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The articles on dreams, lucid dreaming, out-of-body experiences, pineal gland, consciousness research, and awareness enhancement in general, have been explored by myself most of the time using my mental abilities and twenty years of training on these topics. In addition, I have contacts with many people who are also expanding their awareness and receive almost daily emails with hints and reports from all over the world. However, the topics about aliens and UFOs, if not explored, can sometimes contain distorted information when they are brought to me by others and researched. If, in the course of time, doubts arise about a specific article, I will try to point it out later in my own intervention, if some information was not passed on correctly.


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Many of the articles written and published here are research areas that are still fairly new and unexplored. They show how I have worked in detail and what the results have been (for example, the series on the pineal gland and in general all the articles in the category “research”). My research is for information only. Anyone who mimics my research, overdoses it by any means, falls ill or even dies or receives any other mental or physical problems, is responsible for it. My publications in the blog are only for the theoretical consideration of the topic and should demonstrate how I could apply it to myself practically. I expressly distance myself from the responsibility of the decisions of my blog readers who apply these practices to themselves. Everyone acts on their own responsibility. Imitation so at your own risk!

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