“Dreamnight” is a series in which I consciously concentrate on experiencing a lucid dream or an out-of-body experience or in which I report an interesting or extraordinary dream or memories of my subconsciousness as well as telepathic connections to other people (Dream spying).

In the night I awoke from a glaring light that had paved it’s way through my closed eyelids. It was hard to describe how bright this light was, anyway so bright that I woke up. I automatically changed into my astral body and an invisible force that emanated from this light made me float effortlessly and completely automatically. As a result, the light grew brighter and more powerful, so that it now flooded me completely. It permeated me so that I immediately knew that this was my final detachment from my physical body…

I thought: “Okay, that’s it! A bit suddenly, but well… then it should be so…”

I was drawn to this glimmering light. It was like a pull that came from it and the closer I came to the source of this light, the more it seemed to purge me. I was filled with love and felt instantly one with the whole world. I also felt a deep gratitude to the beautiful world in which I could live in all these years. I also sensed this profound gratitude to all the people with whom I spent time and who had accompanied me a bit in life and also to all of those I met in general.

The light purged me so intensely, that my whole ego disappeared and at that moment I loved anyone who I have met in my life, even those people I did not liked that much before. At that moment, I knew that everyone had played his role assigned to him in my life, in order to broaden my consciousness, to learn, to understand, to transcend and to dissolve. There was not a person I refused or disliked in any way. I felt with every fiber of my astral body that every human being in this world had his own right to exist and that nature and animals were always receiving it with open arms, no matter how ruthless or egoistic it encountered the world. This unselfish love of nature and animals was so immense that it moved me a lot. Most people are not aware of this fact at all, and they believe that they have split up or removed themselfes from nature. But, in reality, Nature has never let the humans down, and has always welcomed and sheltered everyone. Mother Earth is there for everyone, otherwise we would not exist on this beautiful planet at all. This astonishingly simple logic was the one that Mother Earth has been carrying as a basic principle in her heart for millions of years. Even if humanity were to be pulverized by a self-inflicted nuclear war, the unselfish love of Mother Earth would not be weakened by a quintchen. And precisely this fact and above all knowledge, purifies every human being in his last moments on Earth as soon as he dies, leaves his physical body and changes into the astral body.


It triggers a kind of reflection, which can not be described by words, and at the same time it represents a kind of initiation for the transition to the beyond.

I was without any weapon, naked and open… and so I said goodbye to all people I learned to know in my life and I prepared myself for what was to come…

I was anxious to see who would pick me up when I arrive at the end of the tunnel… but suddenly the light got weaker and I opened my eyes… in my bed at home.

At first I was a bit irritated, I had finished my life and just said goodbye to everyone, but I was suddenly abruptly sent back. No voice that told me:

“Hey, your job on earth is not yet fulfilled, you better go back…” or “Mr. Dilas, would you like to stay with us or would you rather like to return?” I am God and who are you?” and there was also no voice of a relative who said: “There you are, finally! What kept you so long?”, however, there was only a commentless return to the physical body.

I was very grateful for this experience and if there was something in my life I thought about, it had just disappeared in comfort and in the realization that it had no real value. These were wonderful minutes and they had once again demonstrated to me that life can be fascinating and charmingly beautiful if you allow it to.

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Dreamnight: A sudden Near-Death Experience