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Spirituality for Beginners: What is the Matrix Shell & Tissue Capsule?

what is the matrix shell tissue capsule

Spirituality for beginners: What is the Matrix Shell? What is the cocoon in the matrix? What is it all about and what is its purpose?

From the Matrixblogger’s secret book, of which there is only one edition:

Just an example

The matrix shell is a tissue-like capsule that surrounds every human being, invisible to physical eyes and located about an arm’s length away from you. It looks like an elliptical white-gray sphere, similar to an egg made of fibers.

This shell is made of a stretchy material that is the closest thing to a spider cocoon. As soon as you are able to perceive this shell, you can touch it. It feels very realistic and physical.

Synonyms for the Matrix Shell

States of the Matrix Shell

The matrix shell has three states:

  1. Active: It projects the perceived everyday reality onto the inner wall of the cocoon.
  2. Reactive: One observes the rapid alternation of several everyday realities, in which a selection can be made.
  3. Inactive: The matrix shell is transparent and without projection. In most cases, absolute blackness is then perceived.

Process of the active Matrix Shell

If the matrix shell is active, you perceive your usual everyday reality on the inner wall of the shell, for example. It is like a personal 4D home theater, but with the possibility of projecting your consciousness into reality (see consciousness projection) and the personality inside the shell identifies with the perceived role in everyday life. This projection causes immediate amnesia.

How can you perceive the Matrix Shell?

  1. The matrix shell can only be perceived from Spiritual Dissociation Level 4 (see below).
  2. It is also possible to perceive this shell through the use of mind-expanding substances, but this would require a very high dose. The problem here is the shock-like recognition of inner states and the mostly occurring lack of knowledge about these processes. In addition, we often only perceive partial sections of true reality, which only make sense over time.

Meaning of the Matrix Shell

The purpose of the existence of the matrix shell is to isolate or shield certain frequency levels, data and memories. This isolation is paradoxical, because the knowledge of the true identity and the true memories are outside the tissue capsule, not inside. The personality within the capsule is therefore isolated and shielded from access to this data. This is what makes the use of the matrix shell possible in the first place.

What is the Matrix Shell made of?

It consists of a cocoon-like, living, auto-regenerating tissue material made up of particles of consciousness that have the ability to form images. These images are strung together at lightning speed, similar to a fast-moving slide projector, giving the impression of movement.

In this way, movement can be simulated, similar to a flight simulator. The personality in the matrix shell can thus perceive movement, even if there is none at all. The sensation of movement is therefore an illusion created by the rapidly changing images. When entering the reality simulation, all other senses are also involved via visual perception.

The construction and projection of the respective reality is achieved by inserting two “screens”, which are pushed together on the upper and lower halves until they can display the corresponding reality. The construction of a reality is noticed by a kind of golden horizontal weld that ensures the fusion of two images.

The origin of the Matrix Shell

The origin of the matrix shell is unknown and can only be speculated. The most likely assumption is based on the nature of the capsule, as it appears most similar to a spider cocoon. It can therefore be assumed that it was also created by a spider-like creature and that the personality was placed in it – apparently with the intention of shielding the personality from its true memories and identity. Irrespective of an evaluation of this intention, it can be assumed that the structure of the capsule is initially only intended to fulfill this purpose.

If one absolutely wants to evaluate this circumstance, such a procedure could on the one hand serve to train the personality or on the other hand be associated with imprisonment and isolation.

Is it possible to leave this Matrix Shell?

You can leave the matrix shell by tearing it open. But this causes an absolute overload of data, such as true memories, recognition of true identity and state of mind. This massive onslaught of data is so intense that it can be dangerous for the self-integrity of the personality. It is therefore not advisable to leave the shell until you have absolute certainty about the timing of the process and leaving.

The matrix shell is malleable and can repair itself as long as it is not too badly damaged. It is therefore advisable to first drill a hole in the shell in order to feel and assess the external environment. This hole in the shell will then automatically regenerate itself if you decide not to leave the shell.

Caution: Once this shell has been destroyed, it cannot be restored. This also means that it would be impossible to return to the familiar everyday world.

Where is the Matrix Shell located?

The placement of the matrix shell is presumably individual, i.e. it can be in any conceivable location that is not physical. Various locations have reportedly been suggested, such as factory floors, caves, alien planets, alien higher frequency realities (4D to 9D etc.) and absolute nothingness.

This information makes it difficult to determine the actual storage location of a matrix shell and leads to the assumption that it appears to be individual. However, based on the permanent function of the matrix shell, which results solely from the constant perception of physical reality, it can be assumed that it is located in a safe and undisturbed place.

Are there examples of the Matrix Shell?

Yes, in the movie “Contact” with Jodie Foster. In this movie, the protagonist is given the opportunity to enter a capsule according to an alien construction manual, which mirrors the properties of the matrix shell quite well. This capsule is a bit large, but the possibilities of the Matrix shell are well presented here. The movie idea is based on a book by Carl Sagan.

We also recommend this video on the subject of the matrix envelope. Click here!

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