“Activation of the pineal gland” is one of my research series, with me as a test rabbit, dealing with the decalcification of the pineal gland and in which I report on the results of my progress.

I recently have been touched on the fact, that some people have already had frequent experiences with the stimulation of the pineal gland, although they have consumed extensively fluorides just like everyone else. This is, of course, not the same in my case. So far, I have taken all sorts of water all my life, using common toothpastes and salt and yet my pineal gland has always been very active in my case. For this reason, this series also runs under the category “Own Research” to test this very precisely. I am anxious to see what happens when I try out these recommended procedures for my abilities so far. Is the pineal gland even more stimulated or even activated forever?

Earlier, I was once again able to stimulate my pineal gland quite strongly. Again, these patterns appeared before my eyes, this silver-colored grass and amorphous patterns. Sometimes I recognized faces and other forms. A moment later my consciousness was in a corridor. It looked quite dark and had a red runner on the floor, and several closed doors, which left the right and left. There was a woman looking down into the corridor. I could see her from obliquely behind.


Then she turned and said, “Shall I dance for you?”

A few seconds later I was back in my bed. This had been a very strange and weird moment, obviously torn completely out of context. I did not know the woman at all, she was a stranger for me. Then I concentrated.


After about twenty minutes, I suddenly got into a sleep paralysis without a warning. I could not move any more. This, of course, is known to me, but it was a bit surprised by the suddenness and that immediately followed the perception that four beings had suddenly entered my bedroom. They had come through the wall, which had opened and they were definitely extraterrestrials. These little grays…They came to my bed and held my arms and legs. I did not like this at all, so I applied a certain technique that could immediately drive the Grays crazy. In fact, they had disappeared seconds later.

On the night after, and with another stimulation of the pineal gland, suddenly a man stood beside me! He looked down at me and shouted loudly, “Come on, come on, you shadow!”

Immediately, sensible vibrations appeared in my body. But they were quite gentle and unfamiliar fast. At least four or five per second. I tried to scan the person, but all I found was that he was male and had visited me several times and said this sentence. I wondered who he was and who he meant? Did he mean me or had he discovered something at me that he wanted to get out of me? Perhaps, I thought, it was the astral hitch hiker. But with him, I assumed that he had already gone a long time ago.

These were some of the experiences I have experienced in my special exercises lately. In doing so, I have designed a whole new technique to systematically activate the pineal gland and which I train in addition to the fluoride renunciation. It is a little comprehensive, but very effective, as I think.

The experience with the four extraterrestrials I found very interesting. Many people who experiment with their pineal glands often come into contact with extraterrestrials or experience something with them. I was not surprised at the fact that I also deal with this topic. I have already realized that everything is connected to one another, and therefore also the expansion of consciousness and the complete UFO story. Everything is a puzzle piece of a huge picture, which seems to fit together more and more. The ego, that is, the state of consciousness of everyday life, simply is not capable of looking at something holistically – at least not by conventional means – that is why its daily main activity is presumption, guessing, estimating and judging.

Once, however, you start activating your pineal gland, which means the third eye on a symbolic level, the ego just gets another eye to its two physical eyes. It can see more than all the other people, but the perceptions are not always pleasant, there may also be frightening elements.

This is part of the personal development and stimulation of the pineal gland. I have already read about people whose girly glands suddenly activated themselves and could see the deceased or the light beings who were standing at their beds or even appeared in the middle of their office at work. There were then discussions, whether they should show themselves there or not or that they should go better forever. Anyone who is thus concerned with the pineal gland, should be aware that the path may be stony. Opening your own inner multidimensional portal can invite many prayers, but also unwanted guests.


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