Offered Workshops

1. Astral Travel I – The “Monroe Workshop”*

The Monroe Workshop “Astral Travel I” with the topics of astral travel, Near-Death-Experiences, Retrieving and altered states of consciousness is the ideal start to become acquainted with the subject of astral travelling or journeys and the beyond. Astral travelling has always fascinated people and can clearly prove that a life after death exists. Every human being has to deal with his astral body at the latest after his death, the body with which one can enter the beyond. However, anyone who wants to enter the many levels of the beyond or the astral world can learn this with some simple techniques that Jonathan Dilas himself has tested and declared for the best. Many people have already thanked him for his help in gaining unbelievable experiences and the seriousness of the idea of a non-existence after death, or simply to experience such adventurous experiences. They were able to experience with their own eyes that death is not the end. At this workshop, Jonathan exclusively takes the participants out of their physical bodies (if they want to)!

2. Astral Travel II – The “Carrol Workshop”*

This is the Carrol Workshop “Astral Travel II” with the subjects astral travelling, pineal gland (3rd eye), your personal mentor, Akasha Chronicles, consciousness current, PSI attacks and light sparkels. This is an additional workshop on the base of Astral Travels I and can also be visited by beginners as it is complementary. The order of these two workshops is therefore not decisive. There are many techniques that you can learn, as well as a sleep break and a meeting at night. Jonathan will contact his personal mentor Sonya, so that he can pull each participant out of his body at night with her. At the same time, the mentors of the participants are contacted and tried to find a contact with them. “Astral Travel II” is the opportunity not only to get to know its mentor or personal teacher but also to open up new avenues, with your astral body (or electrical body) with which one can visit the distant astral planes, build contacts to strange beings and gain new friends. In addition, the Beyond is clearly displayed and explained by using a map created by Jonathan himself. The topics of this workshop are very diverse and mostly contain submodules, in order to find out for themselves what you prefer and what is personally most interesting for you. In addition, training is continued to reach the astral body and exercises are taught so that one can apply his practice at home independently. If this is not sufficient, the light sparkels and the current of consciousness are made known. So far, most of the participants have been able to learn how to use them in Jonathan’s techniques.

3. Astral Journeys III – The “Muldoon Workshop”*

Astral Journeys III is the continuation of the Astral Journeys I and II. Here, there is still further training to separate from its physical body and change it into the astral body normally used by the dream self. Topics are fears, blockades, the dark double, childhood memories, beliefs, multidimensional considerations, and more. The aim of this workshop is to resolve disturbing and obstructing blockades and to identify the reasons which could prevent a successful astral journey.

4. “Astral Travel IV”

This workshop includes a continuation of the astral journey, but you can also cross the path at any time, which is not a problem. The topics will be abstract elements of the imagination as spontaneous triggers for lucid dreaming, appointments with astral helpers and dream characters, aspect A and B of the astral circle, the great trick of the astral journey to the automatic release of external experiences, as always: the astral practice night (Jonathan pulls you out of your physical body!), lucid dreaming as an entrance gate, the two types of awareness in  dreams, analysis of own dreams, out-of-body experiences and problem orientation.

5. Lucid Dreaming – The “Walpurgis Workshop”

The Walpurgis Workshop “Lucid Dreaming” with the topics dreams, dream interpretation, alternative realities and lucid dreaming is an interesting and indispensable workshop for dreaming. There will be an introduction to the sleep phases. In addition, you learn how to best interpret and analyze your own dreams. The dream interpretation is an ancient art and not many people really master it. Learn about the dream interpretation at the workshop. In the following, we explain how to increase your ability to remember the dreams, the tools available, and how to become lucid within a dream. Furthermore, we will talk about alternative realities and you will learn how to track or analyze your own alternative realities. Afterwards you learn how personal energy is enriched, collected and stored.

6. Activation of the Pineal Gland – The “Lovecraft Workshop”*

This workshop focuses mostly on the stimulation and / or activation of the pineal gland, The “Third Eye” or epiphysis. The pineal gland is defined here as the universal interface and as a portal for the cosmic collective consciousness and as an access to the Wormhole- universe. Topics are “The Third Eye as your personal Stargate”, access to the “Wormhole Universe” and the “Universal Collective Consciousness”, but you will also learn how to use a specific diet to help open your third eye step by step in a natural way. The pineal gland is your personal stargate, your interface with which you can network with the cosmic collective consciousness. The higher your shooting power, the more you penetrate into the depths of the universe. Be your personal Stargate to connect with other intelligences that are not from our planet or live in distant astral regions and beyond Planet Earth. You reach this contact by the stimulation and reactivation of the pineal gland! This workshop will reveal unfathomable! The pineal gland is calcified by certain ingredients in the our foods and makes the meditation and stimulation of the pineal gland more difficult. In the workshop, you can learn how to systematically de-scale the pineal gland and, by the time, be able to experience alone without having to train for hours of meditation practice.

7. See the Matrix – The “Wachowski Workshop”*

In the Wachowski Workshop “See the Matrix” you will be confronted with the secret knowledge of our world, which is kept secret by the leaders of our planet. It is also possible to learn which means are given to humans in order to gain independent knowledge and to convince themselves of the statements, which are discussed here and presented to the participants. An unforgettable workshop, because it will familiarize you with your task on Planet Earth, explaining not only the meaning of reincarnation, but also helps you to recognize the world as magical and mystical. The awakening of humanity in this reality is at the heart of this workshop as well as the exploration and knowledge required to awake. Here, extraterrestrials, UFOs and conspiracies are just as much a theme as astral travelling, astral levels, and the great masters who care for our reality from the higher levels. Attention: This workshop can have a disturbing effect, it can change your life and is very conscious. Everyone who has weak nerves should not participate!

8. Self-Healing – The “Paracelsus-Workshop”*

This is all about the activation of the body’s self-healing powers, health, healing, self-healing and nutrition. In addition, a clear picture of the physical basic laws will be showed, explained and applied. In addition, there is a comprehensive description of the factors that promote illness and health and what is the cause of disease. It also clearly shows how diet and mental attitude influence the body in its health. Afterwards, you will learn how to understand the messages of your body and to communicate with it in his language.

9. “Alien Implants” – “The Lovecraft II Workshop”*

This workshop focuses on the relationships between (on the one hand) alien implants and (on the other hand) health as well as spiritual development. Alien implants can have an effect, for example, by energetic blockages, manifest negative thoughts at the etheric level or in the energetic aura of a person. In co-operation with Nadia, a non-physical and/or energetic implant (if desired) will be tracked and removed. Because of this removal, it was possible for many people to achieve new health and to dissolve blockages, which had inhibited the spiritual development. Here you can register as active or passive participant. The active participants are ready to check for non-physical and/or energetic implants and to remove them if necessary, while the passive participants can first snap into the theory and then decide on another workshop (the number of active participants or passive participants is always limited).

10. Dissociation – The “Dissociation Workshop”

This workshop deals exclusively with the topic of a fantastic technique called the Dissociation, its possibilities, intensity and risks. But above all, the incredible weapon that has been given to the human being in order to achieve almost everything that is desired. This includes material desires such as money, fame, love, etc. to spiritual orientation and self-discovery by means of states of expanded consciousness. The strongest technique with amazing and instantly noticeable effect.

Attention: Disorientation, a temporary failure of the long-term memory and personality changes may occur.

11. Create Your Own Reality – “The Master Workshop”

The master workshop “Create Your Own Reality” finally enables you to become conscious of your own creativity. Perhaps you are constantly living in a world where you are without money, success, partner and profession. It just does not work. Or the new company does not develop properly. One suffers from illnesses and has problems to develop at all or to continue in life. Maybe one can not go further on his way of spiritual development and somehow finds something. The workshop “Create Your Own Reality” is designed to reveal psychological blockages, track down manipulations that may have been triggered by other people, uncover and eliminate them. Blockages will be systematically addressed and transcended. Learn to recognize your own reality and your own creations so that you can understand why your world looks like it does! Understand and recognize the Creator within you and learn to use its power! Learn to deal with energies and creativity so that your life as an artist, company owner, lover, employee, freelancer, husband or wife, student or anybody else who recognizes his potentials, wants to promote and creatively and constructively change and promote. You will learn to uncover the subconscious aspects that are dormant in you.

12. The Gift of the Eagle – The “Castaneda Workshop”*

This workshop takes place in honor of Carlos Castaneda and his teacher, Don Juan Matus, who have created an excellent spiritual teaching that covers many topics. In my view, one of the best teachings available through the literature. Because of my personal dealing with this theory and practice for many years, I have decided with a few other practitioners to give this workshop. Thopics will be dreaming, stalking, personal history, losing importance, taking responsibility, the second attention, the inorganic, the recapitulation, the world and the assembly point. At this workshop, we will make sure that we do not use any substances, whether legal or illegal. Because of this reason no drugs are to be expected, we focus exclusively on theory and technology.

(*The names of the workshops like “Monroe” or “Wachowski” are only dedications and the workshops are not based on them.)

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