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Questions and Answers: The Creator and All-that-is

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“Many people say, that God is all that there is, the bright light beeings, but also the dark beings. So they say, the more conscious someone becomes, the more loving and close you come to love. But as it seems, there are dark beings, who are also very conscious and have nothing to do with love, where the darkness overweighs. So increasing consciousness, or ever more conscious, does not necessarily have to do with love, right? Or are they aware, but rather at lower levels, which means they swing lower (feed on worries, fear, etc.)? Because if this is true, dark beings are also light because everything is light and consciousness..

For example Star Wars. There, the light-side fighters (Yedis) were as conscious as the dark Yedi knights (Sith) and possessed the same forces. Or is God the only thing, the source of the source, in which everything was created and thus also love? And then under the ONE, the home of all souls, does it split into bipolarity into good and evil, or dark and bright beings (like day and night) and in all dimensions? God is neutral and does not judge anything, for him all beings are equal. Or did he simply invented the game to go through the dark side and then go back to the light? Does he want to find himself, to recognize himself? Or is a soul first supposed to experince slaying, homicide etc. to arrive after all in the true love and the light. Because the higher you swing, the more bright it is, or is it only bright in the very high dimensions? “(Question from Nico)

The Matrixblogger answers:

All the possibilities listed here – what God is or could be – are all true . There is no either-or, when you talk about God the All-Creator or all-that-is. Everything is in it. There is no either-or, no decisions, no less or more, existent or non-existent, dark or bright, evil or good, Yedi or Sith … everything is one in all-that-is. Thus, every word, sentence, philosophy, question, and answer. It is impossible to press something into one pattern or into a duality that is either-or. There is just “and-and-and”, which means every statement that you make, every question that is questioning an eiter-or, is in reality a complement.

For example the religion, there is the church, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and so on. Every adherent of one religion or another, despises the other religions, like he has the right to decide for the others and is ready, to defend them above all others, and at the same time to expose others. In fact, all religions are one in the eye of the Creator. They complement each other, they add up to a larger picture. It is like a gigantic, multi-dimensional puzzle that can only be put together by integrating all religions (defragmenting the self). It is all partial knowledge that you can push into each other, to see the complete picture or puzzle.

This is what I call the “holistic principle of thinking”. Only with this kind of thinking, it is possible to really understand. Otherwise, you will be oscillating between the poles, you are caught up in the dualism and you can not understand correctly because you are oscillating from one pole to another, or you are tied to just one pole. But from one pole (light) someone can always see the other pole (darkness) and vice versa. While looking at the bright pole, someone can see that everything is love, but it is surprising why there are people and beings who have chosen the other pole. If you look at the dark pole, you can not understand how someone could decide for the bright side. Nevertheless you can recognize the other pole and as in the case of the Yin-Yang symbol the other side always remains in each pole.

Of course, love is omnipresent, also light, but darkness and hate too. Hate is not the flip side of love, but a different form of expression of consciousness. Everything is consciousness, just as for a fish water is everything that surrounds it. Nothing can exist outside of consciousness, for the all-one Creator expresses itself through consciousness in everything! He is experiencing himself in and through everything and is thereby boundless and active without any evaluation. For him, life and death, love and hate, light and darkness are as exciting as anything else.

The Creator is all-one or alone, and because he was alone, he wanted to express himself in all possibilities that are possible at all, and so the alternative selfs were born of themselves. Creator aspects with incredible abilities of projection and absolute diversity, which they expressed in consciousness, and these once again divided themselves into again smaller aspects of the Creator. This shared so frequently that a moment infinite versions of himself were created with infinite divisions, and a tiny part of that has become the one who experiences himself on his planet Earth in his reality now.

This means that the pursuit of light and love is also a pole, just as a pole, like the pursuit of darkness, power and influence. Both are possible. Everyone makes their decision in which direction to go. In this life you decide to be loving, compassionate and prudent, but in an alternative reality, you are perhaps the opposite of it, striving for power, influence and money. In one reality you renounces nicotine, meat and alcohol, but in the next one you not dispense with it. With this way of thinking or the “holistic principle of thinking” you can attain a larger picture of yourself, until you can recognize your personal “totality of the self”, the “primordial self”, the “origin reality” From where you came and which unites all the You’s. This original self from the original reality, as well as all its offshoots, is in a gigantic matrix. This extends over the physical universe, the parallel-existential universes, the many astral levels up to the great exit, which you can onl go, after the reincarnation cycle has ended…


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