not logical in everyday life. For example I dreamed recently that I was doing something secret in the middle of a mass of people, and even when everyone was looking, no one noticed it. In everyday life it would definitely be noticeable and past the secret! If this was a parallel everyday world, can we assume that in some parallel everyday situations we have a differently functioning brain, which is perhaps not capable of recognizing logical connections? How does it happen that dreams are often not noticed in dreams, even not the dreaming one is recognizing it, that certain things should not work.

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Question and Answers: Pets in the Beyond?


“Questions and Answers” is a sub- heading to ask questions that you would like to have answered. These can be part of all the topics, which are in the form of headings on my blog. If you have a question, please ask and tell me if you want to be mentioned by your name. It is also possible to simply type the question as a comment below.

Question: “What happens to the pets after death? Are they coming into the hereafter or what happens to them? And when they come into the hereafter, do they go to the intermediate plane or twilight zone and, like the people who have died, do not immediately rise to the middle astral plane? “(Question from Heidi)

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Question and Answers: Are Lucid Dreamers more clever?


 “Questions and Answers” is a sub-heading to ask questions that you would like to have answered. These can be part of all the topics, which are in the form of headings on my blog. If you have a question, please ask and tell me if you want to be mentioned by your name. It is also possible to simply type the question as a comment below.

Question: “Jonathan, what do you think are conscious creators in these realities? Are they deceased in the astral plane? Rather not right? Why don’t the unconscious dreamers have the same abilities as the conscious dreamers? And why are these persons so much dumber than a conscious dreamer? After all, they look like ordinary people? I am interested in what you think about it. “(Question from Philip)

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Memories: The Magical Nuts


I would like to tell you about the magical nuts. Like everything in my diary, this is also a true story…

About four weeks ago I was in the Ravenna Canyon in Germany near Freiburg. There you can drive to a parking lot and then walk along some hiking trails or you can eat very good food in a 3 star hotel. A really nice environment. The most beautiful way is through the Ravenna Canyon with its many rocks, beautiful forest paths , a powerful stream and a big viaduct. The famous writer Goethe and Marie-Antoinette were already here in the 18th century and have walked along the same paths…

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Dreamnight: Alien Attack

dreamnight lucid dreaming astral journey

“Dreamnight” is a series in which I consciously concentrate on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience or in which I report an interesting or extraordinary dream or memories of my subconsciousness as well as telepathic connections to other people (dream spying).

I was traveling with a friend in a small town unknown to me. It was a little hilly in the area, but no mountains in sight. We could look down into the small town from where we were standing. Perhaps a good 10,000 inhabitants. We then went on. Then we noticed, at the same time, a huge shadow that darkened all the sunlight. At first I thought of a cloud, but the shadow seemed so dark that it could not be. So we looked up and saw a huge space ship…

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